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Favorite Pic of the Day for April 16th

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Super Bloom

FaVorite FiVe: William Goodge

I first noticed model William Goodge on DNA's website awhile, and knew I wanted to spend a few minutes searching for my favorite five.  The 24 year old British model and Professional rugby player has an incredible body, a stunning face and piercingly sexy blue gray eyes.

William by Arron Dunworth

William Goodge on Instagram

William by Rick Day

William by Taylor Miller Photo

William by William Callan

William by Arnaldo Anaya-Lucca

William by Paul Reitz 

Mark Mikulski in Stuck On You (1982)

'A couple with marriage problems goes to Family Court, where a judge takes them back in time to view lovers through the ages.'

Last fall, when searching for images on a Horror Hunks piece featuring Marc Price in Trick or Treat (HERE:) I came upon an image for the 1982 movie Stuck On You.  I had never heard of the film before, not it's star Mark Mikulski.  The image of the movie's poster came up as much like Marc with c's embarrassment scene in Trick or Treat, Mark with k is also shoved out a door naked in Stuck on You.

Other than his role in this movie, I couldn't find out much (anything really) about actor Mark Mikulski . His IMDB only has two other credits, the unnamed role of cop at wrecked diner in 1984's C.H.U.D and the role as unnamed guard in a 1986 episode of The Equalizer.  Always interesting to think about what the actor is doing these days and what factors played into his short Hollywood career.

He does have great hair, and pretty hot and firm backside!

The Russian River: Woody by Joe Mazza

'Woody is one of the most free spirited upbeat men I’ve ever met. We found each other at the Russian River and decided to do a nature shoot on our day off. Any day spent with Woody in front of your camera is a great day!'

Last week,  one of my FH Flashback's was the April 11th, 2013 piece Under Roo.  Checking out the piece again, reminded me how much I loved the work of  San Francisco photographer Joe Mazza.  I found myself immediately heading back to Joe's portfolio.  Joe has always been generous about sharing his work, so when I asked him about another feature, and a couple of his most recent shoots that I loved, he welcomed my choosing my favorites.

There were several recent shoots I wanted to feature, (all on Joe's new site The Male Image) but it didn't take long to decide it was Joe's work with Woody Fox, that I wanted to start with.  Many FH readers may remember seeing my previous piece featuring Woody's work with Ryan Scott. (Hung)  In that piece, Woody was hanging naked, high in the air on ropes near the ceiling of a majestic old beautiful barn.

In addition to the incredible shots, the second reason I why I wanted to feature this particular shoot now, was location.  For the last five or six months, given the snow, the polar vortex and the windy winter we just came through, most of FH's features were studio shoot.  Although I love studio shoots, I, like so many, was anxious to get outside.  I'd also never heard of Northern California's Russian River and looked forward to exploring more... especially with Joe's images of Woody as our guide.

The river was originally known among the Southern Pomo as Ashokawna,  east water place or water to the east. Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo and his expedition may have made it as far north as the Russian River in November 1542, before storms forced them to turn back south towards Monterey. The river takes its current name from Russian Ivan Kuskov of the Russian-American Company, who explored the river in the early 19th century and established the Fort Ross colony 10 miles northwest of its mouth. The redwoods that lined its banks drew loggers to the river in the late 19th century.

Although for this shoot Woody's not hanging from a barn roof, Joe ensured Woody's acrobatic skills were still put to good use. Joe describes Woody and an amazing performer, and if you're ever in Las Vegas.  Joe shares that Woody exudes enthusiasm an fun and that his personality, his Australian accent, and his genuine interest in others, can literally charm the pants off you!

'Woody is an unstoppable force of nature. One of the sweetest guys with one of biggest personalities I’ve ever met. Originally from Australia, Woody is one of those free spirits who’s traveled the world open to new people and new experiences. While he loves modeling, his first love is Arial Acrobatic’s and is currently living and working in Las Vegas as an aerial performer.'

'When I work with a model for the first time, I like to get a sense of who they are, what they can bring to the shoot that’s unique and interesting and then craft a shoot or a story that would showcase what’s special about them; It wasn’t hard to find that with Woody. We discovered this location earlier in the week and made a plan to come back when the light was perfect.'

From the moment we got there, the shoot was one of the those rare experiences of pure joy, creative chemistry and fun. He’s a big kid, always playing with poses, acrobatic moves and often times I would watch what he was doing and just placed him in the right spot, composed and framed him and let him do his thing. When the shoot was over we both felt creatively excited about it and new we had something fun and unique. Ultimately, these images were published in DNA magazine, which was a childhood dream of his; which made me really happy!

Joe Mazza on FH: