Thursday, September 17, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 18th

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Checking the Rim

Erotogenic Familiarity

Check out my FaVorite shots of this sensually mysterious but familiar model on the 

Besotted: Emmett J Scanlan

Anyone who checked out the blog last weekend, read about my infatuation with Connell from Normal People.  Actor Paul Mescal created a character I wanted to spend more time with, and was sad when I finished watching the final episode.  I decided to check out Paul's IMDB page to see if there might be another project I could dive into.  Up until Normal People, Paul had mostly appeared on stage, but there was another show, also released in 2020, that intrigued me.

Paul doesn't have a very big part in The Deceived, it's almost not big enough to even qualify as supporting.  His character Sean is however, key to the plot and story.  Although the four part series didn't really satisfy my desire for more Connell, it did satisfy my love of Ireland.  There were more Irish accents, Irish small towns, and beautiful scenic bodies of water.  It also introduced me to another Irish actor, this time actor Emmett J Scanlan.

Some of you may know Scanlan from his role on Hollyoaks.  I've always wanted to try out the soap drama, but never knew really where to find it.  So often when I've researched and written about European actors, so many have appeared on Hollyoaks, or another of the UK based teen based soaps.


Scanlan is the sexy lead in The Deceived, but unlike Normal People, romance isn't at the show's core.  There is a romance, but loving Scanlan's Professor Callaghan, doesn't seem to usually end to well...  The Deceived is a sort of a Gothic mystery, set in a possibly haunted house in a small town in Ireland.  There's creeks, ghost sightings and bumps in the night.  Scanlan is the stand out in the cast, playing the sexy villain, you're drawn to, even though you know it's a huge mistake.

The four episode series wasn't hard to find with a bit of looking, and the first three episodes were especially entertaining.  Like so many mysteries, this one fall a part a bit in the final instalment.  In party, it seems a bit rushed.  The first three episodes set up the climax, which really needed another two or three episodes to fully develop, regardless, it was a quick watch, and I loved meeting Scanlan, and the manipulatively horny professor that he plays.

I of course went on the hunt to see if Scanlan had done any nude scenes.  Although he's done quite a few sexy photo shoots, (the image below being one of my favorites...) he doesn't appear to have taken it all off for the camera, not since finding success on Hollyoaks.  He did however, drop trou in an early project before making it big.   Back in 2009, Scanlan took on a role, but one who's credit really said it all.  In Savage, the young actor was credited only as Gym Changing Room Guy #1, as as you can see from the clip below, it aptly fit.

Savage (2009)

Risk Management: Tehranboy

'There is no community for photography of the nude male form.I’m actually doing this as an under cover work mostly for foreign viewers at this time.'

Regular FH readers know that I have a pattern, one I frequently follow when piecing together a model's story. The patter begins with a face shot. Usually a clothed portrait shot to introduce the model to viewers.  I do this, as my hope is to introduce the model as a man, a human being and more than the just the beautiful body in the images that will follow.  This images is usually considered quite safe, an image, unlike some of the nudes, the model could share anywhere, on social media, or with friends and family

In the case of Tehranboy, that face shot actually holds the most risk.  Although the 22 year old has been passionate about model his entire life, it's not something supported or condoned in his home in the province of Tehran.  Even with the potential dangers of publicly sharing his nude images, Terhranboy was determined.  He considers himself a bit of an exhibitionist, and loved modelling naked so much, he didn't want to see or deal with obstacles.  In order to follow his passion, Terhranboy didn't  didn't fight them as much as ignore them.

'It's a kinda secret work I do. Only some close friends know about it. Nudity is not accepted in my community for sure. All nude works are secret works and with limited viewers. Female nudity is more common here because most of photographers find male nude works as homosexual activities. They prefer to do what they like.'

 Except for with one close friend, to date, Terharnboy's only been naked in places where where he can't be seen.  He dreams however, to be naked in more public places with more people around to enjoy the thrill of being seen.  Because of the risk issues, Terhanboy has taken most of his images himself.  He did try, but wasn't able to find a photographer.

I did a quick search on Model Mayhem for nude male models (18-30) in Tehran, and of photographer who shoot the nude male form. I was able to find on one or two photographers who shot men, and only one male model, Tehranboy.  There are so many photographer's he'd like to work with one day, but until then, he'll continue to push his creative and erotic boundaries through his self-shots.

When I first came upon Tehranboy's images, I wasn't aware of his location, or his story.  I was struck by the quiet beauty he both captured, and expressed within his imagery.  FH viewers know how much I love windows within photography, especially imagining what's on the other side.  What the model see's looking out, and whether anyone's looking back in.  These questions were especially intriguing with Tehranboy.

When I asked Tehranboy if he had additional shots he wanted me to include, he sent on a series of shots, most featuring erections.  I don't often use erection shots on the site, mainly because I find so few I actually like.  With Tehranboy, the images took on a different meaning, and the quiet beauty I referenced was even more powerful within this series of images.

Regardless of how much we try, it's still so easy to take for granted, the freedoms we have.  In much of the world, male nudity has become far more acceptable that it even was a decade or two ago.  Sure, there are some risks, mostly with jobs, but they pale in comparison with what some models experience.  I'm grateful to Tehranboy for taking another risk with FH.  I'm hoping when the pandemic eventually subsides, Tehranboy might connect with some photographers travelling to Iran, or travel himself to experience working with another artist, and has the opportunity to get naked, in a busy, crowed location.