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Favorite Pic of the Day for June 1st

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Pull Downs

Broadway Bared

Charlie by Ray Garcia Photography

With The Tony's, Broadway Bares and Stripathon all taking place in June, this is the perfect month to celebrate some of my favorite Theatre hunks.   Check out more of Charlie on PAGE 2 HERE:

Prime Time Supporters: Derek Smith in What/If

Last week, I posted about Blake Jenner and his role in the new Netflix series What/If. (HERE:)  I hadn't seen the ten episode first season when I posted, but was eager to check it out after reading about the series, my love for Renée Zellweger, and after seeing the captures of Blake's butt scene in the first episode.

The critics weren't that kind, but some also missed the allure of powerful performances and the addictive quality to the worlds created by writer Mike Kelly.  I'm just half way through season 1 and although there are some clunky scenes, some over the top dialogue, and many hole filled plot points, it's still a lot of fun, mostly due to stellar cast and how fully Renée dives into her juicy role.

The cast full of talented actors, not to mention a feast of male eye candy.  In addition to Blake Jenner, there were about a half a dozen actors I was madly IMDB'ing to find out more about.  On the top of that list, was the sexy ginger Derek Jamieson Smith who plays Kevin.

Kevin is first introduced as a bartender who acts as a sounding board to Marco (Juan Castano) who's had a bad day.  I wasn't initially sure if that scene would be a one and done, but we soon saw Kevin stripping and then joining Marco and his boyfriend Lionel (John Clarence Stewart) for a very hot threesome.  Hoping if What/If comes back for a second season, there will be more of Kevin to enjoy!

Derek in One Of Us (2017)


The Goddess & the Raven: Sergey & Chris by Richard Rothstein

'The raven spread out its glossy wings and departed like hope.'
Cecilia Dart-Thornton

Although many species of birds exist in world lore, and are written about in literature, fables and mythology, one of the most reverenced is the raven. In most cases, maybe primarily thanks to Poe, the raven has been written as a precursor of doom. Ravens were used as spies, as symbols of bad luck, and associated with the dead and lost souls.

Not all legends depict the raven as bearers of doom. According to Ukrainian legend, the raven was believed to have once had exquisitely colored feathers, and a beautiful singing voice.  This, before the fall of the Angels from Heaven. After the fall, the raven's plumage turned black and they lost their voices. It however believed that their voices and their former vibrant colors will return to them after Paradise is once again restored upon the earth.

It is elements of this Ukrainian legend, elements that celebrate the raven's beauty, as well as the magical ravens relationship with the Goddess of the forest, at the core of this erotically enchanting new series from photographer Richard Rothstein. .

The shoot depicts Sergey, the Ukrainian Goddess, dancing in the woods with Chris, her magical raven. Regular FH readers are familiar with both Sergey and Chris and their creative collaborations with Richard. I've been fortunate to share many of these on the site.  This particular shoot, and this particular dance, is thousands of miles, and hundreds of years, from the previous dances that I've featured

'Sergey wanted to represent his Ukrainian heritage. We had the crown custom made by an artist in the Ukraine. It was an honor and pleasure to do that with him. The shoot represents Sergey’s legacy and the depth to which he inspires me and made my life more beautiful.'

As the story begins, the Goddess befriends the raven, enchanted by his beauty, and the raven's magical powers,  invites him to live and play in her forest playground. They spend their days dancing through the woods, celebrating their friendship, their creative energy and the love and lust they share.

One of their games involves painting each other body's in vibrant colors.  The raven's love for his Goddess has no bounds, and the story suggests, the raven, filled love and admiration, exhausts all of the vibrant colors while painting glorious colors on the Goddess' crown and body.  When it's time for the Goddess' to paint the raven, their no color left.

The raven is more than fine remaining just one color.  In part because of the striking visual they create dancing through the forest but as well, the raven knows it will be the Goddess' vibrant colors that attract their enemies first, giving him plenty of time to fly away.  The raven may be in love, but their raven roots remain intact.  This bird's no fool.

See more of Richard's work with Sergey and Chris, minus the flowers and feathers, 

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 31st

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Happy Birthday today May 31st

Happy 69th to actor Gregory Harrison!

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Bird's Eye View

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Three shots below by Bronson Photo

I first noticed the powerful allure of Charlie Williams not as an actor, singer or model, but as a model. After seeing his work with photographer Rae Garcia, I profiled Charlie's work as a model back in 2009. (HERE:) It was the following year, while following coverage of Broadway Bares, that I learned the full extent of the sexy performers talent.

Not only did Williams help raise a lot of money for the cause, his Strip-Opoly performance was a favorite. As hard as Charlie tried to provide enough towels for a very demanding crowd, it was of course Broadway Bares, so in the end, the towels had to come off.

Williams has not only performed on the Broadway Bares stage, he's also choreographed some of the shows most popular numbers. If you're a Broadway fan, you may have seen Charlie's work on stage,or as part of the choreography team on showing including; Memphis, Miss Saigon, Hedwig and the Angry Inch and How to Succeed in Business Without Even Trying. Currently, Williams is part of the both the cast of The Cher Show and performing and choreographing with the Broadway production of Frozen.

Strip-opoly (2010)

Clip below from SOMS

Williams with fellow Broadway babe Adam Perry

Next 3 shots by Drobprod

Next 2 shots from David Foote Studio

Water aerobics!

Beach Workout with a friend

Spiral Dance: Chris & Sergey by Richard Rothstein

'Energy moves in cycles, circles, spirals, vortexes, whirls, pulsations, waves, and rhythms—rarely if ever in simple straight lines.'

With our without her crown, Sergey remains a Goddess. With our without his wings, Chris still flys. One of things I loved so much about Richard Rothstein putting the two dancers together, was how they moved so seamlessly as one. There is an erotic charge when Sergey and Chris are together and despite how energized their movements are, they always remain connected, moving together, skin never losing contact with skin.

There is a rich history and tradition of group dance practiced within the Neopaganism religion. Whether it be two people, four, or many more, the dancers lever lose touch, strengthening both their power, and their ability to fight off evil. Together, connected, they are stronger. This type of dance is called spiral dance, and sometimes also called the weaver's or grapevine dance. The dance is designed to celebrate community and rebirth, and also to raise the power during the ritual.

The spiral dance usually begins with drums and chants and each member involved, hold hands and move in counter-clockwise motion using a grapevine step. As they continue along this formation, every dancer eventually comes face to face with each of the other dancers in the formation. When there's more than two dancers, the bond is strengthened and the dance more intricate, when only two dancers are involved, it becomes more sensual and intimate.

'In some close-knit spiral dances, when all members are comfortable with the idea, a kiss is given to each person at the moment they pass each other in the dance.'

With Sergey and Chris, the dance, then a kiss served as a catalyst for the Goddess' euphoric final dance of release.  See more of the dance on Richard Rothstein's OnlyFans page HERE: