Monday, September 28, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 28th

Last October I did a post on model Rhys and his work with Australian photographer Simon Le. You can check out that post HERE: Since I am working on a new post to showcase Simon's great work thought I would repost one of my favorite shots of Rhys.

Happy Birthday Today September 28th to:

Lenny Krayzelburg turns 34 today.

Also Blowing out Candles today September 28th:

John Light turns 37 today.
Mathew Botuchis turns 26 today.
Matt Cohen turns 27 today.
Bam Margera turns 30 today.
Dan Lyle turns 39 today.
& Sergio Dalma turns 45 today.

Favorite Face of the Day: Lucas Buchwald

Awhile ago I saw the first two stunning shots of model Lucas Buchwald on the site of a favorite photographer of mine, Paul Reitz and I had to learn more. Paul captured such an amazing portrait in the first shot and such an amazing body shot in the second. Those eyes, that torso. Certainly something special about Lucas.

Trying to research Lucas did not come up with much. I did find out Lucas signed with Empire models in the spring and they have been heavily promoting his arrival in NY for the fall. Lucas has arrived and so has the work! Lucas spent the summer traveling in Korea but is now focusing on his work with Empire.

Lucas hails from Germany and besides being tall and blond and gorgeous is described by those who work with him as a great guy with a great personality. That personality comes through in his work and I look forward to more great shots and collaborations with Paul Reitz! Their work together is magic!

Below: More of Lucas from Empire Models:

Hottest Hunk of the Weekend: Justin Hartley

It was hard watching the season opener that Smallville is the the same show I loved six years ago. The show about the boy on the farm loving the girl down the road. My how this show has changed. I love some of the changes and loath others. (Clark needed his parents around). I certainly love Justin Hartley who is not only talented and likable but one of the main reasons I stick with the show. Here is Justin in September's DNA! Amazing shots!

Even though I am not watching 'Desperate Housewives', got to give Honorable mention to Richard Burgi looking pretty fine on Sunday's premier.