Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Favorite Pic Of The Day for November 17th

Both photo and painting by artist John M Clum.
See more of John's work below!
Thanks John for sharing your work with FH.

Favorite Birthday Boys for today November 17th

Some of my favorites celebrating today:

Model and Actor Juan Pablo Llano turns 33 today. Check out his site HERE:

Swimmer Ryk Neethling turns 33 today.

My favorite Nip/Tuck guy, Dylan Walsh turns 47 today.

William R. Moses turns 51 today. (See my previous post on Billy).

Not a great day for the Palin Girls...


I have written in the past that I am bothered when people cannot seem to separate the child from the actions of their parents. Most of us spent our entire lives trying to separate, often fighting hard not to follow in our parents footsteps.

I LOVE Meghan McCain, even like the Bush Girls (love Laura too, although Jenna should NOT be on The Today Show). Sort of luke warm on Chelsea Clinton and have never really disliked the Palin kids, even though their mother drives me batty. I wrote before how bothered I was by some of the crap thrown at Bristol since she joined DWTS simply because who her mother was. Most of us would not get out of bed if when we left the safety of our front door every good and bad thing our parents did in their past was known to every single person we met. I applaud Bristol for going on the show and think she did a great job.


She was far from one of the best dancers and I fear she is going to regret getting pushed through another week. With Brandy's departure last night those who were simply annoyed by her are not going to be furious and I am sure the degree of insults are about to escalate. Too bad really as being on the show was her choice, her choice when to leave is not.

Now little sister Willow...all the insults coming her way today, (mother aside) are quite warranted. I certainly did not watch Palin's Alaska but the few seconds I saw on the news tell me Willow quite possibly might have more power in how well her mother does in the next election that anything we have seen before...