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Favorite Pic of the Day for March 31st

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Seasonal Sightings: 🐰

Wishing a healthy and happy EASTER
to all those celebrating today!

Basket Case: 🐥

Do you recognize the hottie holding tightly to his fetching Easter basket?  In these Easter themed images, shot by photographer Tony Lasala, the models hair is a little shorter than it was in the Playgirl many of you may have seen.  Check it out on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Luke G: The Easterville Forest 🥕

'Show me the Bunny!!!!'

If you've never traveled, or paid a visit the Easterville Forest, you've really been missing out!  It's filled with Bunny kisses and Easter wishes.  The many tree's are filled with candy and the woodland animals randy.  With a spring in his step, model and artist Luke G recently stepped into the forest for the fun, the games, and the fervid festivities. 

For this Easter Sunday, Luke strips to his undies, 
Not for parties or church, but an Easter egg search.  
Now on this special hunt, the prize isn't Luke's junk,  
It's a bucket of sweets, with a hunky sized treat

We almost didn't get a visit to the Easterville Forest this holiday weekend, as the Michigan model had taken his bunny to somewhere more sunny for the winter.  He recently headed back home, just in time to put on his festive briefs for a shoot in the Easterville Forest.  Despite it being a chilly, and incredibly windy day, as always, Luke create some a stunning set of visuals to help celebrate the holiday.

Barn Burner: Benjamin by Lights on Studio

'Benjamin had no qualms about the chicks on his butt and enjoyed the experience working with them. He didn't say how it felt to have them on his butt, but it took a lot of tries to get the chicks to stay in place.'

Some of you may remember my 2019 Easter themed post featuring photographer Tom Nakielski, (Lights On Studio) and his work with the sizzling hot Benjamin. (Chick Magnet) Tom began the post with Benjamin wearing his Easter Sunday best, then proceeded to have Michigan based model slip out of his Easter suit and into his birthday suit. 

Benjamin's beautiful body proved a chick magnet, with the baby chicks Tom had borrowed for the shoot spending their day atop Benjamin and his beguilingly bountiful backside.  Given his history of shooting for family holidays, Tom was accustomed to working and shooting with cute little critters. Over the years, Tom has rented, and borrowed both baby chicks and bunnies for his Easter themed shoots.

Those adorable baby chicks are now five years old, and still laying plenty of eggs to assist Benjamin in getting his daily allotment of vitamins and protein.  Taking care of those chickens, takes a fair amount of work, which means Benjamin spends a lot of time out in the barn caring and comforting his chickens.   It's the barn, that Tom thought would make a perfect location for a follow-up shoot with Benjamin. 

I only have one short, personal story about baby chicks.  When I was about 10 or 11, my dad brought us home 6 baby chicks for Easter.  Someone at his work had brought them in, and my dad thought it would be a good surprise to bring them home for us.  My mother however, didn't agree.  After myself and my sibling fell in love with the tiny little fluff balls, my mother made it quite clear we were NOT going to keep them.

Shortly after we got them, she demanded that my father take them out back to the shed.  He tried his best to change her mind, pushing how much money we'd save on eggs, but she wasn't having it.  I spent almost the next 24 hours in the shed playing with my sadly just temporary pets.  I made them a little bed, with a card board box home, fed them seeds and blueberries.  I left a nice bowl of water and remained in the shed until my mother screamed for me to come in for bed.

Knowing nothing about chickens, I wasn't aware of everything they needed.  This was also the late 80's, and we didn't have a computer or the Internet for me to get on-line and research.  Living on the East coast, Easter's were often chilly, and this one was no exception.  When I got up the next morning, I ran out to check on my chicks to fin them all freezing, pecking on their water bowl, which was now frozen solid.  There were thankfully all ok, and I brought them into the house where my mother let them stay, until my dad returned them to their owner the following day. 

Thankfully Benjamin and Tom knew a little more about caring for baby chicks and had proper food and a warm place for them to live with a heat lamp.  The chicks are living their best life, and love when Ben opens the barn door each morning to say hello, and gather the gifts they lovingly laid for him.  They also love when Tom comes to visit, not only does he bring treats, they seem to know that means daddy Ben is going to get naked, and they love jumping on Ben's butt for little peck and peep. 

Given Ben was dressed to the nines in white Easter suit for their first shoot together, Tom decided that this time, he should be more casually dressed.  I loved Ben in white, but I think he looks exceptionally hot in his red flannel shirt and, black tank top and jeans.  Of course it wasn't long before Tom asked for the flannel to be flung to the floor.  Check out the rest of Ben's Barn shoot on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

'Benjamin wasn't shy about being nude, even with chicks running over his body.. In fact, most models will put their pants back on while I am fussing with lights and props. When I needed help with setting some things up he didn't bother to get dressed to do it. He got up on a ladder to adjust a light I had in the ceiling without a thought about being nude. It made for a very comfortable session.'

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Favorite Pic of the Day for March 30th

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Succulent Selfies:

12 Days: Bunny the Killer Thing

'A group of Finnish and British people get stuck at a cabin when they are attacked by a creature that is a half human, half rabbit.'

Given my love of holiday horror films, it was only a matter of time before I finally watched a bunny slasher film.  No, it's not the rascally little rabbit being slashed, it's a big bunny doing the gutting and killing.  I first posted about the unique horror genre back in 2017, (Down the Rabbit Hole) but at the tie, hadn't really seen any films featuring any bunny butchery.

Gareth Lawrence

I corrected that this year by watching the 2015 Finnish film, Bunny the Killer Thing.  Written by Joonas Makkonen and Miika J. Norvanto, and directed by Makkonen, the film is as much camp as it is horror, mixing comedy and horror in an over the top flick with the psycho slasher being half man and half big ugly bunny.  The film was first screened at the Marché du Film in Cannes in May 2015, and released to cinemas in Finland on 6 November 2015.

The film begins when a man and a woman arrive at what is supposed to be their vacation home.  The man, Mr. McRain, is taken aback when he discovers the front door is unlocked.  They're quickly greeted by a masked intruder with a shotgun.  Although they try to run, they are tased by more masked men.  As the woman convulses on the floor, one of the intruders blows her head off.

Yes, although the premise and execution are silly, there is a lot of violence and blood, and no one dies without a really messy ending.  Mr.McRain, (actor Gareth Lawrence) is stripped down to his tighty whites and tied down to a table.  He's then injected with a large needle, that within minutes turns him into the half bunny, half man hybrid who then begins his spree of slashing and slicing all he encounters. 

Hiski Hämäläinen

One of the Killer Thing's most memorable killings is of the cute, but soon to be sliced up Tuomas, played by actor and filmmaker Hiski Hämäläinen.  Tuomas spends his last few minutes running from the big bunny in his undies, and as a last minute attempt to save his life, yanks off his sweaty undies and throws them at the randy rabbit.  Although the bunny takes a second to sniff, he's hot on Tuomas' tail.

Now, poor Tuomas has one of the most over the top and painful deaths in the film, but not at the paws of the Killer Thing.  Standing naked in the middle of the road, he's hit by a cop car, slamming onto the car's front windshield.  If that wasn't painful enough, Tuomas's penis somehow ends up going through the windshield and is lobbed off, swinging back and forth as the two police offers scream.

It's clearly a prosthetic penis, but it was a somewhat creative way to kill off a character.  I included the video below and although silly, be warned, it is rather graphic.  My biggest issue with the film was another scene, this one near the end, featuring another actor and a prosthetic penis.  The scene depicts a male hostage, breaking lose and swing around his long penis to knock out the bad guys.  The scene might have been funny if they had not used the one black actor in the cast in bit rooted in a racial trope.

If anything you see or read has you wanting to check out the film, it is available to watch free on Daily Motion HERE:

Anthony Michael: Classic Playgirl, 1994

-Anthony Michael-
also known as Tony Lattanzi, Anthony Fannelli 
Playgirl 1994

When I first saw the Easter themed shots, (above) of model Anthony Michael, he looked somewhat familiar.   At first, I thought he might have been a Chippendale model, but my searches came up short.  I then decided to research the photographer Tony Lasala, who I discovered had indeed shot for Playgirl.  Searching for the Playgirl model however, proved difficult, as there were many models with versions of his name, including a cover model named Michael Anthony.

Finally I found him in several pictorials from 1994 editions of the magazine.  The face and body looked familiar, and the models shoulder tattoo sealed the deal. Anthony made his naked debut in March 1994 in a male/female Dream Lovers layout entitled 'Fare Play.'  Anthony followed this up in the April issue with his own layout as the magazine's Discovery of the month.  Both were shot by photographer Mish'ka.  The images here are from the April issue and his pictorial titled, 'A Stable Environment.'

'I guess you have to take each day one at a time, but always take it to the fullest.'

'Anthony's always on the go, but we don't want you to get the impression that this chestnut-haired, brown-eyed stud doesn't entertain thoughts of finding the perfect woman.  Anthony's looking for someone with good, simple values and someone who isn't too fussy about herself.'