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Favorite Pic of the Day for May 20th

Francisco by Studio1x
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Happy Birthday today May 20th

Happy 57th to actor Paolo Seganti!

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Ho sposato un calciatore (2005)

Married/Unmarried (2001)

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Favorite Face of the Day: Morgan Spector

'I may be a bastard, Mr. Thorburn, but you are a fool -- and of the two, I think I know which I prefer.'
George Russell

My love of Downton Abbey, and creator and writer Julian Fellowes, wasn't enough to have me rushing to watch HBO's The Gilded Age when it premiered earlier this year.  There was something about the promotional clips that I saw that had me thinking I wouldn't enjoy it.  I was wrong....

I finally started it last weekend, and finished the first seasons 9 episodes this past Sunday night.  Although the overuse of green screen was annoying, overall I loved diving into the period drama.  The entire cast was spectacular, especially the scene stealing Carrie Coon.  If there was one weak link, it was actress Louisa Jacobson.  Marian is the character who brings us into the story, and although Jacobson is likable and engaging, she fades in certain scenes with some of her powerhouse co-stars.

There are a lot of hot men in the cast, including the incredibly sexy Mr. Russell.  Actor Morgan Spector matches his television wife in every scene and I love the relationship and energy they brought to life.  Even with those black suits and that sexy beard, Spector's sex appeal could not be diminished. 

Spector has done quite a bit of on-screen nudity, and removes pretty much everything, including his sexy beard.  Check out one of his most revealing roles on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Fit & Trimmed: Francisco by Studio1x

' Francisco was such a spit ball of energy, I could have kept shooting all day and night.!

FH viewers know that I love featuring firsts.  I've spotlighted several favorite photographer's and their first time shooting a model fully nude.  I've also featured many model's in front of the camera for their first professional shoot,  and often, their first time taking it all off for their first nude shoot. Now, regular readers of the site know Jim from Studio1x.  This certainly wasn't his first time shooting a hot male model in the buff.  His shoot with Francisco however, did provide a couple of fun and interesting firsts for both model and photographer...

Francisco had never modeled before, let alone fully naked before first connecting with Jim.  Francisco knew of Jim from his roommate Zack, who had previously modeled for Jim.  Francisco loved the work he'd seen of Zack's time with Jim, so decided to get in touch about giving modeling a try.  This was during the height of Covid however, so they decided to set up a virtual shoot to see how things went, and how comfortable Francisco was being nude in front of the camera.

'When I first saw Francisco, I knew I wanted to work with him. I loved his physique . Small frame but very muscular and his dark hair and eyes. He was a wrestler so had a great athletic build.'

Things went well, and both agreed that a future shoot, this time in person, would be planned with it was safer to get to get together face to face.  A few months later, Zack and Francisco got in touch with Jim about doing a beach shoot with each of them, as well as Zack's girlfriend.  Given it would be a good 5 hour drive for Jim to get to the beach, he decided to book a hotel room and shoot over two days.  Day one, individual shoots in the hotel and day two spent shooting on the beach.

On the first day, Zack and his girlfriend arrived at the hotel in the morning and Jim began with a quick shoot with Zack. Francisco didn't have a car, so after Zack and his girlfriend left, He headed over to Francisco's place to pick him up and then head back to the hotel. Francisco  had never modeled before the virtual shoot they had done a few months earlier and was eager to have the full experience and capture as many different looks, locations and styles as possible.

Jim describes Francisco was very open minded and willing to try many different things. Like most of his shoots, they began with clothed shots ten to partially nude to then nude in each of the settings. So those firsts... As a wrestler, Francisco certainly been naked in the locker-room before, he hadn't however, been fully erect for hours on end in front of another man.  The nerves, and the nervous laughter, disappeared quickly, and Francisco was soon comfortable trying out different looks and poses.  There was one thing he wanted to do however, that was a first for Jim....

'I think the funniest part of the shoot was how hairy he was from the waist down. Francisco decided he needed to shave his ass some and he asked me if I could do that for him. It was the first time he had been naked in front of a guy outside of the locker-room and here he is asking me to trim his ass. :)  We only had my electric shaver so I did the best I could trimming him up,   It worked out, as I didn't want to remove too much as I love models to keep their natural body hair when possible.'

'We spent the whole afternoon and evening shooting and having a great time doing so. It was probably around midnight before I got him back to his house. My main goal with any shoot is to make them as comfortable as possible so we get great shots, with true body movement and facial expressions.'

I'm promise to feature Jim and Francisco's work at the beach down the road.  In the meantime however, you can check out Francisco's steamy, and arousing shower, on the NEXT PAGE HERE: