Friday, October 28, 2016

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 29th

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Happy Birthday today October 29th

Happy 30th to actor Derek Theler!

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Any takers to be the rear of Derek's Halloween costume?

Spine Tingling Seasonals


Although he doesn't generally shoot holiday themed imagery, when photographer Gordon Nebeker was editing these shots of David and Erik, there was something almost Ghostly about the way some of the shots turned out. On the surface, there is the look of a Ghost, the white veil of a spiritual force covering the flesh and bones underneath.

There was more though. Something more haunting than just a white figure floating in the corner of a dark room. These spirits seem trapped, pained and desperate to remove the white layer of burden that is weighing down their souls.  It keeps them trapped in a cloak of terror they will never be able to escape from.


Unmasked: Tim by Brett Kiellerop

It was exactly two years ago that I first featured Brett Kiellerop's images of Tim, the ginger haired Jason for down under. (A Butcher Bared) Although we saw pretty much every inch of Tim's Jason, we didn't get a peak behind the hockey mask...

This Halloween, Brett has shared more of the manscaped maniac, including his head and face with Tim's gorgeous red hair and beautiful blue eyes. I was impressed with Tim's body when the mask is on, but his appeal explodes when you get to see his handsome face and adorable grin when the mask comes off.

It's interesting that even though Tim was completely naked in the first of images with the hockey mask, he was still able remain completely covered under the Jason persona. Without the mask, he is far less menacing, and someone you wouldn't mind stumbling upon in the deep dark woods.

'Tim is now a qualified personal trainer, working in Brisbane. He has packed on massive amounts of muscle over the time since our last photoshoot, and he looks amazing! But his personality and maturity are the same. He's quick to smile and laugh, fast with a joke, and looks great in lycra! What more do you need in a model or friend.'

You can see more of Brett's work with Tim, and the many other of the models he shot for 

Horror Hunks: Bob Morley & Xavier Samuel in Road Train

2010's Road Train (aka Road Kill) definitely has two of horror movies hottest male leads in the beautiful forms of Bob Morley and Xavier Samuel. In the films opening scenes, one (Morley) is shown having sexy with his girlfriend, the other (Samuel) is decidedly not...

The scene gives us the films only male nudity with a few quick side flashes of Morley's hind quarters, but both actors remain incredibly appealing, and incredibly sexy the remainder of the flick. One part Joy Ride, another part Duel, the guys and their girlfriends are driving through the Australian outback when they find themselves stalked, hunted and haunted by a road train.

Bob Morley

Xavier Samuel

Road Kill (2010)

Morley in The 100

Samuel in Newcastle

Although Samuel doesn't have a nude scene in Road Kill, I have covered a couple of his uncoverings in previous posts, including his naked beach run with Lachlan Buchanan in Newcastle. (above)

Samuel in A Few Best Men