Sunday, September 29, 2013

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 29th

Philip Fusco by Hans Fahrmeyer
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Happy Birthday today September 29th

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Dear Shonda Rhimes...

Why is it 10 seasons in, you still have Alex (Justin Chambers)having sex each season with some boring interchangeable nurse or intern in the supply closet? Isn't it time you had this character not just grow from his experiences but have it stick?

For the first time in those past ten seasons, I turned of a Grey's premiere twenty minutes in. Too many new faces, all boring, blending together. Too much forced drama and too little focus on the relationships we used to care about. It was good while it lasted!

Prematurely Grey

The net was a buzz a few weeks ago with the news actor Charlie Hunnam was cast in the role of Christian Grey in the film adaptation of Fifty Shades Of Grey. Many people don't seem to think Hunnam is right for the role, but my guess is many of them only know the actor from his role on Sons Of Anarchy.

I was a little surprised too, not that Hunnam was offered the role, but that he took it. The first time I profiled the young actor on the blog, there were not tats, the hair was blonde and Hunnam was most famous for his turn as Nathan on the UK version of Queer As Folk. Nathan was the 'Justin' role and I much preferred the incredible Hunnam over the Randy Harrison in the US version. I have not read Fifty Shades Of Grey but I know Hunnam can play anything, so will do this role justice.

Sons of Anarchy

With the books rise and oversaturation in the media and within pop culture, it had me wondering why Hunnam would want to be apart of something, although sure to be high profile, seems doomed to be mega mainstream with almost an impossible task of living up to what was the unexpected within the novel. Those who go to this movie, maybe much like those who headed to the big screen versions of Sex & The City, know what to expect which in many ways is sure to lead to disappointment.

Don't need a reason to revisit some of Charlie's hottest moments from QAF:

Queer As Folk (1999-2000)

Optimum: Philip Fusco by Hans Fahrmeyer

'I don’t think of myself as famous but when I do think of what I have accomplished I like to thank god and all of my fans for supporting me.'

That face, not to mention that body, and those fans have made New York model Philip Fusco one of the most popular and successful male models on the web. It would be hard to find a website or blog devoted to the male form that hasn't a large section of their site devoted to images of Philip.

Philip Fusco has tapped into what his fans enjoy and has worked hard to connect and welcome those who admire and respect his work. There are so many male models who are uncomfortable, even angry at the attention they get. Fusco knows that in modeling, especially the world of modeling, fans are crucial to sustaining success and enjoys and is inclusive of the admirers he attracts.

Fusco passion for fitness began early and he began working out at the age of 14. By 17, he was ready to enter the modeling industry and before too long was signed with Empire Model Management. Fusco's great looks, and New York charm, have not only made him a favorite with fans, but of photographers as well. Some of his campaigns have included Topgun Leather, Exercise For Men, Falocco Activewear and Gregg Homme. Currently, Fusco divides his focus between modeling and personal training.

Philip and Hans created a great partnership and collaborated to create some of Phil's most popular images. Thanks to Hans to for digging threw his archives to find some of my favorite images, and a few new edits for this week's Sunday With Hans.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 28th

Keith by Carl Proctor
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Happy Birthday today September 28th

Happy Birthday to actor Matt Cohen who turns 31 today!

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Sixteen Years Later....


Sixteen years later and still so fine

2013-Dom Hemingway

Repeat Performance: Keith by Carl Proctor

When I was first contacted Atlanta photographer Carl Proctor, it was has images of model and actor Keith that caught my eye and became the focus of that first feature. Since then, I have profiled Carl's work with many of today's hottest models and this post, Repeat Performance marks lucky #13. This also marks the forth appearance since 2011 off Keith.

One of the great things about work on FH, especially as the blog enters year seven, is the ability to follow the progress of work of some of my favorite photographers and models, Carl and Keith are at the top of that list!

With each repeat performance, Carl and Keith always bring their A game, working on new themes and creative ways to showcase Carl's work and Keith's incredible face and body. Although Keith has undoubtedly matured in looks and taken his body to even higher levels of physical perfection, the constant has always been the joy and energy he brings to every shoot.

Keith began college this fall and is heavily involved in school and busier than ever. His focus is on acting and currently is very involved rehearsing for a musical production this fall featuring Keith's first singing role. I remember when in my first year in University I played Riff in our theatre's production of West Side Story. Within two weeks, between tec, dress rehearsals and performances, I Jetted my way through 15 nights and matinees of the musical. By the end I was physically and emotionally exhausted. I know 15 shows is nothing compared to professional stage actors and with his professionalism, dedication and stamina, Keith will have problem at all!


'In spite of how much schoolwork Keith has, he never misses a chance to make his daily gym visits. He's gotten visibly more muscular over the past year. He loves that he has fans and that people appreciate how he looks. Keith is also hilarious as a person and is constantly finding something to laugh about.'

Between classes at college, musical rehearsals and daily gym visits, I'm sure a great sense of humour is a necessity to get through all of his responsibilities and work which fills each of his days. Keith has even taken a whack at stand up comedy, although Carl says he'd agree it's much easier when someone else has written the script! His true love however is acting, and Carl has witnessed several of his performance and has faith he is on the right track!