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Favorite Pic of the Day for December 28th

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Happy Birthday today December 28th

Happy 41st to actor Joe Manganiello!

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Polar Express

'That Feeling When Europe on top of the world.'



-to kneecap someone
-anything that is incredibly ill conceived
-mismanaged, incompetently handled or poorly executed.

Never thought I would ever be crushing over mustached douchebag Jeff Gillooly, but when played by Sebastian Stan, I found myself doing just that. In I, Tonya, Stan skillfully plays the abusive idiot to perfection, and although I hated the character, no amount of facial hair and make-up could hide the sexy side of Sebastian. The entire cast of I, Tonya was superb, starting with the brilliant performance by Margot Robbie as Tonya Harding. I love me some Allison Janney, but I sometimes thought she played it a bit broad, but then again, the woman she played was 'over the top'.

Political Animals with Sigourney Weaver and James Wolk

I haved loved Sebastian Stan since his turn on Political Animals, and still mourn the show's cancellation. The Romanian born actor has been working steadily on stage, TV and film since Political Animals left the air, most notably as Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier in The Captain America films, but I, Tonya really gave him a great platform to showcase his considerable acting skills. It also gave us a brief, very brief (I mean very) shot of the top of his well toned butt while Harding humping.

Harding and Gillooly

I, Tonya gives a fascinating peek at Tonya's life during her time in the lime light, and spotlight, while skating professionally. Although the film doesn't necessarily strive to have us like her, it does succeed in having us understand, and totally relate to the strong, but hardened woman we saw on the ice. I never found Nancy Kerrigan a particularly likable or compelling figure, and I, Tonya wisely has Kerrigan as a relatively minor piece of the drama, and of Tonya's life.

At His Most: Elo by Anthony Timiraos

'Every one of the models I used is unique and beautiful, but capturing the best of each while disclosing their personalities and channeling them through the lens was my challenge.'

For me, the essence of photography is about capturing a moment. Whether it be a professional photographer, or your camera wielding cousin Allen at the family Christmas party. For Allen, the goal is to coral the whole family together, many of whom last saw each other at the same event a year ago, for a group photo. That image, symbolizes a family, a party, that in many ways... doesn't really exist.

That group of family members, second cousins and great aunts, are not really ever together that often, except for Christmas parties, weddings and funerals. The photo is more a representation of a family, not how they usually are, but an extended family at their most unified moment of togetherness

Professional photographers have a goal to capture 'the most', very similar to Allen's. For photographers of the male form it's to capture their subjects at their most. At their most attractive, at their peak of physical fitness, and at their most erotically attractive and desirable. If a photographer doesn't capture a model at 'his most', they really haven't done their job, or accomplished their goal. 'At his most' is the theme of Anthony Timiraos' work, and the motivation for visually bringing together close to 40 models for his book expose.

Elo is certainly 'at his most', in this series of images from his two shoots with Anthony. Statuesque and powerful, physically breathtaking, flawless. Elo is also in control, another theme that I love about Anthony's work. To be at your most, means being both physically and mentally strong, and this strength, confidence and comfortability with self, is also something Anthony so beautifully captures in his imagery.

'As soon as he arrived at the studio, I knew Elo was special. A handsome man from western Georgia, full of energy and excitement. I can’t recall a photo shoot where I laughed as much as I did with a model. We connected the minute we met and in between our laughs, he posed like a professional. Minimal direction needed for Elo to understand my objectives.'

Models can act confident, and a skilled photographer can help create it, even when it's not in abundance. Comfortability with self is harder to manufacture visually, unless it already exists. Unlike confidence, which although internal, can be physically expressed, comfortability with self is can't really be created through a pose, muscle flex or intense stare at the camera. Although more difficult to see, it is plainly obvious when missing. Anthony's approach however, means it's not really something you have to worry about looking for. It goes hand in hand when a model is, or is seen to be... through the the eyes of an artist, to be at his most.

'I gave him a gold satin cloth and he instinctively worked the cloth into his poses with an artistic flare. When I told him I wanted to photograph a series of shots standing up, he new exactly how to work with the camera and lights to highlight his toned, well defined body. The three hour Sunday morning photo shoot flew by too fast. Hope to have the same opportunity with Elo again. He is a new friend.'