Friday, May 30, 2014

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 30th

Image from MStyles

Happy Birthday today May 30th

Happy 56th to Ted McGinley!

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Looking Good Paul Pfeiffer!

Anyone who watched The Wonder Years remembers Paul Pfeiffer wasn't exactly the smooth one, the hot one, the lucky one. Well... things get better so they say and for Paul, and the actor who portrayed him, Josh Saviano, that seems to be the case. A recent reunion of the cast to celebrate the show finally arriving on DVD, shows Josh looking pretty mighty fine! The 38 year old actor, now lawyer, is all grown up, maybe ready to give Kevin a bit of competition for Winnie's affection!

Objectification of a Male Model: Dakota Taylor by Joseph Lally

SOAP OPERA -Episode#10: Objectification of a Male Model
Filmaker: Joseph Lally
Model: Dakota Taylor (Click NYC)

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 28th

Peter by studioAtruong
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Happy Birthday today May 28th

Happy 35th Mr. Bradford!

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Naked News:

Naked man 'danced, sang, and hurled rocks at cars causing 13 to crash on Darwin road'
A 20-year-old man was arrested in Darwin after his naked dancing, singing and rock throwing caused 13 vehicles, including a police car, to crash. He was arrested early on Sunday morning after a number of traffic incidents on Wednesday and Thursday in the Hidden Valley area, just outside of Northern Territory capital's CBD. Reports first surfaced on Wednesday night of a naked blond man throwing rocks at cars on Tiger Brennan Drive, one of Darwin's major arteries.

Unconventional Hunk of the Day: Chris D'Elia

My dislike of Whitney Cummings had me skipping her sit-com last year which sadly meant I missed out on being introduced to comedian and actor Chris D'Elia. Fortunate for me we were introduced recently with his comedy special White Man / Black Comic.

D'Elia isn't the type of guy I usually go for, but a man who can make me laugh, and laugh a lot is always attractive. White Man /Black Comic, includes not only D'Elia's well known drunk girl impression, it also includes a great piece on Homophobia and even more hilarious bit on Black Dudes laughing. D'Elia returns to network television this week with a new sitcom I will not pass up (Cummings does not appear in the credits). Although it appears NBC is burning off Undateable with the ratings season over, but if D'Elia's charm on stage translates to the sitcom, it will be worth a look.

All The World's A Stage: Peter by studioAtruong

'Drama is life with the dull parts left out.'
Alfred Hitchcock

In his 'about me' section on his site, studioAtruong's Alain describes gravitating towards the dramatic interplay of light and shadows. On his Model Mayhem page, 26 year old Peter Baranyai shares his experience of working in an inventive theatre company and having just graduated from drama school.

It was drama, or more precisely, dramatic, that came to mind when viewing the images from this shoot. Dramatic can be a difficult concept to capture just right. There is a fine line between dramatic and overly dramatic and camp. Alain and Peter hit just the right note through fashion and props, Alain's lighting and of course the incredible poses.

Looking back on the Prime Time soaps from the 80's and 90's, it is easy to think of them retrospectively as a bit campy. When I was a kid however, watching the wheeling and dealing on Dallas and the twists and turns on Knots Landing and Falcon Crest, the drama may have been high, but it was also incredibly compelling. Watching these shows with my parents, usually past my bedtime, took me to a world far from my own, one full of color and glamour and of dramatic lives being lived to the fullest.

Somehow I got this same feel from Alain's images of Peter. The poses, Peter's facial expressions and the knowing look in his memorizing blue eyes. Maybe also in part because of the the metallic material beneath Peter in some of the images, but I was taken back to the Harry Langdon images I so loved as a kid. Langdon shot some of television's most dramatic women and most celebrities during that time stood in front of his lens. Langdon's shoots were dramatic, distinct and tailored to bring out the personality of the subject and beautifully lit just as Alain has done with Peter here.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 27th

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Spring Cleaning!


I used to bemoan the fact that Ryan Murphy has brought me some of the best hours of television I have ever watched, and also some of the worst. I have come to a point where I can simply appreciate the great hours (season 1 of Popular) and ignore and not try to love the worst. (season 2 of Popular). I will not have time to really sit down and watch The Normal Heart until the weekend. Good or bad, with some of my favorite actors, speaking the words of play write Larry Kramer, I am sure it will be powerful.

Just Because: Oh Daddy?

Now I am not implying the image below had anything to do with Tatum's future struggles, but it certainly couldn't have helped... Just sayin! I came across the image (equally horrific and fabulous) while researching another story, but knew instantly it deserved one of it's very own.

Tatum and Ryan O'Neal were ahead of their time. Billy Ray and Miley, and Will Smith and family, may be today's most well known celebrity parent/child dysfunctional families, but they were far from the first! Tatum's struggles, and her relationship issues with her father, are well documented and have provided tabloid stories most of the last five decades. They even headlined a failed reality show on Own. Come on Oprah, The O'Neals? Lohan? Really, not two your best ideas...

In all honesty, I have never seen a Ryan O'Neal movie, although watching clips of Ali McGraw emoting in Love Story do make me giggle. Most of what I know is from what I read about his relationship with Farrah, none of which painted him in a favorable light. While researching images to accompany the father/daughter shot, I must say at one time he certainly was purdy!

Thanks to the recommendations of FH readers, I did finally see a Rock Hudson movie. I loved Magnificent Obsession, even though it was initially hard to get the image of Jane Wyman as that old crow from Falcon Crest out of my head. If anyone has any suggestions for a Ryan O'Neal movie to try, I welcome any suggestions!

Wild Rovers

Oliver's Story