Friday, August 29, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 29th

For some reason I want to take my dinky car on a road trip over the hills and valley's of this hottie. (Come on, some of you have done this!!!)

Favorite Birthday Boy for August 29th Juan Diego Botto

Anyone who checks out my blog regularly knows I love my foreign actors. Argentine actor Juan Diego Botto is certainly a favorite. So cute and so talented. Juan turns 33 today.

More Juan Diego Botto:

Also celebrating today August 29th

Also blowing out candles today:

I recently did a post on gymnast Alexander Artemev who turns 23 today.

Actor Jay Bunyan turns 27 today.

Nip/Tuck's John Hensley (Who I much prefer with longer hair, as that shaved look is rather frightening...) turns 31 today.

Just Because:

The Dieux De Stade 2009 calendar has been shot and will be released soon. Sergio Parisse, one of my favorites graces this years cover. (Below, Sergio from a previous year). Although I have liked some of the calendars more than others,all have been great.

Favorite Male Model of the Day: Clint Mauro

What to say...the breathtaking Clint Mauro. Check out Clint's site HERE:

For some reason, these last 4 sort of 'tease' shots are my favorite.

Favorite Pic Series of The Day:

Ahh summer is coming to an end! I was at the beach Wednesday and the water, so warm a few weeks ago was so cold I could only stay in for a short time. Soon the days of shirtless guys walking the streets and days at the beach will pass as the leaves turn and fall takes over. I love fall, but I will miss the summer. Here is a look at one of my favorite summer sports. Although I have not surfed myself (Although I have spent hours windsurfing, though still spend more time in the water than on the board), I love, like many of you I am sure, to lay on the beach and watch.