Thursday, February 15, 2018

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 15th

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Ad Men

American Built Thong Back Cotton Leotard

A Russian Undressing

The only time I was figure skating is during the Olympics. There is a tension and energy to the sport, especially when competitors from around the world are competing for gold. Usually, I am most interested in the men's and pairs competition. This week, both are in the spotlight. The pairs took to the ice Tuesday night with their short programs, and their long skate last night. Adam Rippon (who I featured HERE:) takes to the ice when the men compete on Thursday and Friday.

Although Rippon is getting the most (and well deserved) attention, there are a few other skaters who deserve a week bit of attention. I love a tall handsome Russian, and 28 year old Alexander (Aleksandr) Enbert Александр Юрьевич Энберт) certainly fits the bill. The pair skater, who skates with Natalja Zabijako, is quite the site on the ice, and although most male skaters choose tight, form fitting outfits, Enbert often wears lose, more flowing shirts, primed to to flash a bit of skin as he floats down the ice.

Thankfully, due to social media, we don't have to be satisfied with just those few flashes of the Leningrad born athlete. In 8th place after the short program, Enbert and Zabijko didn't medal, and were not shown on last night's finales, but I will be looking for their long program on-line.

Model Driven: Jason by Nosferatu Photography

'My shoots are mainly model-driven around certain themes or ideas, predominantly body image, "style", conscious v subconscious body language and other themes related to masculine physicality.'

Modeling naked can be an intimidating experience, especially when you're just starting out. So many factors to consider, so many and things running through your head. With many shoots, models can channel this energy into focusing on a theme or concept, or by diving into a character or attitude that a photographer may be looking for.

No so with Nick from Nosferatu Photography... Although Nick has certainly done many concept based shoot, his focus is solely on the model in front of him and the goal to capture not only their bodies, but their personalities and with the removal of clothing, also remove a layer of protection, helping to bring out the essence of who they are.

I love that Nick is usually able to have his models relax and I love that he is always able to capture some silly, even goofy facial expressions. These are often my favorite images from his shoots. 20 year old UK model Jason was no exception. I also really loved the series of Jason in just a the t-shirt, a piece of clothing he certainly made the most of. Nick describes Jason as someone naturally shy, but that his personality really shines when he gets warmed up', and comfortable during the shooting process.

'Jason was a joy to work with. He's only just starting modelling but already has numerous shoots under his belt. I think I was his third ever nude shoot. He's brimming with confidence. He's very body-confident, he said people had particularly complimented his feet! He's very keen to become a professional model and he is ambitious to do duo shoots.'

Blast From The Past: Michael Beck

I always wanted to see 1980's Xanadu. I liked Olivia Newton-John, knew some of the music from my childhood and thought actor Michael Beck was hot. Those are three pretty good reasons to check out a film. TCM aired the film about 3:30am in the morning this past Christmas Eve. I was at away for Christmas, but set the DVR to watch later.


I have now tried 3 times, but on those three occasions, I have not been able to make it past the half way mark. Unlike Newton-John's Grease, which was based on a Broadway show, Xanadu doesn't really have any hook or story to follow. Even with Newton-John, Beck and Gene Kelly, the movie just seems like one long, and not so creative, 80's music video. Now I guess, that was enough to bring in an audience, in the 80's, but trying to watch it today is taking a bit more time and effort than I'm willing to give.

The attempted viewing wasn't a total loss. I did download a few of the songs I remember liking and I can say now that I tried. Although I knew of actor Michael Beck, I hadn't actually seen him in anything before, but his hot look, and sexy smile, has me wanting to see more. A little research told me the sexy Beck hasn't done any on screen nudity, at least none that I could see or find, but it alert me to a few of his movies that I plan on checking out.

'The creative experience on Xanadu was at times difficult and frustrating, as well as, joyous and wonderful. I loved working with Olivia. She is the down to earth, beautiful person you hope for her to be. A wonderful lady. And Gene Kelly? Are you kidding me? A Hollywood icon! He was thoroughly professional, personable and very kind to me. I am glad to have had the opportunity to work with both of them.'

Houston Knights

The most interesting project on Beck's resume seems to be his leading role in the 1979 film The Warriors about street gangs in New York. The film has become a cult hit, and after reading a bit about some of the behind the scenes drama, I look forward to finding a copy. (Behind the Chaotic, Drug-Fueled, and Often Terrifying Making of a Cult Classic) Beck wasn't initially the film's star or focus, that was initially supposed to be Fox, played by actor Thomas G. Waites. After Waites was fired early in the shoot, director Walter Hill moved the focus to Beck and his character Swan.

The Warriors

'He was a very impressive specimen, and he was even more impressive on film. If it wasn’t working with Thomas, it wasn’t too hard to figure out who was going to be the next star.'
Walter Hill, Director, The Warriors

'But hedonism was everywhere on the set, and, all of a sudden, cocaine and women were now available to Beck in even greater quantities as leading man. 'I had money in the bank. I had a couple of girlfriends. I had all the drugs I wanted to take. And my career was on the threshold,' he recalls. 'All of those things that I wanted were either there or potentially there, in greater intensity going forward. And the knowledge of that, or the realization of that, just didn’t answer that hole in myself. That God-shaped hole.'