Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 28th

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Body of Art by Benoit Prévot


My DVR has totally changed how I watch television. I am about 2-4 episodes behind on most of the shows I generally watch and have a backlog of moves (mostly from TCM) that I have to watch before I run out of space. The good/bad news about having shows pile up on your DVR is that sometimes you can stop watching a show, before you really even start...

I watched the season opener of Big Brother Canada 6 and instantly started crushing on house guest Jesse Larson. Any of you who watch reality, I think maybe Big Brother especially, know that having your crush voted/kicked off the show can not only alter your level of enjoyment, but also determine whether you watch at all.

Jesse was a hottie, from his shirtless opening in the premier through his glasses, his pink undies and any time he wore a costume. Sadly, Jesse got the boot before I got a chance go back in and watch the remaining episodes on my DVR. Not sure I will continue, but if I do, and if I develop another crush to draw me in, I'll be sure to let you know.

Logan Shroyer: Turning His Brown Eyes Blue

'It was Halloween night that I got the call about the audition and I almost didn’t go. It was super last minute. I had a dentist appointment that I ended up canceling because I was like, ‘I have to do this.’

3 incarnations of Kevin

Actor Logan Shroyer actually landed that part in just a single tryout. The actor who plays the 15-17 year old Kevin on This Is Us also had to make sure his hair looked 90's and get contacts to turn his brown eyes blue to match Justin Hartley's eyes when he is filming.

The actual 19 year old Shroyer has been acting the last five years, and regardless of whether they're brown or blue, his eyes and face are striking, especially when he wearing just a crop top... I wondered why the show didn't center the story on the middle set of kids instead of the older ones. I know the older cast are the main stars, and they should be, but it seems there may have been more story options, especially with Milo Ventimiglia's character if they centered the show when family was a bit younger.

An Empowering Exposure: Tristan by Studio1X

'Ten years ago I was afraid to take off my shirt in public, now I'm not afraid of my body image or who I am.'

Although I have profiled many men who's goal had always been to professionally model, many who step in front of the camera do so for personal reasons. Models are not born 'camera ready', in fact even the most successful models have to both work hard, and have a lot of assistance to be ready for their close-ups. As a story teller, my favorite stories involve change, and I love featuring models who have experienced a transformation, both physical and then emotional, before finally deciding they want to share their metamorphosis with the public.

Many people struggle with self esteem and body image issues, and making lasting changes as most of us know, can be a challenge. Going on to share one's hard fought achievements, not just with those you trust, but with the heavily judgemental masses on the web can be a scary risk. For many people, especially those who have experienced self esteem struggles, doing a naked photo shoot is about as appealing as poking yourself in the eyes, yet for so many, the exposure ends up being a profoundly powerful experience.

Since first featuring his imagery last September, Jim from Studio1x has become one of my favorite photographer's to showcase. Jim has a knack for choosing not only great looking men to shoot, but also manages to photograph them a beautifully complete way. Jim doesn't shy away from full body shots, he captures his models from head to toe, shooting hundreds of different poses, looks, themes and emotions which encompass so many facets of the model he's working work. I love that Jim leaves no moment undocumented, and sends on each of these moments to help with the telling of the story. The images featured here, are some of my favorite 'split second' moments from the hundreds that Jim captured of Tristan Woods.

Jim first began planning a shoot with Tristan late last year, but it wasn't until February that their schedules meshed up and they finally got together. Tristan had not only never posed nude before, he had never done a professional shoot before. Tristan shares that in his early twenties he was severely overweight, had become socially withdrawn and was very self conscious about his body and appearance. Through a lot of hard work at the gym, and an equal amount of self-control with eating and dieting, Tristan managed to take off 70lbs and built considerable lean muscle.

Given his past, Tristan had some reservations about being photographed, especially naked. Communicating with Jim before hand helped him feel better,doing his research and taking control of the process helped immensely. Jim calls Tristan a photographer's dream, eager to learn about the process, taking in all the information Jim shared and following his suggestions to the t.

'As you can see he is a very good looking guy with a fantastic body. I had some ideas on the direction of the shoot and he did as well. We set the whole the whole afternoon aside for the shoot so we were able to capture many different looks and styles. It is so much fun working with a model of his caliber who is open to many different looks. We did some cowboy looks, fitness, a bit of yoga, dramatic lighting, high key, suit jacket, robe, bedroom, milk bath and ending with shower shots. I think we both were a bit exhausted after the shoot but by the photos you can tell it was so worth it.'

'Ten years ago I was afraid to take off my shirt in public, now I'm not afraid of my body image or who I am. At first I had some misgivings about the photo-shoot, but Jim created an atmosphere that made it easy. These photos are works of art: just like any other piece of art a lot of time and effort was put into it. Getting your body in that time of shape isn't easy. Finding a photographer with a real sense of lighting and perspective is at least equally hard. Now that it's done, I'm looking forward to working with Jim again and another artist in a collaboration.'

I too look forward to seeing more of Tristan's work and the results of a second shoot with Jim. Tristan's body looks incredible and Jim's lens captures all of Tristan's well earned muscle definition and tone. Jim made sure to cover all of Tristan's physique and I especially love some of the creative ways he shot Tristan's back. (and backside!) Tristan slides into whatever them and wardrobe he was given, skillfully and seductively removing his vest, robe or whatever he's wearing for a satisfying and sexy reveal.

'Tristan warmed up very quickly to the camera, a shot before hand might have helped 😀. He knows his body very well and how to move, he responded to direction very well. He was very pleased with his experience and the photos. We are already talking about another shoot. This time we have found another model to pose with him and we are excited about the direction we will go with this shoot.'