Saturday, October 23, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for October23rd

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Seasonal Sightings:

A Return Trip To Camp Crystal Lake

Every October FH returns to the woods, to the abandon houses and to the slaughter house for a month of Horror Hunks.  As you see from these image, for his Halloween themed shoot this year, Tom from TR Pics decided on a return trip to Camp Crystal Lake. 

Joined by the beautiful and bloody Eduin Baa and Edgardo Portillo, Tom's Friday the 13th themed images are the perfect introduction to this years edition of the History of Horror Hunks.  Check out the entire line-up of horrific, hot and naked Horror Hunks from the last decade on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Horror Hunks: Tim Conlon in Prom Night III: The Last Kiss

'The malevolent spirit of Mary Lou Maloney returns to Hamilton High, where she manipulates a naive male student into helping her wreak havoc on the school.'

I still remember the night I first watched 1990's Prom Night III: The Last Kiss.  I was a friends house and a group of us were watching horror movies that we'd rented.  Even though I must have been about 16 or 17 I still had an 11pm curfew and had to leave mid-way through movie.  

I did stay long enough to see actor Tom Conlon's butt scene, and long enough to get freaked out on my walk home.  The movie wasn't really that scary, but when I was a teenager, horror movies used to get in my head, both good ones and bad.  The walk home was not really that bad when I was lit by streetlights, but there was about a 12 minute trek on  road without any houses, and without many streetlights.

The only thing on either side of me were tree's and the woods.  I started out walking slowly, praying for cars to pass by.  I ended up sprinting the last few minutes, arriving home breathless, but triumphant that I'd survived the non-existent killers and monsters only real in my head.

Now if you've seen Prom Night III, you may or may not have had the pleasure of Conlon's brief butt baring, and a quick flash of balls.  This is because almost every release of the film except the first ones, have it edited out. It's didn't disappear due to framing or aspect ratio, it was clearly removed.  The question is why????

Conlon continues to be a busy working actor, but I don't think he's famous enough to demand a butt scene removed from a films release.  Although as stated, there is a hint of balls, it's again hard to believe that's the reason.  I'm guessing it may have to do with the films rating.  The butt may have given it an R or a PG13, but without the scene, maybe it was just PG rated.  This might mean more rentals from kiddies, especially around Halloween.

Regardless of the reason it still seams silly.  The scene is actually a good plot point, and without the nudity, the cuts and edits take away it's meaning.  Thanks to who else, xyzpdq from Scenes of Male Skin, I knew clips of the scene existed, so after a little hunting found a decent copy.  If you're looking to watch, it took checking out almost half a dozen versions to finally find it. 

Check out a bonus 'Horror Hunk', by checking out the male nudity in Prom Night IV on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Rmark Photography: Young Man, What Do You Want To Be?

'Young man, you can make real your dreams.'

At Halloween, many follow the motto, 'Come as you aren't'.  For many us though, especially those going out trick-or-treating decades in the past, it was often a time to 'Come as you are.'. Not the who you pretended to be, but the who you really were inside.  Most of my trick-or-treating took place in the eighties, and I generally stuck to traditional costumes for little boys. I wasn't quite brave enough to full on camp or in drag.  I did however, find ways to incorporate pieces of myself that I usually kept hidden.

Village People, Playgirl 1979

It was time I didn't have to sneak to try on my mother's make-up and I always found a reason my costume needed my mother's long wig.  I loved that long hair and it didn't matter whether I was a devil, a monster or a ghost, my characters all required luxurious and flowing long hair.


I think that motto of coming as you are, who you really are is one of the reasons the Village People became so iconic.  Sure, they had some really catchy pop and dance hits, but their icon status comes just as much from the characters that made up the group.  When they burst on the scene in the late 70's, there weren't many out and successful pop-stars or celebrities. The Village People weren't officially out in the seventies either, but their message wasn't exactly subtle either.

Although the man in leather may have been a gay stereotype, the cop, the American Indian, the G.I and the construction worker represented many of the typical symbols of masculinity.  Although the group didn't initially acknowledge it, and not everyone necessarily could see it, the messages were still indeed there. Gay men are all around you, you see them, you know them.  They're in the navy, at the Y.M.C.A and many of them are very much macho, macho men.

'Every man wants to be a macho man 
To have the kind of body always in demand'
Macho Man


From the moment they burst on to the scene through today, every Halloween, there are many groups of friends who take on those characters in both costume and in spirit. This is one of the reasons Roger from Rmark Photography chose the group as his Halloween them this year. 

'Anthony  and Shane have been open to trying different clothing in trying to project various personas.    Sensuality comes in many forms.   Exploring those forms can be freeing.'

I think that exploration of sensuality that Roger referenced is why so many people love Halloween.  It's really a time to explore without the same limitations or risks so many people feel the rest of the year.  I love Roger's theme this year, and I love the way he captured the music groups iconic characters.  One of Roger's signature shots is the side view and it's one of my favorite poses.  I love the lines and curves of the male form that Roger captures.  I know many want the full frontal but those side curves are both visually impactful, and to me, much more erotic.