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Favorite Pic of the Day for October 11th

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Seasonal Sightings:

Hip Hop Harry?

Even though it's back on ABC, I'm not watching this seasons Dancing With The Stars.  I did however, have to check out a little of contestant Harry Jowsey on Youtube. (HERE:)  Harry is so adorable, and I enjoyed watching him on the Netflix reality show Too Hot Too Handle.

My Hip Hop Harry title was a little sarcastic and poor Harry isn't exactly burning up the dance floor.  His good looks, and great smile however, have kept him safe so far.  Thankfully, his partner, dancer Rylee Arnold, knows that when in doubt, have Harry rip open his shirt.  Given Harry is 6'5, dancing light on his feet might be a bit of a challenge, but he's fun to watch anyway.

Unless there's a wardrobe malfunction, we're not likely to see anything but Harry's hot Torso on DWTS, but thankfully he showed a little more in his previous reality appearance.  If you missed Harry beautiful butt, in Too Hot Too Handle, check out my previous post HERE:

Harry Jowsey on Instagram

My Summer With Holly

'Holly knows this is how addicts think and behave: they rearrange the furniture of their lives to make room for their bad habits.'
Stephen King

Some FH readers might remember that Stephen King is one of my favorite authors.  Last Halloween, I even did a series of posts featuring male nudity in some of King's projects, and a nude salute to a few favorite actors and characters from his novels and movies. (HERE:)

Cynthia Erivo

Most summers, I include King's latest novel in the series books I devour.  This year, his latest, Holly wasn't due for release until September.  Prior to it's arrival though, I wanted to see, and learn as much about Holly as I could.  I was first introduced to Holly in the 2020 television adaptation of King's novel The Outsider.  In the series, Holly was beautifully played by Cynthia Erivo.

Justine Lupe

I followed The Outsider up, by learning a little more about Holly in the one of the four novellas in King's If It Bleeds.   While I was reading the book, it was Erivo who I pictured as visualized the story and characters.  Then, I discovered that Holly was a big part of a trio of novels I had on my list to read in the future. The Bill Hodges trilogy of novels (Mr. Mercedes, Finders Keepers and End of Watch).  were published in 2014, 2015 and 2016.  I'd heard of them, but wasn't aware of the connection of novels.

What I wasn't aware of though, was that the novels had become a television show, with three seasons chronicling each of the stories.  The show, titled Mr. Mercedes, starred Brenan Gleason as Bill, along with co-stars Holland Taylor, Harry Treadaway, Kelly Lynch, Jharrel Jerome and Justine Lupe as Holly.  I'm not sure why I never knew this show existed, especially given it aired for three seasons.  It might be because it aired on the Audience Network, a network I don't get, nor even knew existed. 

Over the course of the summer, I found and binged each of the three seasons.  I loved seasons 1 and 3, but struggled a bit with season 2.  Season one starts out with a shocking scene that impacts each of the shows characters through it's three seasons.  The joy of the series however, isn't the shocking scenes, it's the relationships between the characters.

I think I especially loved the chemistry between Gleeson and Holland Taylor, and loved whenever they were in scenes together.  Gleeson's chemistry was also great to watch in scenes with Jharrel Jerome (Jerome) and Lupa. (Holly)  I highly recommend checking out the show if you haven't, and wish it had gone to a season 4. 

I'm about half-way through the novel Holly, and loving it.  When I really enjoy a book, I try to savor it, reading a chapter or two a day, then picking up another book.  This time, it's Justine Lupe as Holly in my head when I'm reading.  Mr. Mercedes showed more of Lupe's Holly, and introduced us to her mother, and some of her backstory, and what made her who she is when me meet her in King's most recent novel.

Back to Mr. Mercedes, there were many scenes and characters that stood out to me over the shows three seasons, but there were 4 actors who I wanted to spotlight.  Jharrel Jerome introduced in season 1, Jack Huston in season 2 and Gabriel Ebert and  Rarmian Newton from season 3.  Two had nude scenes in the series, two other had nude scenes in other projects.  Check them all out on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

The Beefcaking Beachcomber: Kyle by Inverted Image Photography

'Kyle loves his vintage beefcake, and he has a perfect look for that.'

When it comes to the male form, Beefcake is not only one of the most iconic words, it was one of the most significant periods in the history of the nude male body in photography.  For me, it goes beyond just the incredible images, the beefcake era was also a time when shooting the male form was both risky and dangerous. 

It was those trailblazing models from the late 40's through the 70's that inspired Kyle to transform his physique into a modern incarnation of the classic beefcake bodies that inspired so many.   It was through this lens, that inspired  Kyle and Brian, (Inverted Image Photography) in the creation of this series of images.

'When I shoot, I try to bring out as much of the model's personality as possible, and I think the fun Kyle and I had together really shows. He loves his vintage beefcake, and he has a perfect look for that, so we tried some of those and improvised some actual workout shots with logs and rocks that were lying around on the beach.'

I certainly feel the fun, both model and photographer had during their time on Wreck Beach, just west of Vancouver in British Columbia.  The shoot took place just a couple of weeks ago, and you can also feel the cool Autumn air.  You can see the coolness as well, especially in the darker sand, not yet warmed and dried by the afternoon sun.

Brian and Kyle hit the beach early in the morning.  So early, they were able to catch the sun rising through the trees on the cool late September morning.  Kyle guess it was about 10C/50F and when they arrived, the water was chilly, with the beach tide still pretty far out.  The began with a few on theme wardrobe pieces, Kyle was nude for the remainder of the shoot.  Although they did shoot frontals, like many classic beefcake shoots, Kyle wanted to leave a little to the viewers imagination,  well at least for now... 

When did you first discover your love of being nude in the great outdoors? 

In my early twenties at Beaconia Beach on Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba. Beautiful white sand beaches and a large freshwater lake. I was there this past summer it's still really beautiful. 

Where, besides the beach, is your favorite place to be naked? 

Being out in the forest freehiking is my #1 I have a very short attention span and when you're freehiking you're very present and most of the time I'm barefoot so I'm in the moment and it almost gets meditative. It didn't start that way but it totally is that now. 

What inspired you to post your first nude? 

Couple things That episode of Sex in the City when Samantha gets a nude because she's feeling great and confident in her body at 45.  I've never been muscular before and I love the beefcake era big time.  

What part of your body gets the most attention? 

My butt. My whole life my fat ass and thighs squished into jeans and now big butts are having a moment and I'm all in. 

How did this shoot come about? 

Brian contacted me. It was my first time with a photographer like this. Brian's a really great guy, I come in pretty hot and he balanced that energy well. And of course he's cool! Most everyone I've met from Nelson BC is awesome. 

Outside, great camera, in my favorite place, great morning lighting through the trees . The beach is called Wreck Beach it sits along the 7.8km trail called the Foreshore Trail which is all clothing optional. There are about 6 different areas to hang out in. The beach is along the foreshore trail  It's literal rainforest, insanely lush and flowers and fruit growing all year long. 

'We had only a limited time, so we were constantly on the move for an hour, which allowed us to capture a huge variety of images. I really appreciated Kyle's willingness to try different things, and it was so great that he came to the shoot with his own ideas. It makes the whole shoot so much more fun when it can be a true collaboration!'

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