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Favorite Pic of the Day for April 2nd

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Seasonal Sightings:

Hawkins High #12

Last year, I rushed to get caught up watching the forth season of Stranger Thing.  I'd not watched in awhile, and worried that if I didn't finish season 4, I wouldn't be caught up in time to watch season 5 when it aired.  I needn't of worried....  Like so many streaming shows, the delay between seasons has gotten ridiculous, and with the strikes last year, season 5 isn't set to return until 2025.

It's especially difficult for shows with the characters in school.  Actors can change quite a bit between the ages of 14 and 20.  I'm glad I did get caught up though, it gave me the opportunity to be introduced to some new talent, including Jamie Campbell Bower, who I profiled last year. (HERE:)  When I put together the piece on Jamie, I planned to follow it up with this piece, but my images of the hot #12 were put into a folder I only opened again last week.

Some of you might remember Hawkins High basketball player Jason Carver played by the talented Mason Dye. Jason was a big part of the early part of season 4, and seeing Dye in his Hawkins High uniform certainly left an impression on me.

Like some of you I'm sure, I was first introduced to Dye about ten years ago when he played Christopher in the Lifetime movie Flowers In The Attic.  Dye went on to appear in several Lifetime films including Stalkers Prey in 2017.  Along the way he made appearances in shows including; Major Crimes, Teen Wolf, Roommates and The Goldbergs.   It doesn't appear that Dye has worked since his time on Stranger Things, but hopefully we'll see him back on our screens again soon.

Mason Dye on Instagram

Dye with Broc Wiginton and Austin James

Flowers in the Attic (2014)

Stalker's Prey (2017)

Palm Royale: The Tennis Pro

'Maxine Simmons schemes to secure her seat at America's most exclusive table: Palm Beach high society circa 1969.'

I love everything Kristen Wiig does, from watching her old SNL work on  YouTube, and re-watching Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar, (especially the opening) when I need a laugh and an easy watch.  I'm also really enjoying Wiig in her new Apple TV+ show Palm Royale.  The show has been met with mixed reviews, and in part, for good reason.  There are some weak spots, especially the story, but the actors, and the world created make it more than worth it to this viewer. 

I love the shows visuals, especially the way the 1960's are shown.  I wasn't alive in the 60's, but saw enough of my parents pictures, and enough film and footage from the time, to get a feel for the time and culture.  I also love the cast.  In addition to Wiig, Allison Janney and Leslie Bibb, it's also great seeing Carol Burnett back on TV.  

The weak links to me, are the characters played by Josh Lucas and Laura Dern.  I understand both serve a story purpose, but were both given too much screen time.  I love both actors, but there characters drag down the both the fun, and the pace of the show. It's also great seeing Mindy Cohn and Julia Duffy back and in fine form.  I recently posted about re-watching episodes of both of their 80's sit-coms, and it's hard to fathom why both haven't been back regularly on television since.

I do struggle a little with the depiction of ever character of color so far.  Virginia, (Amber Chardae Robinson) seems 'thrown' in just to have a black character, and really could have been integrated more fully into the story.  Ricky Martin and Jason Canela are stand outs, and both look incredible. I understand that employment was limited for Hispanic men in the 1960's, but even so, it's cringy even looking back at both playing the 'help' at the exclusive Palm Beach club.

That being said, Martin's Robert and Canela's Eddie are two of the smartest characters in the story, using their best assets to further their careers and their bank accounts.  I've been a fan of Canela's since he first seduced Nikki Newman on The Young And The Restless.  The producers at the time brought in a Hispanic family starting with Canela's character.  

The Young & The Restless

I really liked Canela's character Arturo, but sadly audience reaction had them eventually all written off.  The lone exception was actress Shasha Callie, who once the only family member on the canvas, left to take on the role of Supergirl on the big screen.  The show did push them heavily, maybe if they were introduced more slowly, they may have lasted a little longer.

Palm Royale

As the club's tennis pro, we do get to see Canela's Eddie in his tennis shorts quite often, and in his undies and 1960's men swimming 'trunks'.  I was hoping we might actually see a bit more, maybe a little Canela caboose, but I'm not holding my breath.  Usually cable shows air nude scenes in the first episode or two to get a little on-line  promotion and get people watching, but we're four episodes in, so not hopeful they'll be any nudity.  Still, I'll settle for a little Canela in whatever he is, or isn't wearing.

Enjoying His Work: Archie by Male Beauty by bengie

'As you can see from his photos he is a very horny lad, and he loves showing it off!'

Usually, when someone really enjoys their work, you can see it on their face.  It's in their face, their eyes and their smile.  When it comes to modeling completely naked though, you can also detect a model's level of excitement and stimulation for their work by checking out another part of their body.

As FH viewers know, I don't post many erection shots. I make exceptions though, when I really love the images, and when the arousal, is an integral part of the story.  As you can beautifully see in many of of the images of this set, Archie's arousal was recurring and rousing part of his shoot with Male Beauty by bengie

Whenever a photographer sends on images which include erections, I'm always curious how erections came up.  Yes, I know how, I guess I'm curious why.  Were they discussed and planned ahead of the shoot, or was it just something that sprang up in the moment.  I've had several photographers share that many models are hard even before they take their clothes off.  I can understand this, stripping nude in front of someone you just met can be hot, and sometimes this stimulation builds up in the hours prior to a scheduled shoot.  By the time they're ready to take it off for the camera, they already revved up and ready to go.  

Depending on the photographer and the goals for the shoot, some photographers wait, or take breaks in order for a model to fluff,  and achieve either a semi or fully hard. Others photographers don't necessarily want a full set of images with an erect model.  On those occasions, they sometimes have to wait for a model to relax or release, before they can continue the shoot.

Neither of these options were needed when bengie shot Archie.  Although bengie never discusses erections before hand, or asks for, or expects them, bengie is more than fine if they happen to pop up during a shoot. Given that they've been working together for about 8 years now, bengie and Archie have gotten to know each other quite well.  Given this, bengie is more than aware of how horny the Gloucestershire model can get when posing nude. It makes sense then, that bengie would just goes with the blood flow, shooting Archie and his wood, in all his stages and levels of arousal. 

'Archie and I get on very well. He is a happy go lucky chap and our photo shoots are always fun to do, as you can see from his photos he is a very horny lad, and he loves showing it off, I'm looking forward to working with him again in the summer.'

After getting all hot and bothered shooting outside, bengie and Archie then went indoors in order for Archie to cool down and rinse off.  You can check out the images from the second part of the shoot on the NEXT PAGE HERE: