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Favorite Pic of the Day for January 28th

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Happy Birthday today January 28th

Happy 31st to model Diego Barrueco!

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Seasonal Sightings

ACTORS & Skin: Kevin Spirtas

'I think actors are mostly exhibitionists on some levels anyway. But I’m not doing anything gratuitous.' Kevin Spirtas

Days of our Lives

I'm not currently watching Days Of Our Lives, but I was intrigued when recently reading a story about actor Kevin Spirtas and his return to the role of Craig Wesley.   The story seems to be heading towards a possibly controversial twist, but one the talented actor I'm sure will rise to.  Spirtas has made his mark in almost all area's of the business from soap operas, prime-time, feature films and on stage. 

In addition to his role on Days, Spirtas has also appeared on several other soaps including Rituals, Valley of the Dolls and One Life to Live.  He's also appeared in prime-time including roles in The Facts of Life, Quantum Leap, Married.. With Children and Friends.  Spirtas has also made his mark on the big screen with roles in Apt Pupil, The Hills Have Eyes; Part II and most notably as Nick (credited as Kevin Blair) in Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood

It's also impressive that Spirtas has been able to seamlessly flow between playing both straight and gay roles on stage, on television and in films. Spirtas understudied for Hugh Jackman in the Peter Allen on Broadway for The Boy From Oz. I first noticed the hot young actor as Guy in the 1996 gay themed film Green Plaid Shirt.  I think this film included one of the actors on screen nude scenes.  He also shared his beautiful bod in a series of straight roles in several  softcore flicks throughout the 1990's. 

Spirtas took it all off on stage including his turn in the 2009 production of Loaded.  The quote below is from an interview about his role in the show.

'At first I thought, “I’ve got to stop eating sugar,” but that didn’t help [laughs]. I took on the script because of what it had to say. And I thought what it had to say was more important than the action or activity of clothes versus no clothes. I was actually supposed to start off [at the beginning of the show] in a jock strap. Which I thought was kind of odd since the play opens and we’ve just had sex. '

'Why would I have put a jock strap on to be lying there in bed? If we’re going to be here in a real time, in a real situation, then I would just assume or prefer to be nude to get up and get dressed like you would do naturally.  As you can see in the show, we have great “sheetography." Sometimes the sheet pulls away and you see a little bit more. But I’m focused on what I’m saying to Jude. The nudity doesn’t bother me.' 

Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood (1988)

Now that you've learned a little about the actor, check out the SKIN on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Loaded (2009)

One Live To Live

A recent shot from Kevin's Instagram

Background Check ✔️: Angelspins by The Male Image

'I was immediately struck by his presence on camera.'

I always love when artists and models that I both love and have previously featured, come together to create.  I was first introduced to San Francisco based Angelspins almost four years ago through his work with photographer NICKET. (Capturing Angels) I've since featured Angel's work with a number of my favorite photographers including Mike Tossy (HERE:) and StudioMGPhotograpy. (HERE:

My collaborations with photographer Joe Mazza, (The Male Image) go back even further, starting in 2013 with his work with model Randall O'Reilly. (An Ordinary Day) One of the things that first struck me about Joe's work was how beautifully he utilized background and location. Whether it was that kitchen with Randall, the bathtub with Austin, or the river with Woody Fox, the locations Joe utilizes are more than just backgrounds, but incorporated into the story.

Models don't merge into the background in Joe's shoots, they feed off their energy, stimulating energy and inspiring movement and pose.  Last month, I featured some of Joe's work with model Theo Greece. (HERE:)  I think the location they used was one of my favorites.  I loved the Penthouse where they shot, especially the huge windows which surrounded the space. 

When I saw Theo splayed on the floor with the sun beating in over his bare skin, it reminded me of the unique my cat used to lie in front of a sun glistened window.  Anyone who has had a cat knows they lie everywhere and anywhere they want. There is no place however they prefer more, than in front of a window with the heat from the sun beating in.  Their movement and stretches confirm their love of the space, and are exclusive to that one area and their moments in the sun.

Those images of Theo inspired me to reach out to Joe about another feature. I was thrilled when he suggested featuring Angel, especially since he shot Angel in front of the same Penthouse windows.  Like Theo, both Angel's body and soul responded to the sunlit windows.  Angel's poses and stretches appeared to be  erotically charged responses to the heat and light cascading over his skin.

Joe and Angel connected through social media and Joe shares that he was immediately struck by Angel's presence on camera. Once they established communication, both were eager to get together and create some art.  Angel says that Joe had a good idea of what he wanted and the direction of the shoot which made it easy for him to relax and enjoy just being in the moment.

'I love working with models who have a dance background - they bring a grace and awareness of their body that is pure instinct and it showed in our shots. Angel was truly wonderful to work with - very open to direction but also not shy about bringing his own ideas into our shots.'

As you can, Joe and Angel made use of all of the penthouse not just the view in front of, and  those living groom huge windows.  One of the ideas that Angel suggested was including a custom made cowboy outfit that he had just recently received.  You can check out some of the shots of Angel in his red leather chaps on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

'Joe was so wonderful to work with and I hope we get to do it again soon. '

'My friends Penthouse in San Francisco is a location I've come to love.  It's also is FULL of natural light. Big windows that look out on a busy street. Most of the time I shoot here we end up with a few spectators. They weren’t disappointed with Angel! :)'