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Favorite Pic of the Day for February 16th

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Happy Birthday today February 16th

Happy 41st to Julian Fantechi!

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Actors & Skin?

I was initially a little surprised too, but yes, Diedrich Bader headlines the next installment of 
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Sibling Sundays

Paul and Sean Prince

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Hitting the Books: Lincoln by Richard Rothstein

'Reading was only part of the thrill that a book represented. I got a dizzy pleasure from the weight and feel of a new book in my hand, a sensual delight from the smell and crispness of the pages.'
Debra Ginsberg

FH readers are keenly aware of my love of the artistry of Richard Rothstein.  Since first discovering his dynamic visuals back in 2012, I've dived into his photographic stories whenever the opportunity arises.  It always difficult to designate favorites, especially when it comes to art and imagery of the male form.

There is a fluidity with my passion for certain models, shoots and images, which ebbs and flows depending my mood and emotions and what's going on in my life. That being said, there are certain shoots, and certain models, that can be difficult to shake.  They stay with you, drawing you back from time to time, for inspiration and rejuvenation.  One of the most notable examples of this for me has been Richard's work with Lincoln.

Richard first shared his work with Lincoln during the summer of 2018.  Their creative collaborations led  four pieces on the site.  The first two, featured Richard's work with Lincoln on the Boardwalk at Coney Island. (HERE: & HERE:)  Coney Island has been the setting for many of Richard's shoots, not only because of his emotional connection to the location, but also because it's one of only a few public places, where a naked man is really nothing special, just one of the many oddities and visuals that can be seen.

I featured more of Richard's work with Lincoln later that fall, and I loved the second set,   (HERE: & HERE:) a bow and nod to William Shakespeare.  Richard is a connoisseur of blending story, character and literary history and references into his shoots.  So many of Richard's themed shoots included classic characters and historical figures exhumed homonormativity as only Richard can do.

This series of shots from Richard's Apartment Series, were actually sent on around the same time as the first two sets.  I set them aside to feature at a time I was in need if a doze of creative renourishing.  Having temporarily lost all of my files and folders when my computer crashed this week, I was relieved when I remembered that I'd already pieced together this story for the site and had uploaded my favorite shots from the shoot to the blog.

This set, is actually a beautiful follow-up to the Shakespearean shoot and the literally themed.  As author Debra Ginsberg described in the quote I began with, there is something sensual about books, especially old books.  In addition to the smell, there's the feel and touch of the pages, Ginsberg describes a stacked, pyramid of books as one of the sexiest architectural designs that exists.  

I totally concur with Ginsberg and agree that one of the sexiest things about books, is their promise.  There is an erotic anticipation with what's to come.  I always look forward to seeing what Richard's working on, and what story he's creating, and then capturing next.  Just like a book, it's about wondering what lays between the covers and the many secrets waiting to be found.

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