Saturday, May 13, 2023

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 14th

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StudioMGphotography: Sunflower Field

'Nicholas moved to Maui almost by accident. He intended to visit briefly, but ended up with a great living situation and essentially hasn't looked back! The island definitely agrees with him!'

Given my mother's love of sunflowers,  I'm always looking for great sunflower shots this time of year.  When I recently saw that Mark form StudioMGphotography had posted the top image on his  Instagram page, I had to reach out about sharing it on Mother's Day.  

Although it was the sunflowers that drew me in, it was the mysterious Nicholas, that had me wanting to see more. Thankfully, both Mark and Nicholas were on board to share a few more!  Nicholas has such an incredible physique, a perfectly sculpted body you'd think could only be created, and then captured by just the right artist.  Thankfully it was Mark and I love the images, and the poses, they created in the sunflower field.

Bad Mama's

I love featuring bad Mama's, especially on Mother's Day.  Given this is FH, 'bad' doesn't really mean rotten, in this case, bad actually mean good.  Good, really good in fact, at getting their male co-stars naked on screen.  There are just some actress's who by choice or by chance, end up working many, many, many times... with hot naked men.

I think one of the best of the baddest has to be actress Jacqueline Bisset.  I've lost count how many actors have stripped down in front of her, but I have kept a list, some of whom who can check out HERE:  Shockingly to me, actress Shelley Winters has also ended up on my bad mama list.  Bathing her adult sons naked, including actor Robert De Nero, in Bloody Mama, (HERE:) was more than enough to add her to the list, but her voyeurism in Fanny Hill, (HERE:) more than cemented her position. 

For Mother's Day this year, I'm adding actress Angie Dickinson to the list.  Sadly, Dickinson lost her old child, daughter Lea Nikki Bacharach, took her own life back in 2007, but Dickinson's badness on screen is something I'm only really beginning to uncover.  My father used to have a crush on ole Angie, and along with a few Hockey and Baseball videos, the only actual film other than westerns in the small VHS collection he kept, and kept hidden, was his copy of Dressed to Kill.  I always thought it was because he wanted to protect us kids from the film's violence, but I think it had more to do with Dickinson's shower scene.  I'm glad he never knew it was a body double...

Dressed to Kill (1980)

My decision to add Dickinson to the list began after watching her bath hottie John David Carson in the 1971 film, Pretty Maids In A Row. (HERE:) Bab mama's love to bath adult men for some reason....  Here series of scenes with two Hollywood Hunks in Big Bad Mama however, confirmed she certainly earned her place as one big and bad Hollywood mama.  Check out one of her male co-stars from the film on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

TR Pics: The Power of the Petal


Flowers are a symbol of love and appreciation. For many, they can be a beautiful and thoughtful way to express how we feel. The tradition of giving flowers on Mother's Day actually dates back to ancient Greece, where they were not given as gifts, but were used to decorate and celebrate Rhea, the mother of the gods.

 Mother's Day, at least as we know it today, didn't actually begin until the early 20th century. Anna Jarvis campaigned for the establishment of Mother's Day as a national holiday in honor of her own mother, who had passed away. In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson declared the second Sunday of May as Mother's Day in the United States.


Some traditions are hard to break, especially those with an emotional connection.  I've written before how much my mother hated getting flowers.  It really wasn't about the flowers themselves as much as it was about waste.  My mother hated wasting money,  it came from her difficult childhood growing up with very little.  Flower to her were a waste.  Whenever we would give them to her, she just sigh and ask why we'd spend money on something that would be dead and in the garbage in less than a week.

The only exception was the sunflower, something I only really learned a few years before she died.  I'd grew some sunflowers in my garden and took up a few for my sister-in-laws birthday.  My mom questioned why I didn't bring any up for her.  When I told her I thought she hated flowers, she made sure to set me straight.  She hated bought flowers, but she loved sunflowers, especially ones I grew myself.  For the next few years, I gave her sunflowers often, some I grew, others I purchased and just told her I grew them.

Even though my mother didn't want bought flowers, she still insisted on a gift.  She was one of those people who loved getting a gift card, especially to a restaurant.  Better still, she loved it when I'd go up and cook her and my dad a big meal.  Gifts, even those made up of pretty petals however, are not given without expectations.  Sure, the motivation is supposed to be pure, a show of love and appreciation.  Those however, are things that can simply be said with words.

Flowers, like most gifts come with conditions, even if the condition is a s simple as 'keep loving me.'.  If you give flowers to someone that you romantically love, even without saying, you want and expect love, and sex, in return.  If it's a friend or relative, you also expect a return.  It might be something as small as them being there for you, but there's a Quid Pro Quo none the less.

Now that my mother is no longer here, I still buy sunflowers each Mother's Day.  I grow them as well, but they won't be in full bloom until August.   I usually buy two bouquets each May, one for my living room, and one to take to my mother's grave site.  As I said, some traditions are harder to break than others.


One tradition I hope never to break, it posting hot naked hunks exposing their petals on Mother's Day.  Thanks to Tom from TR Pics, we have a buff and beefy selection of sons displaying their Mother's Day bouquets. This year, Tom's images also sparked what I hope will be a new tradition.  Check out another symbol, this one a little more intimate, many of us associate with our mothers on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Dear Mother...

'His heart has stopped. He is not dead, he can walk and talk, but his heart is no longer beating.'

Picture It, the Internet, early 2020.   Forums devoted to the male form in cinema are a buzz that studly French actor Laurent Lafitte is going to be writing and directing his first feature film.  Well, why all the on-line chatter, many successful actors have transitioned to directing and Lafitte has worked steadily in front of the camera from almost 35 years.

The buzz came from the fact that the project chose Lafitte chose as his directorial debut was L'origine du monde, (Dear Mother) and in addition to writing and directing, he would also be starring in the film.  Oh, and I did I mention, he'd also be going full frontal for the first time.  Now Lafitte is not a complete stranger to on-screen nudity, but thus far, it's only been his beefy buttocks audiences have enjoyed on the big screen.

What is so spectacular about the nude scene in Dear Mother is the creatively absurd reason for the nudity.  So often in American cinema, directors go out of their way to keep men in their pants, even during intimate love scenes.  Dear Mother didn't need to show everything in this scene, they could have done implied and still been effective.  But.. showing it all, given the context of the story, and the relationship of the scene, made it even more impactful, and even more hilarious.

So 'bare' with me, the set-up of the story, and the nude scene is a little confusing.  Like most French farces, it's a comedy of errors and exits and entrances from a room.  When Jean-Louis discovers his heart is no longer beating, he works to understand what exactly is going on..

Part of the process takes him to a holistic coach named Margaux.  Jean-Louis is forced to face taboos surrounding his mother.  Margaux shares that the the only way to get his heartbeat back is to take a picture of the place from where Jean-Louis arrived into this world... his mother’s vagina.

Given Jean-Louis hasn't really had much contact with his mother in years, he decides just asking her for a picture of her vagina isn't the best idea.  After a few missteps, he and friends come up with a 'fake' holiday they hope with help get mom out of her sweater and bloomers.  Jean-Louis invites his mom over to help celebrate 'Neighbors Day', a made up holiday in which everyone gets naked for the celebrations.

Without telling her why, Jean-Louis and friends strip down and then encourage ole mom to do the same thing.  Let's just say she's reluctant. The scene is the hilarious and the movie very creative. If you want to see the full scene, and the full film, it's available on Netflix.  Thanks to xyzpdq for the clip!