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Favorite Pic of the Day for August 13th

Ian by JW Johnson
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Happy Birthday today August 13th

Happy 46th to actor James Carpinello!

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Rock of Ages

Let's Kill Ward's Wife (2014)

Seasonal Sightings:

Prime Time Supporters: Matthew Daddario

If you check out sites or forums featuring hot male celebrities, you probably noticed actor Matthew Daddario.  His recent nude scene in season 2 of Marc Cherry's Why Women Kill have made him the man of the moment.  Daddario's turn as would-be actor Scooter Polarsky as provided not only provided many scenes of male skin, but also many scenes of Daddario looking incredibly hot dressed in time-period clothing from the 1940's.

I feel like Daddario and I have been like two ships that have passed in the night.  I first noticed the actor during his turn on Shawdowhunters. (2016-2019) I never watched the series, but kept meaning to due to my love of actor Harry Shrum Jr. who starred in the series. Daddario played Alex, the boyfriend of Shrum Jr's character Magnus Bane.

One of Daddario's hottest features has to be his incredibly sexy and hairy chest.  For story and characters reasons, Shadowhunters had Daddario's chest shaved and full of temporary tattoos.  Although he still looked, it was Daddario's role in Trust in 2021, when got to see his glorious torso au-naturel.   Trust was another film that I kept meaning to catch, but still haven't got to.

Last year, when previews for Why Women Kill began to air, I told myself I would DVR and watch.  I didn't.  This year, when the previews began, I was determined to give it a shot.  Not only did the previews look good, they also featured Allison Tolman, an actress I've loved since first catching her in the first season of Fargo.

So.... I have yet to start watching, but the show does appear on the on-demand feature on of my tv.  Until I finally commit, I'll continue to deep an eye on Daddario, and hope that fans of the show, and the actor, continue to post and alert us when he, and his hot hairy chest, are featured.


Matthew Daddario on Instagram


Why Women Kill

'My lovers name is, God help me, Scooter Polarski'

Photographic Porn Stars: Ian by JW Johnson

' I bought him a bus ticket and he came from Memphis to shoot back in the mid 1990's.'

I'm not sure how many would be actors and models take the bus today, but not so long ago, it was the main source of transportation for those with big dreams, without a whole lot of money... Back in the mid-nineties, Ian Idol was working at a retail store, but he always dreamed of more.  It's not hard to see why, Ian had an amazing body, tall and lean, and a great face and thick head of dark hair.  Ian was told almost daily, from friends, from customers where he worked, that he should be a model. 

After getting on that bus, thanks to photographer JW Johnson, Ian's journey began. After his shoot with JW, Ian began to get noticed.  A few years later, he began his career in adult films.  Thanks to a photographer friend of JW's in Chicago, Ian began video work. Ian became so popular that he moved up to the St Louis area soon and in the early 2000's, was one of the industries most popular models.

As it often happens in porn, Ian's video work began with a photograph an his work as a model.  It's easy to see from his work with JW, that his sex appeal is almost impossible to contain.  JW beautifully captures an intensely sexual energy and his long lines and sensual poses only serve to have viewers craving more.  Ian certainly didn't let them down.

'Ian was a lot of fun to work with . There was still a lot of kid in him back then.  He had a great sense of humor and tons of personality.  Ian could pull off a hard and edgy look in black leather and metal too.  I think that's why so many guys fell in love with him,.  He could also equally pull of the sweet, sexy, and handsome look as well.'

JW worked with Ian dozens of times throughout the 90's and 2000's.  The did studio work, location work, as well as working on the farm of one of JW's friends.  If you've seen some of my previous pieces features JW's images, you know the farm was often one of his favorite locations to use, especially the gardens, and of course the barn.

Given Ian's is known for his video work, I had to add a visual of Ian in motion.  If you Google Ian Idol porn though, there are tons of videos to check out.

Ian left porn in the late nineties, but he didn't really have to look for work.  In addition to being incredibly hot, Ian was also incredible sensible. That retail job that Ian had when he first started to model, he wisely kept.  The owners loved him, as well as so many of the customers, so they were very flexible with letting Ian have time off when he had a video to shoot.  When his career in porn began to wane, he returned to the store, and has been working there for over 20 years.