Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 30th

Had to post one my favorite pics from Thomas Synnamon today. I believe the model is Angelo. Great profile of Thomas at one of the webs best blogs, Beautiful. Be sure to check it out HERE:

Happy Birthday Today September 30th to:

Happy Birthday today September 30th to:

One of my favorite actors, Eric Stoltz turns 48 today. Such a great talent! Check out a more detailed post on Eric from last year HERE:

Can't forget to wish Greg Brady, Barry Williams a happy 55th!

Favorite Hunk of the Day: Travis Kraft

Travis Kraft redefines the word hard working. Some of you may have seen Travis through his modeling work (including a Harper's Bazaar editorial with Lindsay Lohan last year). Although successful as a model, the number one goal has always been acting for Travis. It was his dream to move to Hollywood from North Dakota that drove Travis through his school years. It was athletics however that brought Travis early success and led to Travis representing the USA at Mr. World in 2007.

After graduating from EMU, armed with a B.S. in Telecommunications and Film, Travis took the big step to moving to L.A. Since arriving in Hollywood Travis has modeled for Jockey and Guess to name a few. Travis also pursues his acting dream and began Poolboy films, is a Los Angeles-based film and video production company dedicated to producing quality independent films.

Find out more about this amazing guy at the official site for Travis Kraft HERE: From there you can follow Travis on his blog, youtube page and more!

Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 192 lbs
Measurements: 44-32-10
Hair color: Black
Hair length: Medium
Eye color: Blue
Skin color: White
Experience: Very Experienced

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 29th

Since I am profiling the work of photographer Simon Le today, it is fitting the pic of the day is model David Carty whom Simon photographed for DNA issue 115 earlier this year. Great work Simon and David!

Happy Birthday today September 29th to:

Happy Birthday today September 29th to:

Model and actor Bryan McMullin turns 24 today.

Ukrainian football striker Andriy Mykolayovych Shevchenko turns 33 today.

Drake Hogestyn turns 56 today.

Happy Birthday also to:
Zachary Levi who turns 29 today.
Matt and Luke Goss turn 40 today.
Andrew Dice Clay turns 52 today.
& Ian McShane turns 67 today.

Photographer of The Day: Simon Le

Often when I profile a photographer, I like to focus on one subject, or one model. In the case of the wonderful Simon Le, I chose model Khan Porter. Of course in Simon's case I could not narrow it down completely, so had to add a part 2.

The Model: Khan Porter

Like Simon, Khan also hails from Sydney, New South Wales Australia. After becoming one of the top 6 finalist for Men's Health Magazine's 'Man of the Year' in early 2009 and appearing in both the March and April issues, decided to give modeling a try. I would say that was a wise decision for the 20 year old. Besides his love of sports and experience in both acting and singing, there is something simply likable about Khan. Yes, some of his shots with Simon are incredibly sexy, but there is also something endearing and sweet that comes forth in his work. I am sure is going to help create a successful future. When viewing Simon's portfolio, Khan jumped out at me. Great work!

Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 170 lbs
Shoe size: 10
Hair color: Brown
Hair length: Medium
Eye color: Hazel
Skin color: Tanned
Experience: Some Experience

The Photographer: Simon Le

'Taking photos offers the opportunity to recreate a feeling, share an experience and make a connection.'
Simon Le

When I profile a photographer I want to ensure that I highlight what sets a particular artist apart from others in their field. It is not that one style is better or worse, it is that one style fits for some and not for others. The word 'connection' quoted by Simon above is a word that lept out at me, even before reading it on his site. Simon's work is all about connecting, firstly with the subject and then of course with the viewer.

Some photographers have a style that instantly lets you know their work. Simon's style seems to me, to be about using the 'four p's' he discusses on his site: Those P's; 'Patience, Perseverance, Positive Thinking and Passion' are used by Simon to bring out the best in those he is shooting. Simon shoots with a goal to make those he photographs look and be the best they can. He certainly succeeds! Simon is an incredibly supportive guy, not only in his work, but in his life. This positive thinking has led work that brings joy and connection to those who view it.

I through a couple of questions at Simon about his work and his answers only confirmed what I had already thought. A photographer as interested in connection with his subjects and using that connection to bring out their best.

Q. When you have a shoot coming up with a model, what is your thought process for the creative outcome?

A. I hardly work with any model without getting to know the person in advance. Trying to study the model's body form as well as the personality so I can come up with the ideas, styles & composition to suit the model's better.
If I haven't got a chance to get to know the model in advance, during the first half an hour before the shoot I normally try to engage in a conversation with the model. By doing so, it will help the model to feel more comfortable & trying to take away the tension, the nervousness as well as forgetting about the time. At the end of the shoot, it's all about having fun & getting the best result out of it.

Q. Do you welcome a models input?

A. Definitely! If the model has an idea what to achieve, I always welcome their thoughts. Having a discussion before the shoot with the model & exchange the ideas always helps me to create more diverse & interesting shots.

Besides connection and support, three other words, ones more directly associated with photography also appear to be themes in Simon's work. Detail, color and composition. Simon's use of composition and symmetry is some of the best I have seen. His subjects always look like the shot was carefully planned to make them look amazing.

Detail and color go hand in hand in Simon's work. I absolutely love the small 'details of color' Simon inserts in his shots. It is not usually a big splashy background, but a small detail like the choice of bathing suit color (like in the second to last picture below), or a small splash of color in the background (like the green in the third shot). Not distracting, but enhancing an already beautiful image. Sometimes color can be overused, and can take away from a shot. Simon knows how to use color as a tool in his work. While many photographers use color as part of a theme, Simon uses it, appropriately, as a support. Simon's work I truly respect. Simon's support of others and positive attitude is something I truly love.

Check out more of Simon's work
At his official site HERE:
His modelmayhem page HERE:

More Simon Le

Yes, I love Simon's work with Khan Porter, but here are a few of my other favorite models Simon has worked with and some of my favorite shots!


Tim Perry:

Joseph Davidson:

Nathan Kelly:

Below: One of Simon's landscape shots! Love the Colors!
Simon does not just shoot beautiful men. Be sure to check out his site HERE: to see more of his great work!

Favorite Clicks: September 29th

A few of my favorite clicks from the past few days! Enjoy and give them a look!

Yesterday I posted on model Lucas Buchwald and his work with Paul Reitz. I had to add a few more of their work together. Thanks Paul!

I love VGL, but for some reason it's heavily loaded pages don't load well for me. But...the site is so great, I still must go!
Two more great outakes of Jason Morgan and Cory Bond from Attitudes' LA Longing' shoot by Brian Kaminski.

Nous has the amazing new shoot of Chad White by Daniel D'Ottavio.
Check out more HERE:

In one of the dumbest and gratuitous yet extremely hot shirtless scenes of the season, Eddie Cibrian takes it off for CSI Miami. I hate this show, but those brief 5 seconds were great! Thanks to Superherofan for the caps!

The great DaveID over at Dreamcaps posted some amazing caps of Ryan Reynolds in 'The Proposal'. Check out more HERE: