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Favorite Pic of the Day for February 21st

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Happy Birthday today February 21st

 Did you prefer cords or jeans?  Believe it or not, one of these 80's teen idols is turning 60 today!

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Leaps & Bounds

'It doesn’t take X-Ray Vision to see you are up to no good.'

Tom Welling

With Superman and Lois premiering on the CW this week, I thought it was time to use a little X-Ray vision to take a closer look at some of the big and small screen's sexiest Supermen.  I'm not an especially huge fan of Super Hero films and TV shows.  I tend to like the 'first' film in movie franchises, but bore as they go on and on. 

 As a kid, I went to the theater to see Michael Keaton as Batman, when I got older I liked Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man.  I never really got into their replacements and the films that followed. I have never seen any film in the Avenger series, nor any of the off-shoot films.  Although I'm big fans of many of the actors involved, I'm just not drawn to them.  One day, I may catch one on television and change my tune, but for now, I'll stick to checking out and capping the tight suits and any scenes of shirtlessness. 

Tyler Hoechlin

Speaking of being shirtless, I am interested in checking out Tyler Hoechlin as Clark Kent and Superman.  Tyler is incredibly hot, but I mostly know him through images.  Except for last year's Palm Springs, I haven't really seen him in much.  These shots of Tyler bound up, do however have me wanting to finally check out Teen Wolf.  

I do intend to check out this week's premiere of Superman and Lois, and thought a good time to take a look at my favorite men of steel from movies and TV.  To help celebrate, artist Roy Johnson (badsign769) created some original artwork to help get things started.  Roy used the image of Tyler above to help create the image of our caped wearing hero.bound, venerable and incredibly hot.  Check out more hot Men of Steel on the next page from both Film (HERE:) and Television (HERE 

Artwork by badsign769

Caucus: Tom van den Nieuwenhuijzen

'Healthy body, healthy mind. I like to exercise to stay in shape and to rest my head. With the lockdown I picked up running again.'

Yes, there are hot politician's for sure, but they're not exactly in the majority.  Watching the news, especially this week, (watching a certain senator return from Cancun) doesn't really help the stereotype.  In order to cleanse all of our brains from that particular visual, I give you 38 year old Tom van den Nieuwenhuijzen, a Dutch Politian who currently serves as a member of the House or Representatives. 

This Netherlands hottie is a member of the green political party GroenLinks.  After recently seeing an image, I had to find out a bit more... After receiving an engineering degree, Van den Nieuwenhuijzen spent time working in construction sector while juggling serving as a member of the Eindhoven municipal council. 

During this time, the hunky councilmen entered, and was eventually named Mister Gay Netherlands.
This title didn't stop Van den Nieuwenhuijzen from being appointed a member of the house last year.  One of his focuses has been on the acceptance of the LGBT community.  Openly gay, Van den Nieuwenhuijzen is in an open relationship with two other men.  One of them he married in 2008 and the on other partner joined them in the relationship ten years later.

Shake Ya Tail Feathers : Matt Eldracher by Briancan Photography

'Yellow bird, up high in banana tree 
Yellow bird, you sit all alone like me'

When I was about 8 years old, I started taking ukulele at school.  One of the first songs we learned to strum was Yellow Bird.  I sang that song countless times, in class, in my room practicing, at concerts and for family members who were forced by my parents to listen.  When I was going this shoot featuring  Matt Eldracher from Briancan Photography, that song, a song I haven't thought of in years, was again running through my head.  I would have picked my old uke if I still had it...

If you were also thinking of birds, you weren't alone.  In addition to my Yellow Bird connection, Matt says he and Brian nicknamed the the shoot 'Big Bird Peacocking' due to the feather-like look of the yellow sweater.  FH viewers were first introduced to Matt's big bird in 2011 after his win in the FH's first model search.  Ten years later, I featured Matt in a Baker's Dozen post  this past December. (HERE:) 

While putting together that piece, Matt sent on some shots from his work with Briancan Photography.  I l love featuring Brian's work, and had hoped to feature his work with Matt since first seeing images last year of their work together.  Matt and Brian first connected through Instagram.  Brian had seen Matt's profile on Model Mayhem and reached out about a shoot.  Their first shoot was on a beach, but they connected so well, they've shot several additional times, both location and studio shoots.

Matt loves to work with photographers who welcome his creative idea's, especially creative ideas that mesh with those of the photographer.  Brian welcomed Matt's suggestions, and said he came very prepared with tons of costumes and props for the shoot.  In addition to Matt's great body and look, I love how Brian captured his energy, personality and theatrical experience.  I also love the fashion element of the shoot.  Matt looks great with our without clothing, but I was really drawn to the colors and fashion choices and how skilled Matt is at expressing himself artistically through fashion and pose. 

'Matt is a terrific poser. He knows his body well and knows how best to make it work for the camera. The camera loves him. I don't have any bad shots of him.  Matt's also lovely and hairy, more than he is in those early shoots on Model Mayhem. I am a huge fan of natural body hair  I would certainly love to photograph him again.'

'Brian asked if I would bring some fun pieces. Our energy works well together as we are both naturists and love the male form, as well as art. Brian likes to work with natural light, which I'm feeling is in trend right now, and I enjoy that as it plays with natural shadows and has a softer feel to the crisp look you tend to get with studio lights. We always have fun playing with different fashion pieces, and you know me I like to take things and change it up a bit, but it's always a good time and I look forward to shooting with Brian again in the future. '

Having followed Matt on social media, I was aware of not only his many modeling assignments, but his passion for the stage and performing. Matt has been an all around performance artist all of his professional life. (actor/dancer/model/acrobat/singer/choreographer)  Given most theatre's and performance spaces were shut down last March, I was curious about how Covid impacted Matt's life. Although he was fortunate to get a few television gigs, his main source of income had always come from live performances. 

'Life during 2020 was rough for all, and never ending. I lost all my income and ended up having to move back in with my parents. Rough times, but nice to have a loving safety net. I did do a few outdoor shoots and two studio shoots last year. The studio shoots we all had to be tested in advance and wear masks the whole time. There were also some designers that reached out through social media and asked if I would take some selfie style shots in their pieces. I always tried to still make it as professional as possible with the means I had. I ended up buying some stylized lights, and used sheets or pieces of fabric, or interesting backdrops (outdoors, or by the fire) to make the shots interesting. Life as a model has been hard during these times, and life as a performer was no different. '

Two years ago, Matt began a new journey, and a new stage persona.  TUCKER was born and created for Matt's work with the burlesque/Boylesque/nerdlesque/neolesque communities.  Matt first debuted TUCKER during a strip performance at a Toronto bar.  Very quickly, both Matt and TUCKER became sought after at other bars and performance venues.  Matt was known as the 'show pony', doing full shows with costumes, theme, and pole tricks.  Matt wanted a mind blowing and sensationally theatrical experience for the audiences, and they certainly responded.

'People would come in asking if I was performing that night, full of excitement and ask to sit in "pervert row" which was the seats right beside the stage. It even reached the point when the owner asked me to do a specialty night Called "TUCKER Takeover" where I would do my special acts and be featured all night long. One night a patron came in and saw me doing an act. They approached me after and we had a long conversation. They asked if I was familiar with the burlesque community and if I had ever considered doing that, because I was already doing it, but at the strip club. Fast forward two moths later. A friend of mine from the dance world says she has an opportunity for me and I should come see her in this burlesque theatre show. I gladly accepted the tickets and went and fell in love.'

'Burlesque feels like it has always been a part of me, but I just didn't know what to call it. The producer asked if I wanted to be in her next show, "The Silent Goodbye" and I accepted on the spot, that's how head over heels I was. It was not quite a musical but there was live singing, and there was dancing, and a full blown plot, but then between each scene someone from the cast told a piece of the story using burlesque. I was madly in love and couldn't get enough of this art form, and nothing has changed to this day. My most famous acts are Peter Pan and the Shadow, Marie Antoinette, and Deadpool, but every time you see a TUCKER performance it's going to leave you with your jaw on the floor, and may even make you cry, but you will definitely be excited.'