Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 23rd

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Happy Birthday today December 23rd

Happy Birthday Harry!

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The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line:  Naughty Christmas Edition

Our finest gifts we bring, pa rum pum pum pum

It might be too late for most deliveries, but you still need a gift this holiday season, the Warwick Rowers can be on your screen shortly after pressing download now! There are tons of great products on the site, but if you want something to quickly satisfy your needs, the England, Spain and US videos are incredible and would make the perfect gift for anyone on your list, even yourself!

Naughty List: Nicky Will by PPlanet Photography

And your name is on the list
And You choose the one it is
So don't End up...
On The Naughty List

I didn't realize how many beautifully wrapped packages I was going to receive when I put out my request for holiday themed images last month. Atlanta photographer Preston Woods images of Nicky Will didn't just come with the Christmassy wrapped boxes, they came with the Naughty List, the new holiday song from the singer and (w)rapper! Give a listen below, or download on SoundCloud, it is festively addictive.

I love the weave of retro and now within Preston's shoot with Nicky. Nicky is incredibly sexy and his look most definitely current. Preston wonderfully surrounds him with the fireplace, stockings hung with care and and artificial tree. We have all spent time in a room just like this one during December, and you can practically feel being in that room especially with the vibrant colors and the warmth of the fire.

Since first featuring Preston's work last February, I have been impressed with how skilled he is at creating incredible images with men not used to stepping in front of the camera. In that first piece, Artistry Through Naturalism, Preston subject was Cody, one of his friends from college. Being new to photography at the time, Preston often relied on his friends, most of whom had never modeled before, to step in front of his lens.

Like Cody, and many of the other models of Preston's I have featured, Nicky is one of Preston's friends. I'm not sure if everyone in Atlanta is lucky enough to be surrounded my such a large group of hot looking men, but if so, I may have to consider a move. Along with shooting, Preston took on the role of stet designer, stylist and making sure Nicky's great head of hair was just right for the shoot

Although his song may be a bit naughty, Nicky wanted to do something light and fun for the the shoot, and Preston, being the skilled negotiator he is, used his powers of persuasion to convince Nicky that a great way to ensure he achieved his goal of a fun feel for the shoot... was to have him take off most of his clothes.