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Favorite Pic of the Day for September 11th

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Just Because: John Enos III

As part of my cmnm summer theme, last month I featured the classic embarrassment nudity scene from the 1996 action drama Bullet. (HERE:)  When researching the scene, I also saw that actor John Enos III also had a nude scene in the film.  Of course I had to check it out!

While putting together the post on the nude scene, and heading John's social media pages to get links, I also found some other shots too good not to share.  In addition to sharing images from his many projects, images of his vacations, and his beloved dogs, John also often shares some of his old modeling shots.   Some others, are courtesy of xyzpdq and SOMS.

After attending Bentley and Salem State College in Massachusetts, Enos did what many young men do while trying to get into acting, he bartended and modeled.  Enos was signed by both Elite Models and Wilhelmina Models and booked a number of campaigns before getting bit parts on television and in film.  

His first big break was a guest spot on In Living Color in 1991 followed by playing a bodyguard in 1992's Death Becomes Her.  Regular roles quickly followed and Enos has appeared on soaps, in Prime-time and in films since.  I think I first noticed the studly actor during his stint on Melrose Place, and of course his incredible behind, during his guest spot on Sex In The City in 1999.

Oh, and as far as that butt scene in Bullet, watch it and check out the caps on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

John by Rocco Laspada

The Performance by Pat Rocco

The Performance
A short by Pat Rocco

'THE PERFORMANCE.................a sex act not easily forgotten.....

The Performance was a 1968 short film written and directed by filmmaker Pat Rocco.  Rocco began his career after moving to California at the age of 11.  Given it was the sixties, Rocco came out early at the age of 13, and soon began his journey to create gay themed films and art.  By 16, he had his own radio show, and soon was appearing on television shows in the late 40's and early 50's.  By the late 50's, he stepped behind the camera, photographing and filming the nude male form.

'My film career began at Bizarre Bazaar, the first head shop in Hollywood. The so-called head shop sold posters and other paraphernalia. We served a thing called LSD coffee. We sold the underground newspapers. We showed midnight movies. Midnight every night we’d show a movie in the back of – half of it was head shop and half of it was like a little coffee shop, and we had a projector and we just showed movies at night, and people would jam in there and sometimes watch through the windows in the front. It was a popular place, and I enjoyed running it and hiring people to be part of it, and all of that, and made a lot of friends there. '

 Bill Voldemar (l) Shawn Zee (r)

The Performance was one of dozens of short and long form films Rocco made during the 60's and 70's.  The film featured model and actors Shawn Zee and Bill Voldemar.  Although most of Rocco's films were only seen in small gay movie houses, The Performance was applauded by some of Los Angeles' to critics of gay cinema.  

These images are promotional shots taken during the making of the film.  Many of the images were later sold for commercial use.  Because there were not many images of a black male model with white male model, several were used for book covers, often for books themed on race and adult male relationships.  The image used as the top of this post is one book cover graced by the beauty of Shawn and Lee.

THE PERFORMANCE is a surrealistic bombshell with overtones of reversed racial symbols and plays like a dream ballet. A Disturbing picture on so many planes.
Sam Winston, The Los Angeles Advocate

Rocco has a genuine talent. His best film is the strangely disturbing The Performance. This pas-de-deux for two figures, one black, one white, builds an ambiguous sense of desire and dread through its movements of camera, of actors and by editing. It is not merely a sex of skin film, but a poesie which bursts the bounds of it's conventions. The Performance is too good to be relegated to just the male nudie houses.  
Richard Whitehall, Film Critic, The Los Angeles OPEN CITY

JayK: Center of Attention

'Men like to get up close, they like to look, smell, touch. Women generally just want a show of some kind. A dance move, whatever it may be.'

Given my summer theme of cmnm, I thought it would be a great culmination to the summer to feature a model with tons of experience taking it all off for both male and female audiences.  Many regular readers of the site are used to seeing JayK without his clothes.  Those who drop into FH have had a voyeuristic view of Jay naked during modeling sessions, when hiking, biking and just roaming the streets near his home.

I love featuring Jayk's work, begging with the fact that he so beautifully embodies so many of the themes at the core of the site. I also love the sensuality he bring to his work and his images, and the fact that he truly seems to love what he does and the enjoyment he brings. There's also of course Jayk's magnificent ass, a work of art he's learned to so expertly pose, present and display.

The Hollywood based dancer, striper and performer lives in the world of cmnm, (and occasionally cfnm) and I thought he make the perfect person to share experiences taking it all off for a room of clothed strangers.  Jayk graciously shared his thoughts, and some of the images from some of his performances.  Given Jayk works with the public, in clubs, and at private parties, we did feel it best to blur out the faces of some of the clothed audience members.   Don't worry though, we left all the good parts in view for both the clothed, and the unclothed readers of FH to enjoy.

Which came first, nude modeling or nude performance? 
I've always experimented with having my clothes off. It was when I was about 18 that I started taking photos of myself.

Do you remember your first nude performance? What was the occasion, how nervous were you? 
I don't know if I can remember exactly which was the first. But early in my career I was stripping at a bath house. I was certainly nervous about the audition because I really wanted to make it.  I wasn't nervous about what I was doing stripping. Luckily one of the managers liked me. 

What is your favorite singer/group to perform to? 
My favorite is R&B (or similar) with male vocals and sexy subject matter.

What is your favorite cmnm/cfnm activity, dancing? Stripping? Private parties? 
Working at private parties for sure. That being said, I like stripping or dancing or serving drinks at those parties. 

Are all performances fully nude, or are some nude down to just a G-string? 
Well here where I live we don't have strip clubs (those bath houses I mentioned are gone). So most of the time if I'm working like that its Go-go dancing. We have to wear underwear of some kind. 

Who is more respectful? Male of female audiences?
Although I've performed nude in front of both, I have very much less experience with female audience members, I would have to say men are more respectful. 

Who pushes the limits more? Male of female audience members? 
Men definitely ask for more, and since I'm gay, I'm usually okay with it. They have different energies. Men like to get up close, they like to look, smell, touch. Women generally just want a show of some kind. A dance move, whatever it may be. 

What are your boundaries for private parties, do you have any? 
I'll get completely naked for a private party obviously. And I'm more than okay with touching. But I don't want anything going inside of anything else while I'm working. It just takes things to a different place. You want to keep it light and fun for a party. 

Do you remember the strangest thing an audience member has requested from you? 
In person people generally don't ask for anything weird per se. Maybe in the email phase someone might request an outfit or something. But people are not as crazy as you might think!

Have you had any embarrassing moments while performing? 
Oh certainly! I've been at the club before and had my underwear rip apart or rip off (in a club when we weren't supposed to show stuff like that) and I've had to cover myself and run to the dressing room  

When you're naked, would you say you get more comments about your front, or your butt? 
It depends. In general, people notice my ass. But if someone has already see me online, and then they see my dick, sometimes they are surprised! 

Are guests at private parities allowed to touch you? Do they need to ask, or tip? 
I'll always take a tip, but getting hired at a private party, the money good money already.  I'm not trying to nickel and dime everyone. If its men, I'll always allow touching. 

Have you ever said no to a request? Do you remember what it was? 
Oh absolutely. Usually its some kind of sex act, and I have to decline but I'm always upbeat and polite about it. Like....that's great darling, but this isn't the time or place for that! With a smile, always. 

Did you do any on-line performances when Covid hit? 
Actually, yes. For this variety show I've been a part of for years, Planet Queer. 

Are erections required? 
No not at all. I generally don't get hard unless someone is touching me or telling me how excited they are.  It becomes an intimate little surprise instead of a guarantee or a formality. 

Have you ever looked up and found someone in the audience you didn't expect? Maybe someone you didn't necessarily want to see you naked? A friend, a family member, a celebrity, a neighbor or someone who serves you at the grocery store? 
Not really. I work mostly in gay venues and parties. If you're gay, I certainly don't mind you seeing me without my clothes on.  If I have ever been in front of any celebrities I would probably have signed and NDA and theoretically could not discuss it.🤭   That all being said, I have certainly seen people from the drug store, the book and the grocery store at the clubs.

What part of performing nude in front of others do you like least? 
I don't like the unknown. What are people going to be like, what's going to happen? That sort of thing. I also don't like the gig-searching process, but it comes with the territory. 

What is your favorite part? 
Well it's certainly where I'm the most comfortable! I know people say things about leaving this or that to the imagination, but I've found that the imagination does not stop at clothing. Its about the energy you put out. It's about the kinds of things you can make guys think and feel. I like that electric sensation as well. Guys are usually surprised to see a fully naked man, since its not so common, and then they can get into what my skin feels like or what I smell like. It's always nice to make people have a great experience.