Friday, August 24, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 24th

Joe by Shimuzu Photography
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His Royal Hiney

Although I usually try to not post what is everywhere else on the net, and I generally try to avoid secretly shot paparazzi or phone pics, Harry has to be the exception. Should not be a surprise to most, but I love me some of the peeled down Prince. Harry is pretty much perfection and his recent Las Vegas strip was more than a welcomed surprise.

But... As much as I enjoyed, and I did enjoy, seeing Harry's hind quarters I could not help but think about how dumb he was. Not dumb for having fun or stripping down, I don't judge his actions, only his lack of precaution. Harry is no longer a kid, almost 28, not 21. He is a royal, well educated, went through the loss of his mother, served 77 days on the front line in the Afghan War. He is not a 19 year old frat boy new to the big city for his first year of college. Why after everything he has been through, seen and experienced did he not stop midway through strip pool and say...

'Hey guys, before I yank down my tighty whities, could you all put your phones and cameras on the bed? Don't mean to be a buzz kill, but my grandmother is heading toward 90 and my grand dad has been in and out of the hospital a lot lately, don't want to cause them any additional stress, or have to deal with them being pissed royally off!'

Now...I am glad he didn't say all that, but alcohol and exhibitionist traits aside, anyone thinking, even just a little, most likely would have...

Favorite Click of The Day: Fred Goudon Blog

If you have yet to check out Paris photographer Fred Goudon's blog, his new shots of model Colton Hobizal are a great reason to head on over. Check out Fred Goudon: 20 Years of Photography HERE:

Colton is represented by Wilhelmina Los Angeles

Rear Window: Joe by Shimuzu Photography

'Photography is everything to me. I photograph with my mind when there's no camera in hand. Life to me is like a series of photographs and am forever wanting to capture it at every opportunity I get.'
Matt Smith, Shimuzu Photography

I had an instantaneous reaction when first discovering these images of Joe from Shimuzu Photography. The telescope, the window, Joe erotically slinking along the carpeted floor. Joe is both voyeur & voyeuree, quietly and secretly watching, while at the same time, intimately inviting his own viewers in.

Matt's interest lies in aesthetics, and the detail in his images create not just a story you can see, but one you can feel. The environment he surrounds Joe in is rich in both texture and familiarity and it is clear Joe has an intimate relationship with every piece of furniture he mounts, everything he touches, whether fabric or feline, and everywhere he slides and places his body. Although Matt is capturing still moments, you can sense the quiet and erotic way in which Joe slithers though out the space.

Matt is an accomplished freelance graphic designer and a published artist of 3D generated art (Ballistic Publishing and Erotic Signature). Matt photographs wildlife, landscapes, architecture and portraits. Currently, the Hastings England artist is looking to expand into erotica which celebrates the male form, initially looking for unusual male models to collaborate with. Matt also recently delved into the world of Macro photography in which his incredible eye for detail will surely lead to some incredible creations.

'Photography was that dark horse in the running. Until now. The passion was recently rekindled by the introduction of the Nikon D200. I have spent the last year and a half getting to know the Nikon D200, and think I may have found a friend.'

There is obviously a large degree of trust between model and photographer and you can feel a blending of both sensibilities and artistic commonality between Matt and model Joseph Lee Ford. Although I don't know exactly how the process went, there is incredible symmetry and balance between what Joe is exudes and the moments Matt captures.

Joe describes himself as a creative person who enjoys looking after his body and making good use of it whilst it looks the way it does. The 28 year old model, gardener and conservationist, loves to experiment using his body in a variety of different scenarios and he is perfectly suited for the creative scenario brought to live by Matt Smith.

Shimuzu Photography Official site
Shimuzu Photography on ModelMayhem
Joseph Lee Ford on ModelMayhem

Keep an eye out soon for the link to Joe's new website which Matt is currently building!

Posterior Per Phillippe

It has been a few years since we have been able to enjoy the perfect posterior that belongs to actor Ryan Phillippe. I have been enjoying his turn as Channing McClaren on this, the last season of Damages. Thankfully, the producers decided not to let their last season go by without depantsing one of Hollywood's hottest actors.