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Favorite Pic of the Day for May 24th

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Happy Birthday today May 24th

Happy 27th to actor Cayden Boyd

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Seasonal Sightings

Although summer is still officially a few weeks a day, in many places, short weather is finally here!  Now, I know some might have some other ideas, but I'm not sure anyone looks better his shorts than fitness model and coach Justin St. Paul.  Although he's worn smaller shorts in competition, I think this style and length are just perfect for spotlighting his incredible legs and chest. 

Justin St. Paul on Instagram

Jay Stone: Cornering The Market

First 5 images by Axel Torres

'I like modeling because its art to me. I love marketing as well. If I can market the art and make a profit out of hard work, then I'm all for it.'

Given my focus on story, it makes sense that Covid was a part of so many of the stories I've shared the past 14 months.  Shooting came to a screeching halt for many of the artists and models I feature.  Some paused for a few weeks, some for a few months.  Some others, especially those who shoot in studio, have yet to back behind the lens.  It's fascinating to me, to find a model whose career began in the middle of the pandemic. 

Earlier this year, while scrolling through his Facebook messages, Jay Stone opened a message from a photographer in Miami.  The photographer thought he'd make a great model and wanted to shoot.  Although hesitant at first, the shoot meant an all expense paid trip to Florida, including a hotel room and all the amenities. For Jay, it almost seemed to good to be true.  

Being offered a paid trip to Florida by someone he'd never met, especially for a nude photoshoot did cause Jay to initially pause.  After getting over his some concerns about being abducted or sold for sex trafficking, Jay decided it was a risk he was ready to take.

'That first shoot ended up being great!  We did 4 sessions. By trusting his word, and ignoring the negative thoughts I had before arriving in Miami, that first photoshoot turned out being great! My favorite experience part was being damn near naked on the beach while the photographer did some shots. That first photoshoot motivated me to do more'

When I first saw Jay's images, I would never have guessed he's only a few months into his modeling career.  There is a strength and sexy confidence in Jay's images that many seasoned models never achieve.  This confidence is evident in both his poses, and in his striking and determined hazel eyes.  I'm always interested in what motivates a model, and what brought them to the decision to take a chance with modeling, especially modeling nude for the first time.  Jay graciously shared what motivate him, as well as some of his early experiences over the past few months.

Any Odd or Interesting Stories so far?
'I did have an experience with a photographer who I came in contact who wanted to do a dominatrix photoshoot. He kept telling me to follow his "commands" during the time.  Telling me to "assume the position" and be a "good boy" type of dialogue.. He never heard from me again.  I'm pretty open to almost any creative idea or concept, but I don't want to be touched or told to be a good boy...'

What factors did you consider before deciding to model fully nude?
'I wondered what would happen if an agency might be interested, but then saw my nude photos?  I also thought about how my family might react.  I had broken up with my girlfriend because she did not support it., but everyone else did.. including my family members. other people's opinions however, didn't impact my final decision. '

Best Compliment so far?
'Beautifully photographed. Stunning model!  I can feel where this photo is leading me'

The Pandemic's Impact?
COVID has not stopped me from modeling.. you just follow the rules. So far, i have done 3 paid virtual shoots and they love the material! 

Future goals or photographer you would like to shoot with?
'I'd love to be in a photoshoot with an extremely beautiful woman in Bora Bora.  One of the photographers I'd love to shoot with is Mark Henderson.'

What can you share about your body art?
Born This Way" I had gotten when I was 18. I didn't know that it was a Lady Gaga song! I got it because it reminds me, when I see it, of who I am and what I am. I am this way because i was born like that. 

The wings on my chest resemble good and evil because of the discoloration on one of the wings. "Mercy Unto Thee" means that despite doing bad things, I still would want mercy. "Woe Unto Thee" means that despite doing good things, troubling experiences are still going to occur. 

The tribal on both arms is just something Ii thought would look cool. The Hawk with red eyes on my leg resembles the devil and that he comes in all forms. The tribal on my leg is unfinished. I want to do tribal feet, leg and knee. Angel wings on my back is unfinished but they will resemble positive and negative looks on each wing. The Mark of Cane resembles my despicable acts towards a person's marriage from years ago. Left arm piece resembles "Journey to come". Both symbols on the pits of my arms are angelic runes and their protection against demons from the Cassandra Claire series of the Mortal Instruments.

Jay by Tony Veloz

Check out more of Jay's work on his Instagram (HERE) and on Model Mayhem (HERE:)

To Explore Strange New Worlds

'Galloping around the cosmos is a game for the young.'
Captain Kirk

DeForest Kelley
I'm not really a Star Trek fan.  I like the new movies, and have seen a few of the older ones, but the series, in any of it's incarnations, never really appealed to me.  I do have sort of an emotional tie to the original series, only because my dad used to like watching the repeats when they aired.  I remember several Saturday and Sunday mornings, bugging him to let me turn the channel as he watched Kirk, Spock, Bones and company on the bridge. 

This past Mother's day however, I had an entirely different experience with William Shatner.  For me, Shatner is the annoying guy from the TV commercials, and the actor who played Denny Crane on Boston Legal.  I was looking for a movie 'mama' to feature on Mother's Day and at one point was thinking about using Angie Dickinson.  I remembered her scene with actor John David Carson from Pretty Maids All In A Row, (HERE:) and wondered if Dickinson had any other scenes with her naked male co-stars. 

This led me to Dickinson's turn as Wilma in 1974's Big Bad Mama in which she shared love scenes with both William Shatner and actor Tom Skerritt.  Shatner doesn't really show much, just a bit of side skin, but the movie was entertaining enough. Angie Dickinson's beautiful breast do make the foreground.  During my search, I also came upon a Youtube video chronicling all of Kirk's shirtless scenes from the original Star Trek series.  Given the show's short run, there were actually quite a lot of them.

This scene, from season 2's Patterns of Force, featured both a shirtless Shatner and a shirtless Leonard Nimoy.  I didn't remember Spock being so hot from those Saturday morning repeats that my dad used to watch.  Further research was required....

There was very little to find skin wise of Bones, (DeForest Kelley) but in addition to Shatner's turn in Big Bad Mama, Nimoy also had a brief nude scene from a 70's film.  In the 1971 Western Catlaw, Nimoy gets interrupted while enjoying a relaxing bath.  A nude fight with actor Yul Brynner follows and even the hint of a darkened frontal.  Check out clips from my trek into seventies skin below. 

William Shatner

Shatner in Big Bad Mama (1974)

Mama and daughters get forced by circumstances into bootlegging and bank robbing, and travel across the country trailed by the law.

Leonard Nimoy

Nimoy in Catlow (1971)

An outlaw tries to avoid interference as he journeys to Mexico to pull off a $2,000,000 gold robbery.