Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 6th

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Happy Birthday today September 6th

Happy 45th to actor Idris Elba!

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Summer Sightings


After falling in lust with Jamie (HERE:) in season one channel 4's Naked Attraction, I was looking forward to checking out season 2. Last year, the British reality show had just 5 episodes, but this season seems to have double with episode 9 having aired last week. There have been plenty of body parts on display, and I thought Dominic in episode 1 (pushed to apply by his mom...) was adorable. It wasn't until episode 7 however, that I was knocked out my one of the contestants...

The man in the red box, is James, a 25 year old joiner (workshop wood builder) James Vevers had everyone doing a double take. The Thor doppelganger had me salivating, his long hair, his smile and his beefy body and butt had me sure he was going to be chosen. Like Thor, James also sports an impressive hammer, although due to his beautifully built physique looks more impressive in close-up.

Here's a little teaser...

The woman choosing let James go third to last, and although she said she like to 'do him', she said his accent was the deal breaker. I thought he sounded adorable, and I think she may have been a little intimidated by his beauty. Not everyone wants to go out with someone bound to get all of the attention! If you check out James' Twitter, he seems to be taking all the attention, and the Thor comparisons in stride.

Naked Attraction has confirmed for me how important a great face and personality is to initial appeal and lust. Most times, the below the neck bodies I am most attracted to, are not the men I would choose once their faces are revealed. As well, bodies that I didn't really notice, become incredibly hot, when a great face, smile and sense of humour are revealed.

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