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Favorite Pic of the Day for April 1st

Matthew by Hans Fahrmeyer
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April Fools

'It is human nature to think wisely and act foolishly.'

Some of you may remember our Jack in the Box, from his work with Lights On Studio which I featured last year. (Dreadly)  To help commemorate April Fools, Jack (Kyle) is back, thanks to a little digital magic from artist and photographer Tom Nakielski.   Fool me once....

Hunk of Cole

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Instagrams That Inspire :Ron Levi

'Don't limit your challenges, challenge your limits'

Oh those dreamy bedroom brown eyes! Brick model Ron Levi certainly has an Instagram that more than Inspires!

Sunday's With Hans: Matthew


FH readers are well aware how much I love the work of New York based artist Hans Fahrmeyer. When I first got on-line, Hans' dynamic and colorful imagery were some of the first images that grabbed my attention and had me seeking out more about the artist and his work. Hans' work combines a visual force and erotic energy that's both artistic and bold.

When I first began featuring his work on a regular basis with Sunday's With Hans, Hans sent on a mixture of model focused and themed pieces featuring different concepts he explored through his work. Throughout the many themes I featured, I was introduced to hundreds of the models Hans shot with just one image or two he sent on to fit the subjecxt at hand. Many of those models stood out to me, and many I wanted to see more.

One of those models was Matthew, I think first appeared on FH back in January of 2010 in a piece entitled New Years Resolution. The focus was smoking, something many have on their resolution list, sometimes year after year. Although we all know how bad smoking is for us, there can a beauty in the visual look of smoke floating in the air, the color iridescence and atmosphere created.

One of the models blowing smoke into the air was Matthew, and there was something about him that had me asking Hans to see more of. I loved his look, maybe especially his hair, as his bangs were so such a big part of his personality and overall look. Matthew has beautiful eyes and a great face, and his bangs are such an important part of how his face is framed and seen.

You can tell Hans also had those beautiful bangs in mind with pose and the angles in which he capture Matthew, especially in the shot just above as Matthew's eyes peak out just under his bang for a sensual glance at the camera as he's disrobing.  If you want to check out a few more shots of Matthew, this time after a haircut, without the bangs, check out PAGE 2 HERE:

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 30th

Matthew by Hans Fahrmeyer
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Drive Through

Quick change in the Starbucks parking lot!

More Matthew by Hans Fahrmeyer

Adam's Rib (and a wee bit lower...)

'And Adam rocked my world
I was his biggest fan
I never had to make a plan
just be a little piece of a bigger man'
Adam's Rib

I'm a little behind with Big Brother Canada these days, wasn't going to watch, but got up on the first couple of episodes last week. There are several swoon worthy contestants this season. Sadly, except for Damien (who is hot, but not especially great at the game) most are a little full of themselves. The four guys running the game thus are have called themselves 'The Pretty Boys', a questionable alliance name, especially given they gave it to themselves.

Although all four have varying degree's of 'pretty', I would have to agree that Adam has a certain somethin' somethin'...  To bad he's also just a little too full of himself.  Thus far he's been managing to stay on the winning side, but my guess is the pretty boys are an episode or two from turning on their pretty selves.

This week however, we did learn that Adam's cockiness does stem from fairly lengthy, and legitimate roots.  Thanks to  RTVLads, (and Sam who opened the shower door) Adam's cockiness was fully on display.

Video from RTVLads

A Vintage Vantage: Dennis Cole

'I'm a guy from Detroit who never dreamed that my life would be filled with such incredible excitement, adventure and good fortune. I'm truly thankful to God and the many angels in my life.'
Dennis Cole

When I first began FH, I really did't know who actor Dennis Cole was. Although I think I saw his picture in some old movie magazines when I was a kid, usually with ex-wife Jacyln Smith, I wasn't familiar with any of his work. I did think he was incredibly good looking, he was sometimes dubbed, the TV version of Robert Redford. Although I didn't know his work, I did like his look and posted some early physique modeling shots, and images form his 1977 issue of Ultra Magazine, in the first few years of the site.

A few weeks ago, as usual, looking for something on TV to put me to sleep, I came upon Dennis' smiling face on an old episode of Fantasy Island. A quick IMDB search the next morning led me to find it was from a 1979 episode entitled The Chain Gang/The Boss. The search also let me know the episode was one of nine appearances Dennis made on the ABC show. Although today, I guess the equivalent would be appearing on a reality show, in the 70's and 80's, appearances on shows like Fantasy Island and The Love Boat, often meant your career was heading toward's it's end.

Although I didn't watch more than five minutes of the episode, and forgot to DVR it, it have me wanting to find out more about the beautiful blonde God who appeared on the screen. I knew the actor had died a few years ago, (in 2009) but except for his marriage to Jacyln Smith, really knew little about his, his life and the circumstance surrounding his death at just 69.

Boys In The Band

'A virile, beefcake blond of the late 1960s and 1970s small screen, Dennis Cole certainly had it all going for him, but tragic circumstances prevented an all-out successful career. A rugged TV version of Robert Redford, his tan, chiseled, surfer-fit looks were ideally suited for crime action and adventure stories and he gained ground by appearing everywhere -- daytime soaps, prime-time series, mini-movies -- you name it.'

Most of what I learned was not surprising, Cole began his career a musician in Detroit in the 1940's and his great looks, even at an early age led to some modeling gigs, including wearing a g-string and pouch for some nude physique modeling shots. It was through his modeling, and appearing in magazines for the Athletic Models Guild that Dennis was first noticed. TV guest roles and bit parts in movies followed before landing the lead in the short lived daytime soap Paradise Bay in 1965.

What most surprised me about Dennis was what appeared to be an early embrace of his gay following. Although I found nothing specific, thanks to some info on the wonderful (and sadly not updated) Hilly Blue site, I not only found more 'beefcake' photos and more of his later nude shots for Ultra Magazine, but also his cover of After Dark and some shots of stage work, including appearing on stage with Roger Herren in production of The Boys in the Band.

Cole's acting career however, never really took off. Many TV pilots, short lived westerns, and a short stint on The Young And The Restless never led stardom or longevity for Cole. By the late 70's it was most guest shots on episode television on shows like Fantasy Island, and Charlie's Angels, where he met Smith.

In between, Cole did appear on the stage, including returning to his musical roots with his own musical review in LA and Las Vegas. By the late 80's, Cole's TV appearance were dwindling, and although he did appear on Baywatch Nights and Murder She Wrote in the 90's, except for a few short films, his last appearance on TV was in an 1998 episode of Pacific Blue.

Cole's parents were both alcoholics, and sadly, Dennis inherited their addiction. Although Dennis appears to have put up a good fight, after the death of his only child, son Joey, the fight became harder and Cole began down the road toward's a downward spiral.

Joey was murdered in a 1991 robbery attempt in California and although Cole went to perform on stage, including taking on the the lead role in a national tour of Victor/Victoria, injuries he suffered while on stage led to surgeries, a move to Florida, and a change of career into real estate. Sadly, Cole died in November 2009 in Fort Lauderdale of liver failure.

Despite the tragic ending, I'm glad I flicked briefly over to Cole's Fantasy Island episode, and glad it inspired me to learn more about the man behind the beautiful face.  Cole really had it all looks and talent wise, but like many, had personal struggles which made it a struggle to pull it all together into success and happiness.  On the surface, just by looking at his early images, you'd think this guy had it all, but images as I've learned, are just the beginning of the story.

Ultra Magazine (1977)