Monday, February 17, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 18th

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Martin by Bodytorium

Martin by Bodytorium

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Boots and All

Although I've featured actor Ross Lynch wearing far less, (HERE:) I think he looks exceptionally hot, even fully dressed, in this shot. I especially love the boots!

Surprise Nudity: Drive, He Said

'The Disenchantment of an All-American Jock.'

Charles Robinson

Anyone who grew up watching, or just loves 80's television, has undoubtedly seen episodes of  Night Court (1984-1992) and Hill Street Blues (1981-1987).   Although I don't think I've seen even one episode of  the police drama, I've certainly seen repeats of the sit-com Night Court.

Michael Warren

I was shocked recently, to see an image featuring two stars from the shows in a nude scene from the 70's.  The two actors were Charles Robinson, (Night Court) and Michael Warren. (Hill Street Blues) The movie, 1971's Drive, He Said, a basketball movie from director actor, and basketball lover, Jack Nicholson.  Although Nicholson is known for his passion for the game, he's not as well known for his work as a director.    The Oscar winning actor's only directed three films, Drive, He Said making his directorial feature film debut.

Hill Street Blues (l) and Night Court (r)

It was a little shocking to see Hill Street Blues Bobby Hill and especially Night Court's Mac, and Mr. Munson from Mom, letting it all hang.  Although Warren had a few TV credits under his belt, Drive, He Said marked his first feature film, and the first professional credit for Robinson.

Director at work

Fantasy Fulfillment: Greg_DC by MW Photo MD

'My modeling is primarily for fun.... and fulfilling a fantasy that I had for a longtime.'

It's always impressive when anyone shakes up their routine and tries something new.  It's particularly notable when it's something risky. Most of us, as we slide out of our twenties, thirties and fortes, are more likely to stop doing certain things rather than actually expanding activity repertoire. Work, relationships and life in general tends to pressure us into routines.  These routines can sometimes go on for decades without us actually realizing the hamster wheel were's spinning in.

Greg_DC had enough of going round in circles, he wanted to change up, and spice up, both his life and routine.   Sitting in front of a computer for a eight hours a day for his day job, also had Greg looking for a creative outlet. Now in his early sixties, five years ago he decided it was time to add as an extra-curriculum activity into his life. 

Given now youth focused the modeling industry was, Greg knew he had an up hill battle, but is passionate about showing the world that men over fifty can still create provocative and erotic images and are still in high demand. Greg didn't have any hang-ups about getting naked, he'd done naked yoga and belonged to a naked men's social club in his town. He'd had shot his fair share of naked selfies, and wasn't shy about sharing them and sending them to friends.  It was those friends who encouraged Greg to put together a portfolio and and give nude modeling a try.

Getting started was a little daunting.  Greg wondered if he'd find photographers willing to take a chance on a new and inexperienced model.  A little googling and setting up his page on Model Mayhem quickly let to connections with may photographers exited to collaborate.  One of those photographers was Mark from MW Photo MD. 

Mark describes Greg as a great model to work with and was thrilled with the results of their shoot together.  When Greg first reached out, Mark noticed that he had worked with some of his favorite photographers and was impressed with his portfolio.  One of the things I loved so much about the shots sent on was how much fun Greg seemed to be having.  So much fun... it was hard to find images to share in which Greg wasn't showing off just how excited he was...

'Mark and I got along immediately. We arrived at the same time to the studio and we were ready to shoot immediately.  I was impressed with the TV / photographer’s studio that he rented out our photoshoot in Downtown Washington DC. It used to be a 19th Century carriage house converted to studio with very high ceilings and lights. It has been used by 60 Minutes to shoot interviews on Capitol Hill.'

All in a Days Work:

'A photographer was pissed off that my underwear and swimwear was not ironed.  He pulled out an ironing board and then ironed them before we began.

I worked with a very well regarded photographer who asked me shave all my body hair off. Ultimately, I told him “NO” since this was my best asset that I possess personally. However, I did comprised and agreed to get my back and ass waxed, and I did trim my pubic areas. 

On the day of the photo shot, The photographer began the session by asking me strip down. He proceeded to look at every body part of my body from head to toe without saying a word. It was the longest 3 or 4 minutes. I felt like I was a cattle or horse at an auction. After he was done looking, he smiled and asked me to put my clothes back on so we could started...

A very successful commercial photographer asked me if I was interested in fucking his husband while he shoot us. It sounded like too much potential drama for me; so I did not pursue it further.'

'It's been rewarding to have all types of guys,from bodybuilders and regular guys, complimenting me saying that I motivate them to workout at the gym and keep a fit and healthy lifestyle. This is great feeling especially since I turned 61 in December.'