Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 19th

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Happy Birthday today May 19th

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I Couldn't Agree More!

'Seth Meyers has quietly turned the top half of his show into the best comic political-commentary show on television.'

The Boob Tube

Chris Coy

Calvin Bunker, Banshee
Only One Way A Dogfight Ends:  May 6th, 2016

I had not heard of the television show Banshee until seeing some shots of actor Chris Coy from a recent episode.  The show is on Cinemax, a network I don't get.  I did however... realize I can watch it on my On Demand, so will have to catch up given the drama is now in it's 4th season.

I was a fan however, of the incredibly sexy Coy who I watched on Treme and as Barry on True Blood. Even covered in fake blood and fake tats, (after just having committed and incredibly violent act), Coy was still hot has hell walking into the bedroom...


'Sorry I'm late west coast. That was me naked....'

Water Dance: Francesco by AANE Photography/THOM Graphophoton

'In the future, if I shoot in a bathroom, I will make sure, I keep dry and keep the heat on full blast.'

Earlier this month, I featured AANE Photography's incredible images of dancer and model Francesco. (Ballerino) My focus for that piece was the first half of Francesco's shoot with AANE Photography and THOM Graphophoton.

I ended that piece with a promise to also feature the second half of the shoot, stepping into the shower along with Francesco.  I love the 22 year old Italian model's smouldering and sexy look and his incredibly toned body and beautifully curved and beautifully shaped buttocks.

When your shooting a model in a shower, you might expect to get a few drops of water on you.   For this shoot however, Mike ended up not only getting drenched, but subsequently getting quite ill. In order to get the shots he wanted, Mike needed the shower door to remain open.  With the door wide open, the water ended up pouring out onto the floor and all over photographer busily snapping away.

For Francesco, getting naked and soaking wet wasn't an issue.  he was prepared and able to dry off and put back on his clean and dry clothes.  Not expecting to get wet, and without a dry change of clothes to change into, Mike remained in his wet clothes until he was able to dry off and clean up much later in the day.

Mike ended up missing out on much of his planned activities in New York, as well as a trip to Dallas he was scheduled to take.  Getting sick however, ended up being sort of transformational, and in addition to getting some greats shots of Francesco, ended up creating a positive change for Mike.

'As it turns out, my sickness led to a cascade of cancellations, culminating in my eventual leaving on my old job for my new one. It was time to get off the road, so I wasn't unhappy. I still am trying to figure out my new job, and if I will be comfortable there, but I can safely say that Francesco helped me do something I had been meaning and wanting to do for about three years.'