Monday, August 7, 2017

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 8th

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Happy Birthday today August 8th

Happy 19th to singer Shawn Mendes!

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Speedo Season

Child actor Jonathan Lipnicki has certainly grown into his speedos, from the image just below from 2011, and the last image, taken recently while on vacation with a friend. Love the cut on the blue suit, perfectly shows off all of Lipnicki's time at the gym.


There were a lot of adorable #'s racing in this years Roskilde nude run in Denmark, but I think my favorite is hottie #14. I don't know if #14 won the race, but I know I put more images from the race on THE OVER-FLOW which includes a video link to some behind the scenes footage from the race!

A Healthy Helping of Horny: David by Photography By Hugh

'David looked every bit the part of the fantasy cowboy.'

When it comes to fantasy, there are certain professions that end up many people's scenario's. I myself have gone through a few phases, jobs ranging from fire fighters to lifeguards. At the top of many people's list however, has got to be the cowboy. It appears most of the jobs people put their fantasy men in, are physical. Jobs that require grit and muscle, raw strength and passion, and jobs that result in an abundance of sweat, and get you a little bit dirty.

33 year old David is definitely a man worthy of fantasy, but his role as a cowboy isn't one he plays, but one he lives. The horse farm and barn used as the location in this shoot is actually owned by David, making it the perfect setting to show off both his body, and his passion for what he does. Although the barn eventually brought David and Hugh together, it was actually an ex of David's, and Hugh's images of him, that initially created the nexus.

'I was amazed at the strikingly gorgeous photographs Hugh took of Mitch and knew in my heart that I wanted to be the focus of Hugh's lens as well!'

David and Hugh initially got together about a year ago to shoot. David says although there were some good shots, between a rainstorm, and some extra weight he was aring, he didn't feel especially sexy and felt it showed in the finished images. But, after losing about 50 lbs, in addition to gaining a ton of confidence in himself, David knew it was time to shoot again.

'I shot Hugh a text basically saying that after losing all those pounds, my light was shining bright and I was hoping to shine it through his camera... I knew that Hugh liked the fact that I am a country boy with horses, hay and a healthy helping of horny so the rest would organically come together.'

'It took a year for us to reconnect, but the results are very satisfying for both of us. I loved the setting of the fully functioning, real-life horse barn - with bales of hay, cobwebs, farm equipment and implements - even the manure (otherwise known as horse shit!) let an air of authenticity to this horseman's session. David was quick and willing to get right down to no clothes, to show off his new physique that he had worked so hard on. '

'On the day of the shoot, I actually started freaking out because I wanted to be much more prepared with possible outfits, props, etc and Hugh had shot me a text saying he was like 20 mins away, rather than letting the anxiety take the best of me I went out into my garage and started lifting some weights and then did a round of Qi Gong. Feeling a bit more centered and grounded but still feeling anxious and unprepared I walked down to the gate to open it for Hugh.'

'That very moment he stepped foot on my property and gave me a hug, all of the anxiousness disappeared. He is so very talented, incredibly kind and has the presence that commands respect. From that point I let him take the reins as I became his studio steed, laughing and joking with him about how ridiculous it was that I was preparing so many potential outfits when my birthday suit was really what I rather be wearing! We started out doing some shots inside and then took it out to the barn, it was surely hot out in that barn that day ;-)'

'It was such a pleasure working with Hugh, he is such a joy to work with and is so very talented.I am in love with the photographs and Hugh, I look at them almost daily and they make my heart smile!'