Friday, November 16, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 17th

William Byrd
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Happy Birthday today November 17th

I can't be the only one holding onto a crush on William R. Moses. William turns 53 today.

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Below with Peter Barton and Scott Baio

Bottoms Up!

There were a lot of great performances on this weeks European Music Awards but one of the best sites on the stage had to be German model Caspar Oechsler, oh and Heidi Klum and another model I could not identify, were with him.

20 year old Casper was discovered working in the Hollister store in Frankfurt and although only the business a couple of years has worked with some of the industries biggies, including Bruce Weber for Ralph Lauren. I must say Heidi has great taste as although both models are hot, I think she gave the trophy for best buttocks to the rightful winner!

Welcome to Sin City: William Byrd

Las Vegas has more than a few nicknames, Sin City of course, as well as the Capital of Second Chances. As of this past October, Las Vegas also became the new home for 25 year old William Byrd. Although he may not exactly need a second chance, William has began a second career and hopefully in William's case what happens in Vegas will be shared and viewed by many.

Originally from Philadelphia, William has been modeling since he was just six year old. This experience has led to a natural ease in front of the camera, and an ability to use his body, whether shot alone or with another models as you can see in the image below. William has a strong look and his ability to be transformable enables him to fit into many styles and looks. Sexy and intense, masculine and powerful, sensitive and vulnerable are all parts woven into his work.

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You Take The Good...

If you take the good you also have to take the bad, something many of us, even those within the gay community, seem sometimes to forget. When former Facts Of Life star Lisa Whelchel was first announced as a player on this season's Survivor there were many gay sights and blogs that were posting negative comments about Lisa, even some suggesting a boycott due to her stance on homosexuality.

Above: With Nancy McKeon, Kim Fields and George Clooney.

In my research I found a reply on her website to a mother who wrote in (since deleted) suggesting you could 'pray the gay away' and that it is possible to leave behind a homosexual lifestyle. Now of course I don't believe this conversion therapy (unless on American Horror Story) works, but I also can see a clear difference in someone living their convictions and someone using it to spread hate (Michele Bachmann?).

Lisa is a Christian, but just as we expect all homosexuals not to be judged and lumped together, so should be true with Christians. Many Christians support gay marriage, many domination's accept women as preachers, many have progressed beyond the what the extreme bigotry of many fundamentalists. Homophobia does not necessarily stem from Christians, it stems from bigots who use the Bible as a tool for hate and suppression, not love and inclusion as Jesus did in most Bible stories that I recall.

I like Lisa Whelchel. I am not sure where she stands on homosexuality these days. She is about to turn 50, is going through a divorce and maybe with all her years in Hollywood has a perspective that is all her own. I don't know, I also really don't care. I am enjoying her on Survivor, I loved her mud wrestling, and holding her own, with Denise, I love her game play and her interactions with others. I fear Lisa is leaving the show soon and maybe she will say something bigoted to change my mind, but until then she doesn't seem to be fueled by hate, but by love. Someone thinking differently than I is cool, it has to be if we ultimately are ever going to obtain the full acceptance we say we want. I think many people forget sometimes that the goal, should not be to have others think exactly like we do, but instead, accept, and respect that others think differently. Isn't how we treat each other that really counts?