Saturday, February 11, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 11th

Miles A
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It's Awesome! Totally Awesome!

'All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and I'm fine'
Jeff Spicoli

Enjoying (maybe a bit too much...) my break from daily blogging but thought I would dip my toe back in this weekend. Back to regular updates very soon!


Above: Valentines by FlyFoto

Valentines has never been a favorite holiday of mine. Had nothing really to do with whether I was in a relationship or not, more that it stems from nothing really meaningful except to make money for all those who attempt to profit from it. But...I do like any excuse to go out to dinner, have some wine and eat chocolate and I always enjoy posting holiday themed images! Check out more of FlyFoto's Valentine Day Card's at his blog HERE:

Smokin: Miles A by Roderick Cumming

Whenever I have featured images in the past where the model is posed smoking, or even just holding a cigarette I have gotten comments or e-mails from someone who is bothered with the use of the vice within the imagery. In 2012 no one can really argue smoking is unhealthy, but there should not be an debate about it's use within photography. Composing an image is a creative process, one starting with an idea. When boundaries, on what can and cannot be used, are imposed editing is something something that starts to erode the integrity of an image before it is even taken.

A well done images says something. There is, and should never be, a rule on what that something is. Of course there have to be some boundaries within the shooting process, following the law or course, not harming anyone, physically or emotionally and not using the medium to spread hate. Smoking, much like cassette tapes, VCR's and eating Swanson TV Dinners on a tray in front of the television are a part of our history. Parts that, when used skillfully within imagery, help do what a great photograph should do, instantly take you somewhere.

From the age of about 22 through to a few years ago when I was dragged into my thirties I smoked. I quit about 4 years ago and don't miss one bit. Of course I wish I never smoked but I cannot deny the extreme pleasure that it was to light one up after a meal, sitting on the beach, cigarette in hand, camping and the campfires and freezing outside at work with my co-workers and of course the smoke filled haze of the many clubs and pubs I frequented.

When I first saw the images of model Miles A those beautifully unhealthy memories came flooding back. The memory connection aside, the use of smoke within photography is not just to create an emotional reaction, it also creates a strong visual one. Using any element, rain, wind or clouds within an image, is about ensuring it's relationship with the model, lighting and setting blend seamlessly and are not staged looking. Using any of these elements within a shoot requires not just skill but a high degree of patience as although you can try, usually you must wait for the smoke to give you what your looking for and not the other way around. Roderick says he is actually allergic to cigarette smoke, but...loves the sexiness, mysticism and mood created by smoke so has done several shoots with models and smoking, improving on technique each time.

Miles was born and raised in Elkhart, Indiana but as soon as he was able, quickly moved to the nearest city, Chicago. After finishing school he worked in the medical field for several years but eventually decided it wasn't for him. Now a personal trainer and massage therapist, Miles has been unable to put out the burning desire to model.

'I love my career, friends, life. Of course, I also love being in front of the camera, guess its the show off in me. Very comfortable with my body I take advantage of any excuse to take my clothes off.'

'It was great working with Roderick. Such a nice guy, professional and great with the camera. I think he caught the best shots when I really wasn't even trying. We plan on working together in the future.'
Miles A

'Miles and I worked together all last weekend and had a blast. He is an amazing guy and fabulous model. And we did some absolutely amazingly shots together!'

It is trait that streamlines through many of the artists I profile that travel is a big part of their lives. I think part of it must be the need to see beyond what is visualized daily in their familiar home surroundings. To not just create, but experience, visually new and exciting sites and locations. Photographer Roderick has ventured throughout almost every part of the globe, from the Canadian Arctic to the southern tips of New Zealand and Africa, from the beaches of Rio to the cobblestone alleys of Dubrovnik. When not capturing the wildlife, culture and history of far away places, Roderick channels his passions into portraiture, editorial work and model shoots in his Toronto studio.

While You Were Sleeping...

As I was not blogging the past couple of weeks, thought I would catch up on a few interesting television developments.

Thomas Howes

My obsession with Downton Abbey is a deep one and I could not possibly wait for the PBS airings any longer. Of course I picked up the Season 2 DVD's this week (having already spoiled the ending by watching the Christmas episode...over Christmas). I was disappointed the show chose to kill off my beloved William. I love me some Thomas Howes, and the short term emotional impact the characters death may have provided does not equal the long term benefits I think keeping the beautifully written and depicted character could have brought.

Grant Gustin

Grant Gustin's turn as Glee's Sebastian Smythe has been a highlight in an otherwise lack luster season. I know the Kurt/Blaine fans are all in a tizzy, but to me Gustin is far more interesting to watch than Kurt and Blaine's relationship. Hope to see more of him in future episodes. BTW Glee, your treatment of the character of Tina is on the brink of television role abuse....

Steve Jones

I has zero intention of watching next seasons X Factor. The first season was an over produced manipulative mess. I barely watch much of season 1 without a furiously pushing the >> button. I am disappointed the show decided to use Steve Jones as one of the many scapegoats for the mess it was. Jones was hot, likable and more than qualified to ringlead Cowell's circus. I predict unless the show fixed is actual problem (it's redundancy), with our without Jones it will remain a hot mess.

Vampire Diaries:

The Vampire Diaries isn't a show I watch on a weekly basis. Usually I await the DVD release and watch it all in a week or two. Entertainment Weekly's cover shoot has me awaiting anxiously the season 3 release...