Sunday, October 28, 2007

Favorite Pic of the Day: October 28th

Photo from Over Our Head Blog (See Link at right)

Favorite Male Model of the Day: Oct 28th Michael Lewis

Michael Lewis in Black and White

Favorite Current Television Hunk: IAN SOMERHALDER

Favorite Reason to get Fired from LOST

YOUR DUI'S are not such a big a deal....

Thanks to the posters at Dreamcaps for alerting me to Tell Me You Love Me. I did some caps, but they are not very good, the dark ones are mine, the clearer one belong to ticicy. Thanks to Fratguy for the download.

To think the two pics above were the most of Somerhalder Ass I would see. Tell Me You Love me is sex filled, but so far not the clear shot we are all looking for.

Favorite Guy From OZ: Kirk Acevedo

Kirk Acevedo was amazing on OZ. His portrayl of Miguel Alvarez was heartbreaking. Yes Miguel was dangerous, flawed and raw, but Kirk demonstrated why Miguel was as he was. He was very underated on OZ and to me very subtly gave some of the best work n OZ. BTW: Having finshed OZ on DVD, the continuity was quite bad. Never noticed while watching on tv, but the looks of the actors often changes scene to scene. It is obvious they filmed large chunks of the show at different times, then put them together. Quite jarring at times, if you watch the DVD's try not to be annoyed every time Sister Pete goes from perm to regular hair, it changes often, even on the same day...

Favorite Blast From The Past: Oct 28th Adrian Zmed

Adrian Zmed is known for his roles in TJ Hooker, Bachelor Party and Grease 2. He had perfect 80's hair and a killer bod which was used well in TJ Hooker. (Too bad I could not find caps of the episode he played a stripper...) The web is not full of much Adrian info, I found a bit, but thank goodness for the magazines from the 80's I had to do a few scans. Anyone have any more Zmed pics, please drop me a line.

Again, Battle of the Network stars provides some great celebrity skin!
More Adrian Zmed and a great video!

Favorite Photographer for Oct 28th: Lindsay Lozon

Check out Lindsay Lozon's Site Here:
Check out the new book All My Boys at Amazon