Thursday, May 28, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 29th

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Crack of Don

On Your Marc

'Who wears the pants in your family?'

I'm really enjoying Mrs. America on FX.  Of course I'm a couple of episodes behind, but am loving watching the talented cast and find the show both interesting and entertaining.  Some FH readers might remember that I love guys from the 70's, and current guys with that 70's look. the last episode of  Mrs. America that I watched, there was a guy who is right up my alley... 

In episode 5, Phyllis & Fred & Brenda & Marc, there was an actor playing Marc Feigen-Fasteau who was not only hot, but who looked really familiar.  I headed to IMDB to discover it was actor Adam Brody.  I really should have known who it was, I've also had a crush on Brody.

I guess it didn't click immediately as I realized that I haven't actually seen the actor in other projects.  Although I keep thinking I might start it, I have yet to watch any of The OC, and except for many a few minutes of the Meg Ryan flick In The Land of Women, I know Brody mostly from TV promos and magazines. 

 I noticed Brody was in Scream 4, but I think I stopped watching after after #3, so might have to check it out.  If you haven't been watching Mrs. America, give it a shot, the performances make it well worth it.

Für Geld mach ich alles

The US had Fear Factor, but thanks to DC poster intello78, I learned that Germany has it's own version, and unique take on the concept.  Balls - Für Geld mach ich alles (I do everything for money) takes a large group of contestants and has them compete to do challenges for a specific amount of money.

The host for Balls, is the ultra hot Christian Düren.  Düren gives clues, one at a time for the challenge that contestants are bidding to compete in.  For this challenge, Challenge Einer fremden (Challenge of a Stranger) after each of the clues were read, it came down to three finalists.

The Clues: 
Kiss A Stranger
With Tongue
Naked in a Sauna
Take their teeth out with your tongue

The winner ended up being the adorable Tobias, who agreed to strip down in front of the studio audience for the challenge for 1800€.  (approximately $2000 US dollars)  You can check out the final part of the challenge below, but if you want to see the entire thing, thanks to intello78, you can download it on SENDSPACE HERE:

Lights On Studio: No Butts About It!


'I ended up with 76 butt pictures.,,, I went through all my models images searching for butts. To my surprise I had a lot more than I anticipated.'


You may be wondering why photographer Tom Nakielski was probing through his archives looking for images of butts.  Well, it's a bit of a running joke between the Michigan based photographer and myself.  FH readers are aware how much I love featuring Tom's work, especially around the holidays.  For awhile however, whenever Tom sent on a shoot, he often got the same annoying question in response.  'Did you take any butt shots?'

It's not that I didn't love what Tom sent on, but every photographer has their own artistic view.  Tom's view was focused so much on any specific body part, but the beauty of the male form in it's entirety.  Tom often captures classic physique poses, which were often front and side views and poses, taking in the models entire physique.  Tom wasn't resistant to including back and butt views, they just weren't so much of a priority. As you can see from this series however, when he does, the results are erotically dramatic.


When it comes to the male form in art, I'm a butt man for sure.  I'm not however, really an ass man, and believe there's a clear difference.  I love seeing the shape of the male form, and believe a model feature isn't complete unless every angle of their physique is revealed.  I'm not however into images of models spreading their cheeks for colonoscopy scope views.  The male form is what can be seen on the outside, and why most photographers don't ask models to open their mouths for get a great view of their tonsils....

Curran & Nas

I grew up mostly seeing shots of women in my mothers magazines, and I loved the poses and curves. If shot skillfully, the male butt and back have the most beautiful lines and curves. I love the male form in it's entirety, and the back and side view are two of my favorite views. I know butt  shots can sometimes be gratuitous, but I believe in most cases,  that's more about the photographer's focus and motive.


When the butt is viewed and photographed like any other body part,  the face, the chest, the abs, the legs,  there are so many incredible poses and curves that can only be captured with a view to the rear.


'I went through all my models images searching for butts. To my surprise I had a lot more than I anticipated. The nice thing about butt shots is that a lot of models don't want to do full frontal but are willing to do implied nudes and full on butt shots. I put together a wide variety of shots. Some pin-up , some figure study, some cheeky (couldn't resist the pun), some classic and some hardcore.'



Rick & Terry

Ron & Xavier