Saturday, August 7, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 7th

Above: Jason Caruso by WM Images.
See more of WM Images below!

Happy Birthday today August 7th to:

Sidney Crosby turns 23 today.

Australian football's Andrew Mackie turns 26 today.

Rugby's Juan Martin Hernandez turns 28 today.

Actor Randy Wayne turns 29 today.

Flash Gordon and Smallville cutie Eric Johnson turns 31 today.

David Duchovny turns the big 50 today!

Newman!!! Actor Wayne Knight turns 55 today.

The Brilliant John Glover turns 66 today.

Favorite Video of the Day: Aaron Tveit in 'Dancing Through Life'

Yes, in my endless search to watch all things Aaron Tveit here is a video I am sure many of you saw, but just in case Aaron in 'Dancing Through Life' from Wicked.

Stewy by WM Images

WMImages works mainly with guys and uses fashion industry images as starting points for the photos created. Emphasis however remains on the person rather than the context with eye contact with the viewer a key component to help bring out essences of the model’s personality and / or self perception.

WM Images is based in Adelaide, Australia and when viewing his portfolio the images of Stewy stood out to me. Not only does Stewy look exactly like the guy we in North America think we would run into on your average beach in Australia, his great face with his beautiful smile and gorgeous lips just shine in front of the lens.

Stewy says that his dream has always been to become a model. WM Images says that 'Working with Stewy was a delight. He came fully prepared, his face already made up, and was well guided by his girlfriend who had modelling experience previously.' WM Images goes on to say that he feels the test of a model’s potential lie not only in preparation but a willingness to guide the photographer on ideas of their own. 'Stewy was most keen on images of his back with his singlet raised and they prove to be the stand out shots.' Stewy is not currently modeling but hopefully will be back in front of the camera very soon!

You can check out more of WM Images at his MM page found HERE: Also check out his new project in the post below! Thanks to WM Images for sharing your shots of Stewy with FH!

'Harry Pearce Portraits’ by WMImages

WMIMages has begun a new and fascinating project entitled 'Harry Pearce Portraits'

'Harry Pearce Portraits' is in the business of recording the images of interesting and prominent people in both their raw and stylised forms.

It's mission is to portray photographically, Australians of all types, from schmucks to superstars, males and females, people in business, sports, the arts, music or just doing their stuff, whether as set pieces or in performance or events.

These images again aim at bringing forth elements of the person’s personality or issues in their lives uncovered during the shoot or in prior research and provide other visual clues as to their identity. The image of Michael – Law Clerk (above) is one example where Michael contemplates in the mirror image the question of whether being in the law is really for him as he prepares for that career.

I encourage you all to check it ‘Harry Pearce Portraits’ on Facebook by clicking HERE: The project is just getting off the ground and there is a truly unique element to the photographs. In most photo shoots the mission of the photographer and model is to express a fantasy, either for commercial purposes or promotion. In the case of the ‘Harry Pearce Portraits’, peeling off the surface layer, seeing how someone is really feeling about about an aspect of their life has led to some beautiful and unique portraits.