Saturday, May 18, 2019

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 19th

Justin by Hans Fahrmeyer
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Happy Birthday today May 19th

Happy 34th to Jon Kortajarena!

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Back Issues

Playgirl Presents
Soap Studs
Spring 1989 Vol 1 No 1

Michael Swan

I knew that Playgirl often featured Soap Hunks, but I wasn't aware until now, they devoted an entire issue to them.  Check out highlights from the issue, and more of Playgirls Soap Hunk Pictorials on

Jeff O'Haco

Checking In: Tyler Berta by PhotoRSH

I've never watched Paradise Hotel, but after seeing an image of the ultra hot Tyler Berta, I decided to check out his arrival at the hotel on Youtube. (below)  Tyler had me checking out the pilot and he didn't disappoint.

Tyler (on shoulders on right)

I haven't watched any additional episodes, but I noticed it's on My Demand, so Tyler may have me checking back in.  I usually don't like reality shows based on romance and relationships, but there was something rather addictive about the first episode that has me curious to who'll be with who as the series progresses.

Tyler by PhotoRSH

When I started looking for shots of Tyler for this piece, I noticed a few modeling shots on his Instagram.  My favorites, were all from photographer PhotoRSH.  I had noticed the Illinois based photographers work awhile ago, and already been in contact about his work and a possible future feature on the site.

When I saw that he had worked with Tyler, I immediately shot him a line and RSH generously sent on a selection of shots from the work together.  Now, if you haven't yet checked out the show, I'm sure RSH's visuals will be having you want to make a reservation. 

Tyler Berta on Instagram 

PhotoRSH on Instagram
PhotoRSH on  ModelMayhem

Exemplum Perfectus: Justin by Hans Fahrmeyer

'Hans Fahrmeyer's images are bold, colorful and unabashedly sensual. The intent is to evoke desire, and the intention is there in the eyes of each model within every image.'

Since first featuring the work of New York based artist Hans Fahrmeyer back in 2009, FH has presented close to 100 different stories, and hundreds of models and shoots for the Sundays With Hans series..  Within those various features, I've tried many different ways, to put into words the erotic intensity I both see and feel within Hans' work.

'The energy is palatable and through his use of vibrant colors, uniquely body poses and positions, as well as his creative editing, Hans channels the energy into images drenched in both intensity and urgency.'

I don't think there's a more perfect example of what I love so much about Hans' work than this series with Justin.  Everything that I look for and love in Hans's images is illustrated in this shoot.  Energy and movement, dynamic colors, backgrounds and poses, erotic intensity, great lines, shapes, dance and boundary pushing and eye catching visuals.

Hans took full artistic advantage of Justin's sultry glare, great face, and sensual curves.  He also magnificently captured not only Justin's physical beauty, but his physical talents and abilities with dazzling and creative shots of Justin flying through the air.  Hans also captured some uniquely stunning and sexually charged angles and poses.  The perfect shoot, to illustrate what is so special, and why I'm so passionate about his work.