Monday, May 10, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 10th

Given I am posting today about the great Thomas Synnamon (see below) I thought the pic of the day should be my favorite shot by Thomas. I love his work with dancer and model Kevin Wiltz and have featured their work together previously on FH.

Celebrity Apprentice

Putting my feelings about Donald Trump aside, I have been enjoying Celebrity Apprentice. Was sad to see Cyndi Lauper leave last night. She is a true artist and has been hilarious to watch. Loved her fighting for 'the gays' as she put it.

Editing is an interesting thing, Cyndi came across as lovable and sweet even at times she was far from it. Holly Robinson Peete however, came across as queen of the bitches, again, even when she was not. The rivalry between these two women has been a theme the producers certainly played up. Cyndi is quite honest in her feelings about it, I think Holly 'taking the high' road comes across as quite false. It was evident from the get go Holly was jealous of the attention Cyndi got. She went out of her way to belittle her and resented the fact that Cyndi's talent as a singer and artist were taken more seriously than her own.

This show and it's editing have made me love Cyndi and her passion even more. Despite what I said above, it also has given me respect for Peete, whom I never really knew before the show. I like Sharon Osbourne quite a bit less, and have gone from laughing at Bret Michaels and his tears to actually seeing him as a caring and talented artist. I think Curtis Stone has it locked up but we shall see. One thing the editing cannot do however is make Donald Trump look any less like a tool.

Just my thoughts. gives me an excuse to add a little Curtis Stone to FH.

Curtis in 'Surfing the Menu'

New From Dylan Rosser: Stefano

Dylan Rosser's newly designed website THE MALE FORM launched today! To celebrate Dylan bring us a new shoot with 30 year old Stefano from London. With over 100 models, The Male Form has a great new look with easier navigation to find the model your looking for. There are also more extra large images for many of the models.

'Sleepless' by Thomas Synnamon

From Thomas

Never has there been as pleasant a reason to stay awake at night as the new photo book by Thomas Synnamon.

For the past few months, Thomas has been searching for exceptionally beautiful men and doing whatever it takes to keep them awake--so that he can photograph them. The result is Sleepless, a magnificent collection of portraits, each one rendered in the intimate, signature style of this emerging, self-taught photographer from New York. As if peeping through a keyhole into a bedroom--a man’s most private space--Thomas captures the restless, midnight moments of men who are exhausted, yet wide awake. Some of these men seem to be waiting, perhaps for you; they return your gaze with haunted, seductive looks in their eyes, full of desire and expectation. Others are tangled in their sheets, so alluring that all you want to do is reach out and unwrap them.

Sleepless is Thomas’s first book, and he has approached its creation with the same objective that he sets for all his projects: to create something beautiful. Thomas challenges himself to resolve the tension between creativity and technique with imagination and boundless energy. His primary subjects are the male form, fitness, and fashion, expressed with an edge, and he enjoys experimenting with lighting to create drama. His passion for simple, yet bold photography has been inspired by such artists as Richard Avedon, Robert Mapplethorpe, Paolo Roversi, and Steven Klein. Sleepless shows that Thomas Synnamon belongs in the company of his idols.

Sleepless will keep you awake at night.
Published by Bruno Gmünder

If you search FH you will many posts showcasing the work of one of my favorite photographers Thomas Synnamon. One of the my favorite things in Synnamon's work is his blending of themes. Whether it be his leather and lace series (which hopefully will also be a book) to the theme for 'Sleepless'. The men in 'Sleepless' express equally both a strength and a beautiful venerability.

When your in bed alone and sleep eludes you, your mind usually tries to force you focus on your biggest worries, your biggest problems or your biggest fears. To counter this, one usually tries to turn your thought process to something else. In most cases it tries to focus on your desires, your fantasies. Sometimes you succeed and sleep follows, other times you fail and remain 'Sleepless'.

'Sleepless' is now available at Amazon.