Sunday, August 3, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 3rd

Favorite Birthday Boy For August 3rd: Ryan Lochte

US swimmer, Ryan Lochte, who specializes in the backstroke and indiviual medley is a a olympic winner and multiple world record holder. Both he and Michael Phelps broke records again this past June in the Olympic trials. Ryan turns 24 today.

Great Ryan Website HERE:

Favorite Birthday Boy #2 for August 3rd Blaine Wilson

American gymnast Blaine Wilson announced his retirement from the world of sports earlier this year. This ends a career filled with medals. Blaine won his first world championship medal at the 2003 Worlds, then battled a tear in his left bicep tendon, but fought back to make the Olympic team and help the US win the Silver at the 2004 Athens Olympics. Blaine turns 34 today.

Also Celebrating Today August 3rd

Happy Birthday also today to:

Actor Jon Foster turns 24 today.

Lost hottie Evangeline Lilly turns 29 today.

Tom Brady turns 31 today.

Actor Paulo Benedeti turns 33 today.

Actor Carlo Imperato turns 45 today. Carlo pic via the great Fame site, Fame Forever found HERE:

Isaiah Washington, whom I personally miss on Grey's turns 45 today.

Something very sexy to me about Scrubs star John C. McGinley who turns 49 today.

Martha Stewart turns 67 today.

Martin Sheen turns 68 today.

A Look Back At MANHUNT: Today Rob

I have been looking back at some of the guys from Manhunt over the past while. My last post was on Hunter, and last April I did a post on cutie Matt Lanter. Today lets take a look back at Rob. Some on messages boards seemed surprised that gorgeous Rob Williams came in second on Manhunt. I certainly was not, a fan of Rob's from the beginning, he was tall, lean with a great face. Although some of the other guys may have sexier and buffer, that is not always what is looked for. Rob certainly had more traits of a male model than some of the others. He was also very pleasant, respectful and professional. Rob also had less hang-ups about taking off his clothes. Not sure if Rob is still working, but I look forward to seeing any new shoots he does.

The two pics above by the great photographer Greg Powers. You can find his site HERE: