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Favorite Pic of the Day for November 5th

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Happy Birthday today November 5th

Happy 42nd to actor Sam Page!

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Beats Per Minute

A Saturday Morning in New York: Bond by New Manhattan Studios

'It was Saturday morning in New York. The model, now a grad student in Southern California, had arrived a couple of hours earlier on a red-eye from the West Coast. We have worked together for three and a half years in locations from coast to coast. This morning there was time only for a short session: one chair, minimal props.'

Whoever originated the phrase familiarity breeds contempt, clearly was never  passionate about a person, place or artistic pursuit.  I suppose the familiar could become boring if you never felt connected to begin with, but for me, the familiar is equally comforting and exhilarating, especially when presented in new and creative ways.

I love discovering new artists, models and images, but having worked on FH for over a decade now, I so enjoy re-visiting models and artists whose work I have connected with.  It is exciting to watch the changes and growth over times and check out how both model and artist strive to create new and provocative visuals to satisfy both long time viewers and fans, and viewers discovering the work for the very first time.

November marks the 4th Anniversary of Bond's first appearance on FH, and this piece marks Bond's twentieth full feature highlighting his work with New Manhattan Studios.  (Check them all out HERE:)  NMS's Wes has described Bond as generally pretty aid back and easy going. When not shooting, fairly quiet, even a little shy and reclusive.

In front of the camera however, Bond comes alive, bring to life the fantasy that is Bond Brown, his modeling alter ego who not only inspires the erotic fantasies of those enjoying his images, but also challenging and expressing his own sensuality in a way not as easily done in his day to day life as a full time student.

So much of Bond's appeal is in those beautiful hazel eyes, eyes that not only entice and illicit desire, they also express a caring nature and kindness, even an acceptance that so many have expressed feeling and responding to within his images.

I shared a few images from the shoot over the past month, including shots Bond with the skull last week. Those shots s I mention, were part of a larger portfolio consisting of images Wes believes are some the most erotic shots he has captured thus far of Bond. You can  check out more on NMS or check out the preview and order on Blurb HERE:

Favorite Clicks:

Best Boys of Insta

Usually, my favorite clicks include stories and sites that drew my eyes and attention over the previous week.  These favorites however, are some clicks I loved over the month of October. I began this piece last month, but then got side tracked with my Halloween postings.  None the less, even though many of you have already checked out some of these stories, they are worth a second peek!

Boy Culture

FH readers know I love me some retro hottness, especially when it comes int he form of a speedo clad Hart Bochner.  I first noticed these shots of Hart, partying with some other hunks on a boat with billionaire Barry Diller on Boy Culture last month.  I had to then head over the Instagram they were sourced from to check out more!

Rollercoaster by Matt Lambert

Filmaker and photographer Matt Lamert's presents his sweltering new editorial Rollercoaster

James Wolk on DC's Men of the Moment

I have loved actor James Wolk since first seeing him in You Again and the short lived series Political Animals.  Thanks to DC's Men of the Moment, we get to finally see a bit more of James in the CBS All-Access series Tell Me A Story.

Naked Attraction via Casperfan

I think the adorable Charles, on last week's Naked Attraction,  made the right pick, the camel toe tat sealed the deal!