Saturday, December 5, 2009

Model Of The Day: Elio Soto

I have to firstly thank the person who suggested I check out Florida based model Elio Soto. Elio is a break out star at No 23 Model Management, getting some high profile campaigns incuding a spread in French Vogue with Brooke Sheilds. Even with his modeling sucess, Elio knows that modeling is never a sure thing and completed his Psychology degree at Florida International University in 2007. I am sure Elio won't have to use that degree for awhile yet. He has an amazing look, masculine, sexy and intelligent!

Elio Soto:

Height 6'1"
Hair black
Eyes brown
Suit 40"L
Waist 31"
Shoe 11 US

Below: Elio by the great Kevin McDermott.

The Amazing Shot below by Bruce Weber.

Below: Elio by David Arnot.

Clike HERE: to go to Elio's Youtube Channel.

Scene of the Day: Jonas Armstrong in 'Book Of Blood'

Irish actor Jonas Armstrong in 'Book Of Blood' (2008).

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 5th

Love this adorable shot of Gregg Acord by Eric Gregory Photo.

Just Because: Kristin Chenoweth and The 12 Men of Christmas

Just Because: Although I usually avoid the Lifetime Network at all cost, I do love all things Chenoweth so will have to record her new movie tonight 'The 12 Men Of Christmas'. As an added bonus a favorite of mine, Josh Hopkins (so hot!), not to mention fitness model Jessie Pavelka and 10 other months of men and I am sure it will be a fun time!

Favorite Video of the Day: Tyler Shields: The Stormtrooper

I am again a little slow with posting this one, but artist and photographer Tyler Shields has been doing some very creative work lately. One of my favorites, and of others of late has been his short 'Stormtrooper' So great! Check out more of Tyler's work at his site HERE:

Kudos to Rupert Everett

I have been surprised reading so many gay people being so critical of Rupert Everett's recent comments about coming out in Hollywood. Personally I tend to agree with almost everything he said. People keep taking about others (mostly Neil Patrick Harris) who have come out and remained successful.

I really can't think of 1 gay movie actor who is doing well. Television is a different ball game all together. (although Adam Lambert might disagree). Rupert goes on to say he is happy he came out, and can be who he is, but his assertion that coming out hurt him in Hollywood to me is simply factual. Unless your playing a gay role, and we all know there are not many of those in studio driven movies, there is not much a gay actor can do except maybe a sit-com or a talk show. Kudos for Rupert for getting the debate going. With the New York vote this week and the Adam Lambert story, I think it was well timed and true.

The Best of Jarek Pietka

20 year old Jarek Pietka (pronounced YAH-rek) hails from Warsaw Poland. I am almost without words when describing Jarek. One of the most beautiful models I have seen in awhile. Such an amazing face and incredible body. Jarek is making a splash in both print as well as walking the runways for big names as Calvin Klein, Frankie Morello, Dsquared and Gucci. Here are some of my favorite shots of Jarek! Check out more of Jarek at DNA models HERE:

Jarek Pietka

Height: 185
Bust: 102
Waist: 80
Shoe: 44
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Place of Origin: Poland
YOB: 1989

BackStage And On The Runway.

Jarek for Vanity Teen
Photos by Zuza Krajewska and Bartek Wieczorek