Friday, January 9, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 9th

One of the amazing pics from DFA Photo.

Favorite Birthday Boys for January 9th

Happy Birthday today to:

Italian footballer Gennaro Gattuso turns 31 today.

What makes a man attractive. In J.K. Simmons case, abundant talent. To hate a character as much as I hated 'Vern Schillinger' in 'OZ' to loving him in 'Juno' to mention 'The Closer', Mr Jameson in 'Spiderman' and all his performances in between. J.K turns 54 today.

Favorite Model of the Day: Hugh Plummer

UK based model Hugh Plummer has such a great and distinct look. This former Personal Trainer and fitness instructor tries to promote good fitness and a healthy lifestyle for both young and old. Hugh has been photographed with some of my favorite photographers, including Hotsnapz who did the amazing face shot above.

I know Hugh is looking to set up a website to support others with health and fitness as well as a showcase for his modeling work. For now you can check out his blog which can be found Here.

Photo above: Hotsnapz

Photo above by Jonathan Bayley.

Photo above by DFA Photo.


Oh Oprah!
I have great respect for Oprah Winfrey. I cannot say I am a huge fan, I watch the show from time to time when I am on a sick day, or when there is a guest on I like, but I do not have the scary devotion some people I know have. That being said, I cannot help but respect the hard work and positive things this woman does.

Why then am I so bothered by her beginning 2009 with again a focus on her weight. You cannot help but know Oprah is starting her show this year by trying to get healthy again. Even if you do not watch, it is all over the news and newspapers. Oprah, why did you not learn from the past...

Your such a talented woman. Never did I love you more than your amazing turn in ‘The Color Purple’ not to mention the less known ‘Native Son’. In both movies, your beauty and talent shown greater than ever. Why then are you risking being remembered not for your talent, not for your good work but for your weight. I hate to think for the next few hundred years whenever Oprah Winfrey is mentioned it will be followed with a comment about her weight struggles.

Years ago Oprah had the famous show where she danced around after losing lots of weight only to have it all come back on. Yes maybe she did it in an unhealthy way then, and feels she now is promoting a more healthy approach to weight loss, but the messages are still the same.

Why could you not have just started your new season with a 60 second comment acknowledging your continued struggles with a comment that if you have success you will post some info on the web site, then get on with doing your show.

I am not sure even Oprah is aware of the confusing mixed messages she is sending out to her fans and viewers. On one hand she is a symbol of a real woman, with real struggles. On the other had she is a symbol of a woman who no matter how much fame and wealth she has earned,is still is not happy due to her appearance. She may cloak this with the word health, but it is really about not being happy with how she looks, and feels about how she looks.

There is something wonderful about a role model who has the same struggles as her fans. There is also something depressing about a role model who has access to anything money can buy, Dr Emmett Oz, Bob Greene and all her other resources, who still cannot seem to keep weight off.

The message of course is that none of these things really matter. I understand that is what Oprah is trying to share. But I question someone who obviously has not mastered her own demons giving advice to others. Oprah has given us some great things! Oprah has also given us some bad things (Dr. Phil anyone...). But sharing how to accomplish something she herself is failing at is dangerous.

What is Oprah Winfrey going to do 1 year from now, or 2 years from now or 6 years from now if she puts on tons of weight again. Is she going to once again theme her show around health, or be so mortified she goes into seclusion. This is the question I think should have been asked. That along with the fact that many of her experts are all over other tv shows promoting the shows and their products. Besides the dangerous mixed messages Oprah is giving her audience, this new theme of health is also all about making money. Money for Oprah, her show and her gurus. Kind of scary stuff if you really think about it.