Monday, March 23, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 24th

Ian by JW Johnson

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Seasonal Sightings

I know that snow does not just wash away once spring arrives.  I live in a location where snow storms occur in March, April and even sometimes May.  I did however think my 'snow' themed seasonal sightings were done for this year. Last night we had snow.  It was supposed to be a little snow, then rain, but the precipitation stubbornly decided to remain the white stuff.  I love it. 

I usually dislike a spring snow, but for the first time since we've been asked to remain in our homes, it feels normal.  When the sun was shining and flowers were beginning to sprout, it felt l like a punishment to remain in doors.  Today was the first day I've looked out in awhile, and was ok with remaining on the other side of the glass.

Far from the Tree

By now, many of you have seen the video above posted by Brandon Jenner.  Brody's brother and Caitlyn's son has certainly inherited the family's great genes.  It had me thinking of the two images above that I saved a few years ago.  I thought the shots of Caitlyn and Hulk Hogan from an old episode of The Love Boat were fun, and an interesting piece of history.

I've posted images of Caitlyn's life prior to her officially transitioning in the past, but wondered if it's appropriate to continue to do so.  I would imagine, many who transition want to focus on the now.  It's difficult with Caitlyn however given that most of us got to know her as Bruce Jenner.  Bruce Jenner was famous, one of the most famous athletes in the world. 

Although I'm not a big fan of everything Caitlyn says and does, I do recognize the importance of her sharing her story so publicly. Regardless, I thank Caitlyn for giving us Brody and Brandon, and for Brandon providing a moment of brightness, and hotness, during this past week in particular!

Hulk Hogan, Caitlyn Jenner, (as Lover Boy Bob) Tim Rossovich and The Love Boat Cast in Who's The Champ from 1986

Blast From The Past: Wilie Aames

To be honest with you, I've really seen a lot of Willie Aames on tv or on film.  I mostly know Aames from seeing images in old magazines and on the net, and from clips from his nude scene in Paradise. (1982) I always thought there was something incredibly sexy about him, his great face, curly hair and his beautiful eyes.  When I was working on my Battle of the Network Stars however, I appreciated many other of the actor's additional attributes.

Aames is best known to many for his roles in Eight is Enough and  Charles In Charge. Although I don't think I've ever seen even a second of Charles In Charge, I did buy the DVD''s of the first season of Eight Is Enough many years ago, thinking I'd really love the show.  I didn't.  There were certainly things I liked, like Aames and co-star Grant Goodeve, who I featured HERE:

Eight Is Enough

The show was however so dated to me, that I found it hard to get into.  I gave up after a couple of episodes, although did enjoy the Christmas Episode I saw on on an old VHS tape from my aunt and later on a Christmas compilation DVD set.

Speedo Season

Aames was a staple of television during the early seventies, and worked regularly on shows like Family, Adam-12, Rich Man Poor Man, Gunsmoke and The Waltons until he was cast as Tommy Bradford on Eight is Enough in 1977.  After his turn in Charles in Charge in 80's, Aames career began to slow down and left the business for awhile, returning to acting in a few Hallmark television movies starting in 2015.

Aames with Grant Goodeve

For many of us, Aames is also famous for his nude scenes in 1982's Paradise with Phoebe Cates.  Check out my caps from the film in the piece just below.

Actors & Skin: Willie Aames in Paradise

'If Only It Could Have Been Forever...'

1982's Paradise didn't quite have the box office success, or create the same buzz as the film it was widely critiqued for knocking off.   The Blue Lagoon was released two years earlier, and the similarities were not subtle, from the actors looks, to the story's focus on the discovery of love and sex.

For many fans, one thing Paradise did wisely copy, was ensuring it's hot male lead showed as much, or more, skin as his female co-star.  Christopher Atkins got the lion's share of attention for his role in Lagoon, and Aames deserved a lot more than he ended up receiving.  Given his popularity on television, and teen idol status, it's a bit surprising his nude scenes didn't get more attention.  Maybe after Atkins, they weren't seen as that unique, or maybe it was because so fewer people saw the film.

It's almost surprising, given how comfortable Willie seemed showing his willy, other nude scenes didn't follow.  Christopher Atkins seemed to only get parts that required he show skin, and I'd be curious if Aames got other offers but turned them down.  It appears he was, or became, more religious, so he may have turned down projects that required additional nudity.

David: My father told me it was wrong to look upon nakedness.
Sarah: Well, Adam and Eve were naked.
David: They were not, they wore leaves! Big ones.