Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 4th

Favorite Birthday Boy for today November 4th Matthew Rhys

Still lovin Matthew Rhys! Matthew turns 35 today.

Marc Blucas in 'Animals'

Although 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer's' Riley was not the most interesting character on the show, his storyline was. Actor Marc Blucas shined as a likable guy even when his character did not. Blucas is carving out an impressive movie career. Here is Blucas from last years 'Animal'. Thanks to the original poster at Dreamcaps for the caps!

Kudos to most of Maine

Well 'most' of Maine was on board. Too bad the North West corner of the State fucked everything up. I was so hoping Maine would do the right thing. Not just because it needed to be done but because how wonderful to have Maine take stances not even California was brave enough to do. Would have been such a great move to the State on many levels.

It will come, of that I am sure. Change is slow but it is getting harder and harder to be patient. Whoever said civil rights should be voted on should be voted out. If we voted on civil rights I firmly believe many in the US would still have women and ALL minorities decades behind where they have fought to get to.

I am still giving Obama time to make needed changes. Not just with gay rights but will all of his promises. How much time is the question.