Sunday, January 15, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 15th

Chad Glenn by Carl Proctor
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Happy Birthday today January 15th

I think I featured Sean Lamont's birthday each January 15th the past five years and it NEVER gets old! Happy 31st Sean!

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Just Because: Heather Locklear

Except for a childhood crush on John James chest I never really watched much Dynasty but I have always loved me a little Heather Locklear. Locklear dominated television screens for pretty much the last three decades on Dynasty, TJ Hooker, Melrose Place and Spin City. Funny I feel like I have watched Locklear ever since I can remember watching TV but none of these shows actually appealed to me, speaks I guess to her actual appeal. Sadly, Locklear has appeared to have lost a bit of her mojo. Stuck in mostly Lifetime moves the last little while, a recent broken engagement and last weekends emergency room scare Locklear appears to be having a late in life Lohan. Here's hoping Locklear can pull it together, lay off the botox and slide on her stilettos again soon! No one sashays across a room, or a television screen. better!

Kudos to Daniel Radcliffe

I am not sure the writing of this weeks SNL was really that much better than last weeks but...Daniel Radcliffe proves when you have a host with some talent it makes all the difference in the world.

Caps below by Superherofan

It is a little surprising given it's years on the air, Lorne Michaels and SNL have seemingly not learned from past mistakes. Last weeks Charles Barkley episode was painfully bad. Between the writing and Barkley's tortured cue card reading, it was like watching a bad grade school dress rehearsal. (thank goodness for DVR's and the >> button) It is not that having an athlete or politician as host is so bad. But...what SNL continues to fail at is choosing to write for them instead of the better choice of writing around them. It was obvious they tried to bring out something in Barkley (and he is not without appeal). Instead, when there is a week with a Barkley, there should be Stefon, Wiig's best and brightest, and the characters the audience loves to see.

What Radcliffe was able to do so well (besides showing his beautiful chest), was to use his considerable acting and stage skills to showcase his personality, even when the sketches could not. I think most of last nights concepts were winning, but sadly they all went on a few minutes too long. We shall we what Channing Tatum does (hopefully he will rip off his shirt as well) when he takes on the host role in February.

Selection: Chad Glenn by Carl Proctor

It was back in 2009 when profiling model and dancer Mark MacKillop that I first discovered the imagery of Atlanta's photographer Carl Proctor. Carl has been both generous and supportive, sharing his work and stories on a regular basis with myself and the readers of FH.

It is always a pleasure to assemble a post featuring Carl's work and his work with model Chad Glenn was no exception. I think two of the factors that make featuring Carl's images so stimulating and interesting is the variety of selections within his model portfolios. Carl skillfully blends the erotic with the artistic and ensures the models he shoots end up with a selection of shots from classic, dramatic portraits through fashion, fetish and incredible nudes.

In the case of personal trainer and image consultant Chad Glenn, choosing shots was a difficult pleasure. Not only were there literally hundreds of shots to go through, there were dozens of different set ups, looks and moods to choose from. I tried to pick a variety of my favorites to showcase the variety of incredible images Carl creates within his shoots.

Working as a personal trainer keeps Miami Beach's Chad Glenn 'shoot ready' at all times. Chad's 'shoot ready' body has appeared among other place, in Exercise For Men, Playgirl and his work with Dylan Rosser was featured in Dylan's RED.

Check out more of Chad on ModelMayhem

'It’s always exciting when you’ve been an avid fan of someone for years, and then finally get to meet them, not to mention photograph them. But it’s even more rewarding if the results are special and it turns out that the model is a terrific person as well. His work as a busy fitness trainer and image consultant are reflected in his photos. I think his body fat was minus 20! He was one of the hardest working models I’ve worked with and takes his modeling and appearance very seriously.'
Carl Proctor

You can check out much more of Chad at Carl's site HERE:

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