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Favorite Pic of the Day for September 16th

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Happy Birthday today September 16th

Happy 26th to Marlon Teixeira!

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A Vintage Vantage

When I featured Champion model Daryl Powers last month, (Sixties Summer) my focus was on his beach shoots. I wanted to add this studio shot with fellow Champion model Buddy Reagan.

The Russians Are Coming: Alexey Garamov by Gemini Men

I first featured the work of Mark Gemini last December with two pieces featuring the ultra hot Link. I featured Mark's shots the Florida model outside (Treasure Island) and in the studio for a Christmas themed shoot. (Christmas Countdown) Link's raw sexuality, and All American Southern charm makes him a perfect, and very popular, Gemini model.

While visiting Model Mayhem recently, I recently came upon another hot blonde and quickly recognized I had stumped upon the port of another model from Gemini Men. From his portfolio and the images of him fishing, not to mention his camouflage ball cap and ripped jeans, I assumed I had found another Southern hottie that Mark had shot. After double checking his credit, I realized that although he may live Florida, Garamov is not a common Southern last name...

Born in Siberia Russia, 21 year old Alexey Garamov, along with his brother Vlad were left orphans as children after their parents died. The both lived in a Russian orphanage for about 8 years before being adopted by a family in America. Although Alexey is a bit more 'Americanized' of the two, (Vlad still has his Russian accent) they have both developed a strong work ethic.

When they begin a task, they finish it it, without a word a gripe or word of complaint. Given their backgrounds, they have learned to be grateful for the smallest of things. When photographer Mark Gemini set them up in a hotel for their shoot, they were overwhelmed by their surroundings, and said they felt like they were staying in a palace.

Mark has an amazing talent at finding super hot guys for his site and for his films. Being a photographer, he is also able to create incredible images to promote his models and his site. Alexey's has a hot body for sure, but it is his face, and those beautiful blue eyes that first drew my attention. Mark adds that Alexey also has great skin and hair, and through their many shoots together, has also experienced what a great guy he is to work with.

Alexey thrives off working, and loves being around creative people as they work. Given how he grew up, Alexey considers every shoot an exciting adventure, and looks forward to gaining experience in front of the camera and ultimately taking on a role in the creation process.

The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told

'Funny it is… consistently, rapaciously, deliriously… easily the funniest play in town.'

Although I love the theatre, I can't say it was passion for plays which inspired this fabulous story. This is FH of course, and the inspiration was as expected, a little more carnal. Earlier this year, I saw an image on one of my favorite sites to visit each day, Boy Culture, featuring actors Alan Tudyk and Juan Carlos Hernandez on stage wearing only jockstraps. I have loved Alan since first enjoying him stepping naked out onto that roof in 2007's Death At A Funeral, and have featured him several times since 2008. (Alan on FH)

In searching out more about the image led me to discover more about Paul Rudnick's play, The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told. The play recounts Bible stories with twist... Act One recounts the major episodes of the Old Testament, but instead of Adam and Eve, our lead characters are Adam and Steve, and a lesbian couple, Jane and Mabel. Despite being 2017, the play has the power to still provoke, and Boy Cultures story focused on a New York Times story about an Atlanta production at the Out Front Theatre which was staged this past May.

Alan played Adam in and Off Broadway production in 1998, and in addition at the Williamstown Theatre Festival the same year. In searching out more from the production, I also ended up finding some great shots from photographer Brian Wallenberg from the Out Front production. This of course had me looking for more shots from various productions staged around the country. I am including a few of my favorites here. Not all productions had their Adam and Steve's in jockstraps, some used fig leaves and many school productions went with boxers and other styles of package covering undies.

Alan with Bobby Cannavale, Williamstown Theatre Festival (1998)

Alan with Juan Carlos Hernandez, Off-Broadway, New York Theatre Workshop (1998)
Image from Sara Krulwich/The New York Times

Uptown Players, Dallas Texas (2013)

Eldred Theatre, Case Western Reserve University (2010)

Theatre at St. Clements, NYC 2002

Ty Autry and Brian Jordan in the Atlanta Out Front Theatre production.

Brian Wallenberg's image from the Out Front's Production certainly had me searching for more about the production. The incredibly hot Ty Autry and Brian Jordan make an especially hot Adam and Steve. Check out a review from the play HERE:

Ty Autry