Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 22nd

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Seasonal Selfies

All I want for Christmas...

Steve Raider: Bring on 2017!

I first started covering, and uncovering, model and artist Steve Raider back in 2010. Steve has a great on-line presence, giving regular updates on his social media sites. Steve is clearly keenly aware of his many assets that appeal to so many, and most are on display in Steve's sizzling new 2017 Calendar. Spend the next 12 months by checking out his calendar HERE:

Steve Raider on FH:

Christmas Countdown: Inked Santa's by Cooks Photography

Santa #1

Every January, after the hustle and bustle of Christmas, Santa decides on a design to mark the completion of another successful trip around the globe. Although Mrs. Clause gave her support, she did put in just one minor condition, nothing Christmas related!

One lucky Elf has the job each year of drawing and applying the new ink. A tired and worn out Santa, usually falls asleep as the new art work is applied to his naked body. First the shoulder, then the chest, leg, lower stomach and a mural over his muscled back.

Santa #2

Only one photographer has been asked to the North Pole each year to photograph the new tattoo's. Ever since first featuring photographer Hal Cooks work this past October, (Top of the Cove) I have wanted to feature more of his imagery. After Hal kindly shared some of his Halloween themed shots, I had to asked about his sexy trio of Kris Kringle's!

Santa #3

Nothing to Hide: Miguel by Mark Leighton

'Mark's panoramic seascapes, capturing incredible men on the breathtaking beaches of Portugal, act as an visual and erotic antidote. Mark's images of sun drenched bodies, posed on sandy beaches; the beautiful blues and greens of the Atlantic, the rock formations and especially those sunsets, counteract much or damage winter has ravaged on our souls.'

It is important to me, through the site, to let viewers know why I am attracted to certain images and the work of specific artists. Part of the reason I continue FH is to provide a bit of a contrast to the endless sites featuring images of the male form without context or credit. My goal is to tell the stories of the artist's, the models and the work. Whenever I feature the work of photographer Mark Leighton, I frequently talk about the visual vacation his images always take me on.

Never having been to Portugal, (yes!) and never having walked, ran or swam the beaches of Lagos, Mark's images always have been feeling I have spent a little time there, even if just for a virtual moment. Earlier this year, Mark made a comment in one of his e-mails to me that really struck a chord with me. He summed up so simply, my intention whenever sitting down to feature an artist's work. 'Tye, the wonderful thing about your narrative is that the reader feels they are on that journey with you.... you really bring a story to life. When you have written about my work in the past it felt like you put the last piece of the jigsaw in place.'

Mark's words meant a great deal to me. Great photographers take you places with their visuals. Many, through their images and behind the scene shots and comments, have me feeling that I had joined them, if just briefly, during the experience of the shoot. It is then my goal, through my comments and presentation, to take all of FH's viewers, on the journey as well.

One of Mark's latest journey's in Nothing To Hide. Mark has shot model Miguel Omari many time over the last several years, some of those shots appearing on FH in 2014. (Miguel: At The End of the Day) What is new, is Mark compiling their 2014 and 2015 shoots into his first book, Nothing to Hide. To took Mark awhile to decide it was time to finally release his first book, and Miguel makes the perfect subject for that project. The book includes much more nudity and many more erotic moments that Mark has released before.

Nothing to Hide makes a great teaser for one of the themes FH has started exploring, and will continue to do throughout 2017. I have always been fascinated in firsts. FH readers know, I always like to ask models about their first shoot, and their first time taking off their clothes for the camera. I have also been recently asking the same question to photographers, as the experience can be equally nerve racking for the person on the other side of the lens. You may think a 'first' book wouldn't be that consequential, but for Mark, it was a decision that took time to come to. Check out the preview on Blurb HERE: You can get both print and ebook versions, and if's it's a success, Mark is planning a follow-up featuring his work with Ash!