Sunday, July 26, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 26th

Earlier this month I profiled the amazing artist Alexsander Fernandez. Alexsander has updated his blog with some great pics, this one from his series 'College Boys from Costa Rica' certainly stood out! What a beautiful shot! As always be sure to check out Alexsander's blog HERE:

Happy Birthday today July 26th to:

Happy Birthday today July 26th to:

Jeremy Piven turns 44 today.

Kevin Spacey turns 50 today.

Kudo's to Nick Adams and his fans!

If your a fan of Nick Adams like myself you might have heard Nick was the victim of discrimination last week when he and some friends attempted to enter the Turtle Bay grill and lounge on the east side of Manhattan. Well things did not go quite as planned and Nick and friends were not permitted in. Even though it is 2009 and this should not really be a surprise I still get taken aback by discrimination of this kind.. I encourage you all to check out Nick's Blog HERE: to read the full story and ensure Turtle Bay knows your feelings on the matter! Kudo's to Nick and his friends and fans for not sitting quietly by! Nick is a strong guy but I am sure it was a hurtful and difficult experience for he and his friends.

Nick's amazing Portraits by the great Dorothy Hong.

Scene of the Day: Jocelyn Quivrin in 'Rastignac ou les ambitieux'

I have been a fan of the talented french actor Jocelyn Quivrin since I first saw him in 'Grande ├ęcole' a few years ago. I loved his character in 'Grande ├ęcole' and he made the film for me. Jocelyn was the first actor I featured in my 'import' section and at the top of my list in the FH poll. I have said it before, but I will say it again, if you shy away from foreign films you are missing some of the worlds best cinema.

I have attempted to watch some more of Joceyln's work but ''Rastignac ou les ambitieux', a mini series from 2001 slipped by me.