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Favorite Pic of the Day for June 5th

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Happy Birthday today June 5th

Happy 43rd to actor and singer Marcus Patrick!

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By The Light...

FaVorite FiVe: Jacob Dooley

First two shots by Stevan Reyes

The 6'4" Jacob Dooley is one tall and refreshing drink of water. I saved a couple of images of Jacob awhile ago, and he has done some incredible shots professionally. But... his smile and his body look equally appealing in his many Instagram selfies.

Final two shots by Marco Ovando for Coitus

Peligroso: Mister Davis by Greg Lindeblom

'I named the shoot, 'Peligroso'. Mister Davis looked great wrapped in the Peligroso tape. Anyone that good looking has got to be dangerous... :)'

Despite any potential hazards, the red Peligroso tape wrapped around Mister Davis' naked body may prove more of an invitation than a warning. If Greg Lindelblom's images of the 24 year old's face and body hadn't already removed any hesitation you might have, his beautiful brown eyes would seal the deal. Mister Davis's penetratingly sexy stare has the power to cause one to risk whatever danger may lay ahead.

'Not only is Mister Davis very beautiful, he is a dream to work with. He's is very easy-going, while at the same time, he's creative and adventurous, so we can tackle any project.'

MisterDavis first came to Greg's attention after the Florida based model shot with Greg's friend, photographer Charles Archer. Greg reports that MisterDavis, (Gregorio) has been shooting with some of the best local photographers for the past couple of months and has built up a fantastic portfolio is fantastic! The images shown here are from their first shoot together, but it clearly went well as they are already working on a third, which Greg says, like the second, will include another model.

'First shoots with models are always discovery sessions. Unfortunately, this one almost didn't happen. I use strobes in my studio and after the first lighting test shot, my transmitter died. It took me about 10 minutes to figure out what had happened and realize that I had to improvise my lighting design. I kept the model lights on both stands and added my flash, which I filter with a Gary Fong filter. I've used it when I'm shooting indoors but not in the studio. Between the two light sources, the shoot came out beautifully. Gregorio was so calm and professional. Although it was our first session together, he wasn't phased by my improvisation and we had a great shoot. In fact, I loved the lighting effect that resulted.'

Mister Davis had only recently began modeling when he shot with Greg for the first time, in fact Greg was just the third photographer he had worked with. Given he is still getting used to being naked in front of someone he just met, Mister Davis says he still goes into new shoots with a bit nerves and a bit of healthy skepticism. He was quickly put at ease by Greg who he describes as one of the nicest, and most professional photographers that he has had the pleasure of working with. Despite the 'dangerous' theme capture, it is clear from their comments, the shoot itself was a safe, professional and pleasant experience.

'I can remember it as if it was yesterday, we were going to try out a specific pose and I may have been in a jock, or completely naked and I was bent over an ottoman and shortly after Greg realized it was not the most ideal shot and without getting a quick snapshot for ones ‘private collection’ he simply stated “we should try another pose, it looks pornographic and that is not what I am trying to capture, I’m looking for artistic” which made me respect him even more.'

'For me, when posing nude the model should feel comfortable and at ease. That is exactly how I felt working with Greg, not as an object but as a person. Though there were some complications with lighting I was not upset at all, I joked around with Greg and tried to set a lighthearted mood so that we could enjoy yourselves. To sum it up, the shots came out amazing and I loved working with Greg, I am definitely excited about the shoot with him for the 3rd and maybe even a 4th time.'