Saturday, April 4, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 4th

Beautiful has always been one of my favorite blogs, and the past week or so the posts have just gotten better and better! Yesterday Beautiful profiled one Justin Monroe one of the most creative photographers around today. This was one of my favorite pics from Justin. Check out Beautiful HERE: Check out more of Justin Monroe HERE:

Favorite Birthday Boy for April 4th Robert Downey Jr.

I have loved Robert Downey Jr. since the 80's and 'Less Than Zero' remains one of my Favorite Downey movies. Downey is a unique talent and I love he is not the cookie cutter Hollywood star. Even with Oscar nominations and critical praise it was nice to see him hit it huge last year in a blockbuster with 'IronMan'. Robert turns 44 today.

Robert in 'Less Than Zero' (1987).

Blast From the Past for April 4th Shea Farrell

Anyone watching tv in the 80's, caught some of Aaron Spellings 'Hotel' based on the novel by Arthur Hailey. 'Hotel' introduced me the talented Shea Farrell who was one of the most adorable guys on tv at the time. While most of the attention was going to more manly men like Tom Selleck and Lee Horsley, I loved me a little Shea. I did not really love 'Hotel' (Something about Connie Sellecca I could never get over...). But I did watch for Shea and his smile.

Shea started acting on tv professionally in 1982 when he was cast as Matt McCandless in the new soap 'Capital'. Shea left 'Captial' within it's first year and was quickly cast in 'Hotel'. Shea left 'Hotel' in 1986 and moved to the Jerry Orback series 'The Law and Harry McGraw'. Though Harry was critically well recieved it only stuck around for 16 episodes. Shea then went the route of guest starring on the shows of the time such as 'Murder She Wrote', 'Chicago Hope' and others.

Shea turned to production in 1997 and formed a relationship with David E. Kelley and served as production associate or producer on many of his shows including 'The Practice', Ally McBeal' and 'Boston Legal'. His relationship with these shows also provided Shea the opportunity to take on small roles on the shows. Shea also served as Second Unit Director or Assistant Director on such productions as 'Veronica Mars', 'Close to Home', 'In Treatment', 'The Closer' and many other shows and movies.

Shea as Mark Danning in 'Hotel' (1983-86).

A little of the 'Hotel' Opening and Pilot.

Above: Shea still looking adorable today.

Male Model of The Day: Mark Ricketson

Mark Ricketson from Premier Model Management has that boy next door, captain of the football team look which is one of the reasons I am sure Abercrombie and fitch picked him up for some of his earliest work. Mark has that amazing grin which can be both sweet and devilish at the same time. Check out more at Mark's profile at Premier Model Management HERE:

Height 6'1"
Chest 40
Waist 33
Men Shoe 11
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown

Pic Series of the Day: Ashtyn Long by David Vance

Last November I profiled model Ashtyn Long. I loved Ashtyn's work not only because he is incredibly sensual, not to mention sexual, but he had amazing ability in colaberation with his photographers to work his look into amazing shots that are a step above the usual, using costumes, sets and make-up, Ashtyn's photo's turn into works of art with themes that highlight his amazing eyes and look. Of the many photographers who has worked with Ashtyn, David Vance is my favorite. His series with Ashtyn are simply stunning. Check out more of David's work HERE: and check out Ashtyn's official site for more HERE: