Thursday, January 27, 2011

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 27th

Quinn Danger
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Happy Birthday today January 27th to:

Check out last years birthday post featuring favorites; Michael Horta (above), Jorres Risse, Robert Perovich, Alan Cumming and Greg Pritikin HERE:

Just Because: Enough....

I know I am not alone in having had enough of the snow....but if all snowstorms brought about naked snowboarding I could handle a few more storms.

The Gentlemen of Marlen Boro

At the beginning of the year I was fortunate to have discovered the work of photographer Marlen Boro. I fell instantly in love with Marlen's ability to bring together elements of whimsy, eroticism and especially magic and mystery. When I first profiled Marlen's with model Dominic, I described Marlen's work as almost like 'looking through the looking glass'. Fun, crazy, sexy laced with a hint of risk.

From Gentlemen Photography By Marlen Boro:
'After a number of years practicing corporate law at prestigious firms, he began to question some of the priorities he had absorbed in law school. At the same time, he began to experience a resurgence of his love for art and photography. As his collection of cameras and equipment grew, his commitment to the stressful lifestyle of a full-time corporate attorney waned. Today, though he still practices law (primarily as an advisor to other photographers), photography is his main focus.'

Above: My first two posts on Marlen's work featured Dominic and Moretti Jr.

I am very excited to be starting a new weekly feature on FH 'The Gentlemen of Marlon Boro'. Starting today with Taylor, each Thursday I will be showcasing Marlen's work featuring new models and shots.

If you have not checked out Marlen's site yet, please spend some time checking out more of Marlen's work HERE:. Also, lets help The Gentlemen Of Marlen Boro on Facebook reach 100 likes this week by clicking HERE:

Below: Quinn in glitter.

Quinn Danger by Marlen Boro

The Gentlemen Of Marlen Boro
-Quinn Danger-

Deciding what shoot of Marlen's to begin the new weekly feature with was not an easy task...until seeing Marlen's second shoot with Quinn Danger from just a few weeks ago. Quinn has the all American look, blonde hair, beautiful hazel eyes, great facial structure and of course the beautiful body.

21 year old Quinn is a from Minneapolis, Minnesota and is currently studying physical therapy and nutrition in Winona. Quinn is very comfortable in front of the camera and is looking to move towards commerical and fashion work.

Quinn Danger

Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 185 lbs
Waist: 32"
Shoe: 11.0
Hair color: Blonde
Hair length: Short
Eye color: Hazel
Skin color: White
Experience: Some Experience

Check out Quinn on ModelMayhem HERE:

'Quinn is eager to learn, happy to try out my latest shoot ideas, and willing to wear but a towel and a smile.'

'I absolutely love working with Marlen. He is as professional as they come giving a comfortable atmosphere to work in along with making it ungodly fun with his confident and caring personality. His work is spectacular simply as proofs, but when he puts his editing skills to work the product always turns out 110% better than I could have imagined.'

Favorite Click Of The Day: Superherofan

One of my favorite sites to visit, has these amazing hi res shots of Jake Gyllenhaal from Love And Other Drugs. Be sure to head on over to see more Jake as well as recent shots of Austin Nichols, Mattew Bomer, and more Steve Howey from Shameless!

Frightened of a little....SKIN

I know…
I have written many times before about my views on the hypocrisy that permeates American entertainment, especially its television shows. Day after day the main 4 television networks spew out one violent act after another. Human beings are tortured, raped, murdered, brutalized, abused, violated and exploited in new and creative ways on Criminal Minds, The Law & Orders, and CSI’s. Finding new and interesting ways to destroy a body lead to spin off after spin off.

Below: Dev Patel


NYPD Blue faced a lawsuit for showing an adult woman’s bare ass. Janet Jackson’s partial breast flash had the puritan masses in an uproar and now a wee bit of skin on ‘Skins’ has the parents television council all in a tizzy!

I have not seen the MTV version of Skins. I have no interest. I have seen the British version and it was spectacular television. Well written, well acted and addictive. It helped launch the careers of Dev Patel, Nicholas Hoult and Mitch Brewer. Yes, there was a bit of skin, a few second per episode, mostly butts but that one was small part of creating the world the producers were trying to explore.

Is the issue teen sex and the lack of morals in America?
No...although Kathy Lee Gifford and many others are yapping about that it is...if it really was the case they would have been yapping long ago about the entire line up over the past decade on the WB. From Dawson’s Creek, One Tree Hill and especially Gossip Girl teens have been portrayed as highly sexually charged beings (which they are). Gossip Girl in particular has shown scenes of drugs, threesomes, orgy’s and more. What Gossip Girl cannot do, being on a network, that Skins does do is actually dare to show a bit of skin.

Below: Mitch Hewer

Why is skin so scary? In the case of the MTV version, the scene most people are so outraged about is a few seconds of a male teenager’s ass.

Comparing Skins to child pornography is both scary and seriously misguided. Scary: because the issue of child pornography is a serious one, a real one. The exploitation of children is a huge problem in America and putting the a teenage, a paid actor mooning a tv camera in any way shape or form under the same umbrella as the rape of a 5 year old simply dilutes the seriousness of the issue.

Below: Nicholas Hoult

What the issue of Skins spotlights more than anything is how deep the fear of sexuality remains. The fact that there is still a debate about educating children on safe sex is shocking in 2011. Although no country is perfect and all have their struggles why is it that issue of sex, violence, education and health care seem to be so much more profound in America. It is ironic to me that Skins follows Jersey Shore on the MTV Schedule. Although not a fan of any type of censorship, if the parents television council really wants to do America a service that is the show they really should be going after.